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So we can help you what you are looking for, this page is to help you navigate around the site  to find what you are looking for.

Pole Dance Equipment Reviews

This section is dedicated to in helping you pick the right pole dancing products for you to help you spend your money on quality equipment that will allow keep you to keep safe from injury and steering you clear of faulty and bad quality products.

The Best Dance Poles video

We give you all the information so you dont have to scour the internet for the answers you seek.

spinning dance pole

Free Pole Dancing Advice - From Beginners to Professionals

Apart from our notable review section where we cover all the basis of pole dancing equipment and products, in this section we discuss important topics and questions to answers you may have to get started as well as professional advice from real pole instructors to help you accelerate your learning and progress to become the best version of yourself.


pole dance core exercise

Silk and Lyra Hoop Aerialist Section

Along with pole dancing being a full body sport and acrobatic art from, Silk Yoga, silk dancing and Lyra hoop are the next best things to pole dancing.

In this section we cover beginner to Intermediate information about becoming an aerialist and covering the needed aerial equipment needed to get set up in your home as well as learning the art form.

learning aerial lyra at home