Permanent Dance Pole – The Updated Guide 2024

If you are looking for more information on permanent dance poles in 2024 and how they compare to others then this updated guide will answer all your questions.

There are many types of dance poles that suit many different situations and environments, but as the name suggests, a permanent pole attaches to both the ceiling and floor and is usually custom-made for the installation.

Most people get confused and think that a dance pole that is solely mounted to the ceiling is a permanent stripper dance pole but it is actually one of the removable types.

A permanent pole is considered as both side (top and bottom) screwed into the floor and ceiling for the best stability.

Is a permanent dance pole the right choice for you?

You can find permanent stripper poles in places such as studios and clubs.

These locations tend to use permanent poles because there is no need to move them when they have been installed and they are usually much safer especially when students or other performers are using them.

Facilities like clubs and studios will usually opt for a permanent pole in order to avoid the risks of installing a removable pole, or a pole with a friction mount as it could pose a risk for users.

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Many people choose to install a permanent pole in their homes for a number of reasons:

For one, they do not plan on moving the pole to another area after installation because it can be a hassle to take down and reinstall.

Another reason people favor permanent dance poles for their home is that, if properly mounted by following the instruction manual, it is the safest option out of all the pole types.

If you are particularly concerned about safety and your home has only one possible spot to place your pole, or if you want to avoid having to take it down and put it back up constantly.

Then a permanent pole is likely the best choice for you and It is important to remember, that just because you purchased a permanent stripper pole, that does not deem it completely safe.

It is up to you to find a suitable location in your home (ideally there is a cross beam in your ceiling to fix it too) and following the installation instructions carefully in order to ensure your safety —

That being said some Pole providers may come to your home to properly install your pole, this service can be a little more expensive however it’s worth it.

A removable dance pole, on the other hand, might be a better choice in terms of flexibility, especially if safety is of less concern to you and you would like to have the option of some portability.

Pros and Cons

As with the other types of dance poles available, and with all things in life, fixed dance poles have their pros as well as their cons.

The following is some information that will hopefully help you make an informed decision about whether or not a permanent pole is the right choice for you.

Safety is probably the first and biggest reason why people choose to purchase a permanent pole.

As the name suggests, a permanent pole is attached both the ceiling and the floor via flanges and screws, so it won’t slip as a removable pole might.

Another reason why people would want a permanent dance pole is convenience.

If you do not plan on moving your pole, then this is a great option because you only have to install it once.

The only thing you will have to do is perform some regular maintenance by simply inspecting the screws in the flanges and replacing them if you see any extreme wear which is not common.

If you value convenience, it depends on what your specific needs are,  so if you want to use your space for other activities.

It may become inconvenient for you to have a pole set up at all times, some girls like me have their pole set up in their kitchen, which I had for some time because there was ample space.

But it was always awkward when I had friends or my parents over, In this case, it would be worth exploring other options such as a removable/portable pole setup which can be a little more expensive.

Lastly, the installation process may be a con for some.

You may need some help with using power tools, as well as with locating the perfect place to mount your pole.

With a little help from a handyman, this can easily be overcome.