Lupit Pole Company Review – The Ultimate Guide 2024

Lupit Pole is one of the most renowned manufacturers of dance poles and accessories in the world of pole dancing, but how do they compare in 2024?.

They’re known for promoting a boutique approach, wherein they provide the market with only a few options but all are highly-specialized poles to ensure everything is made of high-quality materials and thoroughly tested to withstand prolonged use.

Let’s take a look at what Lupit Pole provides to consumers that make them a world leader in dance pole manufacturing.

Great Value
LUPIT POLE | Standard...
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Great Value
LUPIT POLE | Standard...
Company Warranty

A brief history

Lupit Pole, before it even became a brand, started way back in 2009.

Behind the dance pole’s success is a team of engineers who have been studying the design of poles released in the market and continuously improving them.

What people know now as dance poles manufactured by Lupit Pole, are the fruits of the labor of these engineers.

lupit pole logoIt was not until January 2015 when Lupit Pole, D.O.O.

has been established as a company that manufactures dance poles and pole dancing accessories and delivers them worldwide.

Lupit Pole is proud of the high-quality materials used in their products which pass European standards.

They also provide customizations on their dance poles to accommodate the needs of their customers.

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Dance Pole Product Specifications

Lupit Pole has three dance poles you can choose from, each differing in capabilities and applicability.

Each suits a specific customer preference and serves different purposes.

lupit pole classic pole reviewLupit Pole Classic

A removable, stainless steel pole can be broken down into several pieces for maximum portability and minimum storage capacity.

It can be easily assembled/disassembled in just a few minutes.

No drilling and screwing are required to stabilize the pole.

Both the ceiling and floor mounts have rubber surfaces to secure the pole in place.

It also uses Lupit Pole’s proprietary engineering ‘ the Flex System and the Safety Block Nut ‘ to stabilize the pole and ensure no accidents will happen due to poor pole strength.

These mechanisms also give the pole an overall smooth feel because there are no protruding seams on the adjoining portions which some 2-piece poles have.

The pole originally stands at 2.1m and can be extended up to 2.8m using the extensions included in the package.

It can still be stretched longer up to 3.2m by purchasing an extra extension pole.

The pole is available in 42mm diameter only and provides an option to switch between rotating and static modes.

The pole is made of high-quality materials and has a polished stainless steel finish for enhanced grip.


The Diamond model is basically the same as the Classic one except for the Swarovski crystals embedded throughout the entire dance pole.

This makes the pole sparkle, adding glamor to your performance as you execute your dance routine.

Like the Classic model, this one is also a multi-piece, removable dance pole which can be broken down into several pieces for easier storage and improved portability.

The pole doesn’t require you to drill holes on either your ceiling or floor because it uses solid mounts with rubber feet to secure the pole in place.

You can easily assemble the dance pole all by yourself.

Lupit Pole’s Flex System and Safety Block Nut mechanisms improve the pole’s overall stability and strength, reducing the risks of accidents due to weak pole connections.

These features also give the pole an overall smooth finish since there are no bulging seams or adjoining portions some 2-piece pole have, giving an uneven and awkward feeling when you touch them.

The pole can fit in an area that’s at least 2.1m to 2.8m high.

The pole can be extended further up to 3.2m by attaching an extension pole sold separately.

The Diamond model also comes in the same 42mm size and gives you the choice to switch between rotating and static modes by simply tweaking a few nuts.

The pole has a polished stainless steel finish for enhanced grip.

Each Diamond model also comes with a certificate proving the authenticity of the Swarovski crystals used on the pole.

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The Pro model is specifically created for professionals who want to quickly set up a dance pole in a matter of seconds.

Its quick assembly feature is a major reason why this model is widely used in competitions worldwide.

The pole’s length can be customized to extend it up to 4.5m.

Unlike the other models, this is a 1-piece pole that has no adjoining joints, providing a true seamless surface from the ceiling to the floor mounts.

This is a semi-permanent pole, meaning you have to drill holes into your ceiling to hold the ceiling mount of the dance pole in place.

Once it’s installed, removing and returning the pole into an upright position is a breeze.

This model also boasts Lupit Pole’s AVFAS or Automatic Vertical Force Adjusting System which automatically distributes force equally on the upper and lower mounts to maintain the pole’s stability.

The Upper Disc Flex System also helps in absorbing forces that may bend the pole, equally distributing it all throughout the length of the rod to prevent it from breaking.

Unlike the Classic and Diamond models which are limited to 42mm sizes, the Pro model is available in 42mm and 45mm pole sizes.
It also has a stainless steel finish for standard grip strength.

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Basic requirements

Lupit Pole offers three pole variants but they have, more or less, the same requirements for installation with only a few differences.

Since the Classic and Diamond models are basically the same, they both require a minimum ceiling height of 2.1m.

The highest both models can reach is up to 3.2m only and you have to purchase a separate extension to reach this far.

As long as you have a solid ceiling that’s able to withstand the pressure the pole will exert on it, you’re good.

The Pro model, on the other hand, can be customized to reach up to 4.5m.

But unlike the other pole models discussed, this one provides a semi-permanent solution which requires holes to be drilled into your ceiling.

You’ll need a ruler balance, a drill, and a ladder to properly secure the upper mounts in place.

The company didn’t specify if the poles can be installed on popcorn ceilings or not.

For safety reasons, don’t try it and just look for a stud in the ceiling and install the pole below that area for a more secure dance pole.


Lupit Pole Accessories

Crash mats

The lupit mat is made of high-quality materials to ensure it will effectively cushion your fall in case you slip off the pole.

It’s available in 4cm, 8cm, and 12cm thickness.

You can choose between gold, silver, pink, and black to match it with your dance pole’s color.

lupit gripLupit Pole Grip

An innovative grip aid that uses nanotechnology to enhance your grip on the dance pole.

The pillow-like pads are rubbed onto the pole’s surface before you use it for exercise.

The compound found in the pillows increases the friction between your hands and the pole, reducing risks of pole burns and slipping.

The solution is hydrophobic, meaning it will work even if you have sweaty hands.

This product can be applied to almost any coating, whether it’s stainless steel, powder-coated, brass, or chrome.

Pro Wall Hanger

Allows you to arrange several poles in an elegantly designed holder.

It’s powder-brushed, made of strong metal, and has rounded edges to prevent it from damaging your pole.

It can hold up to 14 poles simultaneously, making it an ideal accessory for gyms and dance studios.

Pro Cart

Assists in installing/removing your Lupit dance pole in an area.

The Pro Cart has lock and wheels which make it easier to move the pole in a perfectly perpendicular position.

Similarly, you can use the tool to quickly remove the pole from its stable position.


Extends your Classic and Diamond models by 400mm.

Ceiling mounts

Use the Pro Slope Ceiling Mount to set up your Lupit Pole Pro on inclined ceilings.

The mount can be installed on ceilings angled up to 90′.

The Classic Slope Ceiling Mount, on the other hand, allows you to install the Classic and Diamond models on angled ceilings.

The mounts should be drilled into the ceiling to ensure optimum pole stability.

Brand ambassadors

Lupit Pole’s products have been tested by artists, athletes, and renowned trainers in the pole dancing community.

Lupit Pole got approvals from several of them and the company has named them as ‘ambassadors’ of the Lupit Pole line of products to prove they’re the best dance pole manufacturer in the market.


This multi-awarded performer is recommending the Lupit Pole brand because she believes they both share a passion for pole dancing.

Her style is a combination of body contortion and modern and emotional dancing.

Sergia Louise Anderson

A US National Pole Champion and a widely-recognized choreographer, this multi-talented artist is also the owner of a studio in Los Angeles called The Vertitude.

Paige Olson (Lupit Pole angel)

Lupit Pole established a club called Lupit Pole Angel, gathering aspiring pole dancers between ages 10-14 years old.

The company believes the young ones should be taught about the dance sport and expose them to worldwide competitions.

Lupit Pole actively supports the members of the club to help them maximize their potential.

Paige Olson, one of their prized members, brought home the bacon last 2016 during the IPSF World Championships held in London.

She set a new world record in her category and now the eyes of the whole community are watching her, waiting how she’ll rock the pole dancing world in the future.

Dana Castillo Zaraz’a (Lupit Pole angel)

A 13-year old gymnast from Mexico who has been into pole dancing for more than 2 years.

Her competitiveness, intensity, dedication, and courage on the dance pole makes her one of the upcoming sensations in the pole dancing community.

Marco M’ndez (Brand partner)

He’s a photographer specializing in capturing exhilarating performances of pole dancers.

He’s been doing this for over 10 years and has become the official photographer of several competitions and pole camps worldwide.

Lupit Pole dance poles are available in 2 sizes: 42mm and 45mm xpert.

They don’t have a 50mm option, unlike other brands, do.

The Classic and Diamond models are available only in 42mm diameter.

The Pro variant provides you an additional option, allowing you to choose between 42mm and 45mm sizes.

Their dance poles also come only in a stainless steel finish.

They have a glistening Diamond pole, though, that may even be better than color-coated poles from other brands.

The rationale behind the straightforward finish is that it’s allergy-free and it’s the standard finish used in pole dancing competitions.

Pricing and delivery

The Classic model is priced around $270 in Lupit Pole’s official website.

However, in Amazon, its price plays around $350, inclusive of the shipping fee.

The Diamond model is a bit more expensive due to the Swarovski crystals embedded on the pole.

Its price tag plays around the $450 level, inclusive also of the shipping cost.

The Lupit Pole Pro varies in price depending on the height of your ceiling.

Starting from about $350, you can get a 3.2m long dance pole; just add around $2 for every 20mm increment.

The longest they offer is 4.5m long and it’s priced around $480.

They ship products worldwide and your package will arrive in 3-8 business days, depending on how far you are from their regional warehouse.

Customer support

They provide comprehensive details on their products on their website.

They even have a mission and vision section to ensure you they’re fully committed to their business.

You can find a handful of instructional videos on their site to guide you in installing your dance pole.

They also have a contact page in their site so you can easily contact them anytime you want.

Users said they quickly got replies to their queries.

Closing remarks

Lupit Pole is a strong force in the dance pole market, offering high-end products often used in competitions worldwide.

Their products are quite pricey but there have been no complaints from their customers because Lupit Pole uses top-tier materials that justify their pricing.

It may be too much for beginners but for professionals who want a heavy-duty pole that can outlast those from other brands, this is the right pick for them.

Lupit Pole is very dedicated to their craft.

They have a team of researchers studying the brand’s previous achievements and combining them with the latest trends in mechanical engineering to create more efficient dance poles.

This continuous learning and improvement process guarantees you they’re working hard to provide quality products and they won’t sell substandard merchandise just to increase sales.

Great Value
LUPIT POLE | Standard...
Company Warranty
Great Value
LUPIT POLE | Standard...
Company Warranty

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