Whats A Spinning Pole? – The Ultimate Guide 2024

Different dance poles are designed and marketed to meet varying needs for any pole dancer who needs the option of spin or stationary pole options for your home training in 2024.

This unique design in the market is the spinning aka, rotating pole, it allows dancers to express their dance routines through the art of effortlessly spinning on the pole.

The main benefit that can be enjoyed while using the rotating pole is that it allows you to impress and showcase some complicated moves.

Putting a wow factor on some already fancy tricks and poses are possible with the rotating dance pole.

As soon as the pole spins in its place, it can offer a new artistic perspective for the viewer and dancer, even if you don’t actually move or spin! poles that spin are common in competitions and studios around the world, and are often chosen by enthusiasts or those with specific needs.

But today, many manufacturers are now offering these poles.

For example, you will find the units from X-Pole, Lil- Mynx and lupit pole as the best ones in terms of features and reliability.

If you decide to order the one form Lil’ Mynx, it will come with a locking pin, allowing you to enjoy the dual-mode of the pole.

The same features can be expected from the unit manufactured by X-Pole.

But before you get online and order one for your home, always remember that this will not work for all dancers and beginners.

Read this guide to know more about this product, and to decide if indeed this will work for your needs.

Is the Spinning Pole Right for your Needs?

If you are looking for a ‘wow factor’ that can impress your audience, then we can recommend the rotating exercise pole.

The use of this pole can serve as your defining moment when attending trade shows, events or competitions.

You can easily impress guests since you can show off some spins, even if you are just standing still.

But as always, just consider the rotating function as an extra, and this is not actually a requirement when you are just starting in this form of dancing.

But if you are an expert and want to explore and express, the use of the rotating dance floor can add a new layer of performance and excitement.

If you use this pole, you can definitely engage your viewers.

rotating stripper pole reviewsBrands of Spinning Fitness Poles We Love in the Market

As mentioned, the spinning design is now popular, and widely available in the market.

One of the best brands right now is Lil’ Mynx and it offers you a fun pole called the rotator.

It’s available as a one-piece model, in stainless steel.

This is a secure and durable unit to use, which can be bolted on the pole.

You can also rely on the X-Pole brand, which offers a multi-piece dance pole as well as Lupit Pole which comes with a bunch of high-quality options for any professional or beginner dancers to choose from.

Positive and Negative Points of Rotating Poles

When using this pole, don’t worry about the spins since you can control its speed with the motions of your body.

You can pull off some faster spins powered by serious momentum if you huddle your body closer to the center of the pole.

And you can also go at a slow spin if you can climb the pole and invertor move your body away from the center of the pole.

When using the rotating and spinning type of pole you must pay attention to your safety.

If you are planning to train in your home then you must invest in a high-quality crash mat.

We also do not recommend this type of pole for beginners since it will put you at risk of injury if you don’t know the basics.

But if you know what you are doing and you’ve had experience with pole dancing and have the passion for this activity and you really like to try one, go ahead practice first and buy one.

You need to practice first in a regular pole, before using this model for safety reasons.

If you have already mastered the moves in a stationary pole, then that’s the time that we can recommend this pole.

If you are the type of dancer who gets always dizzy, then using this pole will only make your condition worse.

Many dancers reported the feeling of drowsiness when using the pole for the first time, but the feeling starts to fade as soon as their bodies are already familiar with the spins.

You also need to consider the price of the dance pole before making a decision.

Because of the extra features that come with this dance pole, it will come with a higher price.

But if you pay close attention to the prices, the price difference is not that big.

And since there are now a number of players in the industry, there’s a big chance that the price will start to fall but I would highly recommend staying away from very popular products due to quality concerns.

So have you decided to put your money on this type of dance pole?

If yes, we suggest that you read first the safety information, especially when installing and using the spinning dance pole.

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