Safety Tips For Full-figured Women and Men When Doing Pole Fitness

Full-figured men and women may be wondering if there is a safe and secure dance pole for them to use.

When we say full-figure, we mean women and men who weigh 200+ lbs.

and 180+ lbs., respectively.

We often think that only skinny and fit people have the right to do pole dancing.

This is the American stigma of what a pole dancer should be.

However, in reality, many overweight men and women practice and enjoy the craft of pole dancing.

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You may be a full-figured woman who wants to do pole dancing to feel sexy, improve self-confidence, and lose extra fats.

Or maybe you’re an oversized man who wants to have more fit muscles, a lean body, and the chance to dance with your wife on the pole.

Whichever the case is, all you need to do to start pole dancing is to know how to select the dance pole suitable for your size.

Choosing the Right Dance Pole

The most popular and cheap stripper poles to buy on the market are the portable ones featuring a spinning mode.

People often choose this type of dance pole because of its portability which is especially helpful to those who are renting or living in apartments.

Removable, spinning dance poles won’t damage the ceiling or flooring in your home.

Aside from that, removable poles give you the freedom to move them anywhere you want.

The thing is, portable dance poles aren’t as stable as permanent ones.

They’re also not meant to handle heavier loads compared to those installed permanently which are mounted on ceiling joists and solid flooring.

Don’t believe the note on dance pole kits saying that the pole can handle a load of more than 400 lbs.

Manufacturers measured this amount from a stationary load only.

This means the pole can handle up to 400 pounds if you’re just pulling yourself up on the dance pole.

However, everything changes when you start spinning.

When you’re spinning on the pole, you don’t only extend downward pressure on it.

You’re including sideways motion and exerting an additional, centrifugal force on the pole.

Not all poles can handle the added load and pressure from your movements.

This is why it would be best to look for a portable pole made from the highest quality materials.

Still, it’s better to use a semi-permanent pole as it can remain stable even when handling heavier loads.

Semi-permanent poles have mounting options which let them achieve the stability of a permanent pole and also the portability of a removable one.

Take note also of the bearings used in a spinning dance pole.

They should be able to handle the added pressure from heavier loads.

Cheap stripper poles sometimes use cheap ball bearings that may stop spinning just after a few weeks or months of use.

Tips on Buying a Dance Pole


Here are some of the items you need to look for in buying a dance pole meant for full-figured dancers.

1) Look for quality.

Since you’re packing more load onto the dance pole, expect faster wear and tear of your equipment.

With this in mind, you shouldn’t use cheap poles made from plastic materials that won’t last even a week of continuous use.

When you buy a cheap, sub-standard dance pole, you’re not saving money.

Instead, you’re risking your health and safety which should be your primary concern.

Only buy known brands that have proven their worth by producing only high-quality products for pole dancers.

Avoid unknown brands even if they’re cheaper compared to the more popular ones.

2) Permanent vs.


A permanent dance pole should be your preferred choice.

But if you want a portable dance pole, make sure you purchase a permanent ceiling mount.

If you don’t have one, avoid spinning on the pole like crazy.

It’s tempting to do, especially when your dance pole is brand new.

However, the pressure you put on the pole, together with the centrifugal force and sideways impact you put on it, will eventually loosen the dance pole.

Removable poles are not designed to handle excessive amounts of pressure, whichever brand you choose.

Permanent ones are always the safer choice.

Semi-permanent poles are okay also if you add ceiling mounts on them.

Tips for Full-figured Pole Dancers

1) Start strengthening your muscles.

Oversized women often get disheartened to even start pole dancing because they lack the needed strength to pull themselves up on the pole.

This is normal.

Even skinny women have trouble pulling themselves up even if they don’t weigh much.

This has something to do with muscle distribution.

Strengthen your upper body by reading one of our guides about it.

2) It’s all in the attitude.

Don’t let what others say affect your attitude.

You can still feel sexy and happy regardless of your size.

Many oversized people have become successful in pole dancing.

This means it’s not impossible for you to do it too.

Just make sure you take precautionary measures when dancing on the pole to avoid any accidents.

The Best Brands
For full-figured dancers, the best dance poles are the ones from XPert X-Pole and Pro Quality Pole.

We’re using these brands in our studios and we can attest to their quality in handling users who are on the heavier side.

Of course, we use these poles along with safe dancing techniques to ensure the protection of our students.

Both these brands have removable, portable spinning poles.

If you want a semi-permanent installation, choose the one from X-Pole and buy their ceiling mounts to install the pole on a vaulted or slanted ceiling.

The X-Pole models are quite expensive, so if you can’t afford it yet, you can go for the Pro Quality Pole brand.

You can still use the ceiling mounts from X-Pole with poles from Pro Quality Pole.

So far, none have reported any problems when they matched the equipment together.

Remember, though, that these mounts are not made for Pro Quality Poles, so be cautious in using them together.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll get free pole fitness lessons when you purchase any pole dance kit from our suggestions can be found on here.

If you already know the basics, you can still avail their pole dancing lessons meant for full-figured women.

After purchasing your dance pole, all that’s left to do is to set it up in your preferred location.

Make sure to follow the installation tutorials bundled with your dance pole to make sure you’re properly setting it up.

Great Value ♥
Lessons from professionals
Regularly updated
Beginner to Intermediate
Lessons from professionals
Regularly updated
Beginner to Intermediate
Lessons from professionals
Regularly updated
Beginner to Intermediate


Many dance pole brands look identical and yet, they’re made with varying quality of materials.

Always look for brands that use only the best components to ensure your safety.

Dance poles meant for full-figured users are no exception.

In fact, they should be made with even better components since their users will be exerting more pressure on the dance pole.

With our guide, you can select the best dance pole meant for your size.

In pole dancing, always remember to love yourself, practice regularly, prioritize safety, and smile all the time!