Lil’ Mynx Dance Pole Colors Complete Review

Creativity and durability are the two main selling points of Lil Mynx Pole Colors, a commercial dance pole that comes in different powder coated shades.

What to Expect

  • Buyers can choose from three colors – red, pink and black
  • A solid and affordable static and portable dance pole.
  • Custom height and diameter sizes available. You can choose from an 8-foot and a 10-foot pole, and a diameter of 45 mm or 50 mm. These dance poles have been tested to handle up to 200 lbs in body weight
  • Buyers can also opt for a much shorter dance pole, under 8 feet
  • Each dance pole will come complete with an upper ceiling mount for protection, a black slider tube, black base coupled with an integrated ball bearing to allow easy movement. There’s an option to set up the lock, and the control can be found at the pole’s base.

The company is known for providing some of the best dance poles in the market, including this latest offer, the Lil Mynx quality Poles.

They are known for removable dance poles and can be placed anywhere, provided there’s a ceiling that can support each pole.

This product is different compared to other variants, thanks to the availability of powder-coated color shades which can appeal to different needs and style preferences.

Shoppers and pole dancing enthusiasts can count on pink, red and black as the main colors, and they can also choose the pole’s diameter and length.

If you order a dance pole from this company, you will be provided with black slider tubes and bases.

These popular type of stripper pole are available in at least two height options – 8 to 9′ or 9 to 10′.

The pole in itself is a highly durable product, made from tough steel (more here).

Although the material is high-grade steel, the finished dance pole is lightweight, making it possible for you to carry the dance pole anywhere, and install the pole in any room.

You can even bring this to every party if you want to, since each dance pole will only weigh 20 lbs.

In terms of capacity, the dance pole can handle up to 200 lbs in weight.


User Experience

This is an easy-to-use product, thanks to the hardware that comes with this pole.

Each box comes complete with all the necessary

high quality hardware, and its installation will not require the use of complex tools.

The complete installation of the dance pole will only take a few minutes, and the only challenging aspect of the assembly is adjusting the height of the dance pole.

The adjustment of the dance pole’s height is made easier, thanks to the use of the black slider tube.

With this hardware, you no longer need to bolt in the pole to the floor.

With its black base, the dance pole is ably supported in carpeted floors.

This will also ensure that the dance pole will not slip or move when you are performing your routine dance number.

If you will need to use this dance pole on a non-carpeted flooring, you may need to use a non-skid floor pad, which can be purchased separately.

The base of the dance pole has featured an integrated bearing assembly, which will allow dance pole enthusiasts to complete complicated moves, like spinning tricks.

Also, the dance pole can also remain stationary, and this can be done by configuring the locking mechanism.

Before you order this dance pole, we suggest that you carefully measure first the height of the ceiling.

You don’t want to waste money simply because you failed to prepare the room, or checked the height of the ceiling!


Pros of The Lil’ Mynx Stripper dance Pole

This dance pole is highly flexible, and removable making this a great partner for enthusiasts who travel and practice in different places.

Thanks to its design and configuration, this can be assembled and disassembled in just a few minutes, without the need for special tools.

To install this dance pole, you need to attach first the floor and ceiling mount, and the pole is ready.

Also, we love the use of powder coat finish, adding a smooth feel on the surface, which can work during practice.

The dance pole is available in two diameters and lengths, allowing the dance enthusiasts to find the right pole that can work for their needs.

And yes, we love these dance poles because these are colorful and great additions to any room.

Cons of the Lil’ Mynx Stripper Pole

The dance poles may be sturdy and fashionable, but it also comes with certain issues and limitations.

We noticed that these dance poles were designed and made only for indoor use.

This needs to be mounted, and disassembling the unit may be difficult since it is available in just one piece.

But thanks to its overall design configuration, the dance pole is stable, providing dance enthusiasts with the balance they need.

Also, the powder coat finish may be a problem over time.

The color may fade or it may discolor over time, especially when this is used on a regular basis.

Final Thoughts

We rated the product with four stars, in terms of quality, portability, price and installation.

We can say that this is one of the best dance poles around, thanks to the durability of the materials used, and the use of powder coat finish.

The availability of different colors adds another dimension to pole dancing.

And since this is a highly flexible and portable, you can set up an instant dance floor anywhere, anytime.

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