How to Prevent Pole Burn in Pole Dancing – Guide 2024

If you have been using a dance pole for a long time, then you know the pain that comes with its continued use.

If you regularly use and handle the pole, you will end up with a burning and painful sensation, and you probably know what I am talking about.

This can be painful, annoying, and very inconvenient when your training and the worst thing is it can happen anytime if you train regularly.

Sounds painful and scary, right?

Here is how to Prevent Pole Burn in Pole Dancing

Read the whole article, you will discover a lot of new things about pole burn.

By understanding the pain and its cause, then it’s possible to reduce the pain in the future.

There have been a number of questions posted about pole burn and how to stop it.

There are a number of pole dancers out there who have the same questions, but can’t seem to get the answers they seek.

One of the questions I received while teaching one of my new pole dancing beginner classes is about a specific kind of pain, one that is felt in the inner thigh which is very common if you are not use to the moves from climbing or sitting on the pole.

What you experience as a pole burn is actually friction burn then you are one of 2 types of people in this equation 1.

your skin is really sensitive or 2.

(Normal) excessive contact with the stripper pole with your skin from constant rubbing in one spot.

This excessive rubbing will translate to heat and irritation of the skin and then shows up as an ugly red mark on your skin, sound familiar?

But dont worry this is completely normal to suffer from the like of pole burn when pole dancing and you will develop a resistance/immunity to it as you got more experience on the pole.

The Solution to Nasty Pole Burn Symptoms

If you want to manage the pain associated with pole burn, then you need to pay attention to two important things like how you are moving on the pole and how you can reduce the amount of friction.

There is no easy way to do this as it comes part in parcel with learning the ropes of pole dancing.

Reduce friction

The first tip is the reduction of friction, and this will require you to be careful when practicing and using the pole when you are training.

For example, if you want to do spins, you need to make sure that your skin is dry and not moist or wet, since any extra moisture (such as sweat) on the skin will facilitate rubbing friction similar the chafe between your legs when walking.

In kind of friction from wetness will result in pole burn.

If you are the kind of person who sweats a lot and (completely normal in pole dancing) but you should wipe body parts that are going to be in contact with the pole.

If you that doesn’t work well and you are constantly bothered by the rubbing then pole dancing grip products available in the market like the Mighty Grip and Tite Grip is your best alternative and is used by athletes for these types of applications.

Excessive Sweating

I have a confession to make – I sweat a lot! more than your average person and its not fun, with or without pole dancing…

I have found products like Tite Grip works very well and acts as an antiperspirant which can be used on your hands legs and arms and even shoulders.

If you are doing shoulder plant moves, Basically if you have problems with sweating then get some of this stuff.

If you are doing tricky dance moves and complicated elements that require a strong grip when you are doing a standard reverse should plant a superman or sit on the pole then it’s required to strengthen certain muscle groups for the most amount of grip without sliding and causing that friction we all hate.

At the end of the day if you have good control and strong muscles then you are OK.

But if you are finding it difficult to hold yourself up on the pole then you are going to have a bad time with pole burn, you pay dearly if your muscles are weak.

But you can always train them to be stronger which brings me to my next point…

Where do you see yourself in pole dancing in 3 – 5 years?

Sounds serious right?

But if you are not honest with where you see yourself in 3 – 5 years of pole dancing then its hard to say how dedicated you are in improving and getting better.
Pole dancing it not only fitness but an art form of sorts that incorporates dancing which looks amazing, however getting better at your pole moves requires that you train, train and train to get better.

If you are weak in your arms then its time to pick up those barbells baby and do some strength training on those guns 🙂

Most people who try pole dancing for the first 6 months quit because of the pain of pole burn and muscle weaknesses that are part in parcel with the sport.

Learn how to toughen your skin

Another way to address pole burn is to toughen your skin and this comes from training, training and training.

There is no easier way but practicing your moves on a regular basis so you can build the resistance to that burning sensation – just like guitarists who at first will suffer from bleeding fingers but will eventually build up callus from playing.

Same with pole – If you are practicing and building your skin’s resistance to pain then your are already on your way, you can speed up the healing process by using ice at the end of each training helps reduce the inflammation of the skin if you have some frozen veggies, berries or meat in the fridge then use that, but make sure you don’t get frostbite!


I often get this question a lot from plus-sized girls and help with pole burn and this circles back to strength and resistance.

If you are strong and have control then you can use this to your advantage with a combination of using products like tit grip as a grip aid.

Final Thoughts on preventing the unyielding friction burn

So as a way of summarizing this post in a TL;DL version, it would be this:

  • What it pole burn?: Its friction of the skin and it sucks
  • How to stop it: Build a resistance by training and building your strength, work on your weaker muscles that require you hold yourself on the pole.
  • If you Sweat a lot!: Like me I have genes that make me sweat but its normal, I use products like Tite Grip grip aids to help me with that issue.
  • Understanding your goals: if you are not constantly training then you will find it much harder to build a resistance to pole burn, however if you love this sport then you will have no issues working on what needs to be worked on like your muscles and your tolerance levels.
    Plus: we have products to help us 🙂

Remember these tips and suggestions will not work for everyone, If you have skin conditions or anything else related then this can be a set back and i would recommend consulting your doctor first before applying grip products or undertaking strength training if your body doesn’t allow it.