Lil Mynx Portable Stainless Steel Pro Pole Lite Review – Updated 2024

lil mynx Portable Pro Pole stainlessPortability and an affordable price point are two of the main selling points of the Lil’ Mynx Portable Pro Lite Pole, but how does it compare in 2024 still good?

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It comes with a 2-piece stationary pole that can work for ceilings up to 10 feet in height.

It also comes with a bolted ceiling mount, a grip ring and another non-skid floor pad.

You can also count on a friction ceiling mount that can help you install and use the dance pole without the need to drill holes in the floor.

Lil Mynx Portable Pole Features

  • Comes with a 2-piece polished industrial-grade stainless steel pole
  • Can work with rooms and dance halls with a ceiling height of 8 to 10 feet, and manufactured to handle up to 200 lbs in body weight
  • The package will come with the bolted ceiling month and a friction ceiling mount
  • Premium slip-free black floor base, together with the non-skid floor pad which can be helpful when installing the dance pole on bare flooring, without carpets
  • Grip rings available which can be used when attaching the poles on your bolted ceiling adapter
  • Priced starting at $299, and total shipping weight is at 25 lbs
  • Optional accessories are also available which can be purchased separately. For example, you can order a stud finder, tape measure, and a black carrying case

The Lil’ Mynx premium fitness pole is one of the best professional dance poles in the market and carries the same durability and style that come in every Lil Mynx product.

As a highly portable unit in the market, this Lil’ Mynx dance poles are easy to install and disassemble.

In terms of quality, this fitness pole is one of the best, and it can be seen in its design and construction.

For example, the slot-in together at the pole’s center is machine-polished, and the center adapter of this dance pole is made from industrial-grade billet aluminum material.

This means that you can now confidently swing, glide and dance with this fitness pole.


A careful check and inspection of the Lil’ Mynx Portable Polished Stainless Steel Pro Pole Lite reveals two premium crafted slot-in which promotes efficient installation and assembly.

Even if this fitness pole has two sections, you can count on Lil’ Mynx to deliver a dance pole that offers solid support and stability.

Another interesting technology and feature that comes with this stripper pole is the friction ceiling mount.

With its addition to the assembly, the dance pole becomes more durable and stable, even without the need for additional screws.

Pros and Cons of the Pro Pole Lite

Best Features

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and highly portable dance pole in the market, then this Lil Mynx Fully Portable Polished Stainless Steel Pro Pole Lite stripper pole can deliver the goods.

The installation of the stripper pole can be done in under 5 minutes, which means that you can easily bring the pole anywhere where the action is.

In terms of tube size, this fitness pole features just the right diameter, allowing girls and ladies to easily handle the pole.

Also, this fitness pole can work for many women and dance enthusiasts, since the pole has been rated to handle up to 200 lbs.

This capacity can be boosted if the dance pole can be bolted in the room’s ceiling.

Once it’s bolted to the ceiling, you can expect for a more stable and secure hold of the stripper pole.

In terms of portability, this stripper pole is one of the best-reviewed.

The dance pole kit weighs just 25 lbs, which means that you can easily use and carry the kit anywhere.

It also comes with an optional carrying case, allowing for a more convenient transfer and transportation.

Yes, this Lil Mynx product is removable, but you can count on its kit when it comes to stability and durability.

In terms of aesthetics, you can also count on this Lil’ Mynx stripper pole to deliver.

It comes with a smooth polish finish, creating a dance pole that’s both attractive and comfortable to use.

And since this stripper pole is available in two sections, you can easily detach the pole, and fit the kit inside the carrying case.

If you compare the kit to other dance poles in the market, this is one of the most competitively priced products around.

This pole does not spin and I would recommend clicking here if you are interested in the spinning version

Things We Don’t Like

This stripper pole cannot work for everyone, especially those who are just starting out in this sport and exercise.

You will not find a stud finder, which is actually a disappointment since this is one of the most important tools you need when installing the dance pole through the bolted ceiling mount.

The quality of the center adapter is also questionable, and we believe that through constant use and abuse, it will start to fail.

There is also a danger in case you will assemble and disassemble the fitness pole multiple times.

Final Thoughts

Based on our experience in using this dance pole, we give this product 4 stars, in terms of quality, portability, and ease of installation.

This is a highly recommended product for dance enthusiasts and individuals who prefer to invest in a fitness pole that strikes the balance between a fair price and quality.

You can also count on the use of premium-grade materials, which ensures the safety of dance enthusiasts.

With fun and durable design, you can now look forward to pole dances that are both fun and safe!

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