Friction Fit Pole Dance Pole – Whats The Difference in 2022

There are different types of poles that are available in the market and the difference can be found in how they can be installed without the use of bolts and screws that could potentially leave marketings to your ceilings, we are talking about friction fit dance pole Aka friction mounted dance poles.

This is true with the friction fit dance poles, this type of pole can be secured using friction fit through the use of a durable rubber pads and a rod or tough spring together with rubber pads at the bottom and top of the pole.

The rubber pads are critical in the installation of this particular pole since these help in distributing the pressure force on each end of the pole, thus protecting your ceiling or floor from the traditional markings made by other poles.

Aside its quick and easy way of installing the friction mounted dance pole, this type of pole takes its uniqueness in the tubing that is used which contains a locking nut system, or a super-tough spring mechanism.

But what makes this a unique stripper pole design is the appearance is the manner how this pole has been installed. Instead of using the typical mounting systems, the friction-mount pole relies on a friction system. If you decide to choose this type of pole, you can count on a multi-piece unit that fits together to make one solid stripper pole.

These types of poles are supplied by a different brand of pole, which commonly offers different designs like colors, finishes and pole functionality and configurations. One reliable option for the friction mount pole is the one from Lil Mynx. We also tested a number of brands, and some of those units that passed our requirements are the MiPole (cost-wise) and XPole (for innovation and to-notch quality). If you want more information about this unit, we suggest that you read the following suggestions and recommendations in our reviews section.

Recommended Friction Fit dance poles

Does Friction fit dance pole fit for your needs

As a buyer and avid dancer, it’s important that you know your pole options out in the market. Here are some situations and concerns where the friction type may be applicable to your needs and lifestyle:

  • If you are just renting out a fitness pole for your apartment/home/studio and you are afraid that your landlord may not like drilled holes on the ceiling
  • If you plan to use the poles in areas with limited space where the pole needs to come down after use, then the friction type can work for your needs
  • You have decided to share the dance pole with a friend or neighbour, and the dance pole will have to be moved and transferred on a regular basis

Things to Love or Hate About this Pole Option

Just like other manufactured products out in the market, this type of pole can also deliver a host of benefits with some limitations. And as a pole dancer and dance enthusiast, this would be ideal for most users living in small houses or apartments.

x-pole portable pole reviewPortability

Did you know that storage and portability-wise the friction model is your best choice? The friction mounted can be installed, removed and re-installed without having to leave marks on the floor or the ceiling. Just like the Lil Mynx version, this product can easily be installed and removed. And there’s no need to place to buy a permanent pole.

Ease of installation and durability

The setup time is incredibly fast and as mentioned above that there are no screws needed for this sort of pole. In addition, you will be glad to know that there are advanced tools needed to secure this pole.
One of the leading brands in friction fit poles are Lil’ Mynx (Here) along with MiPole (here) and X-Pole (here) are designed with very durable and high-quality parts to make the pole a solid choice for beginners to professionals.
In terms of installation issues, I encountered some issues with the pole from Platinum Stages, so I have some reservations if we want to recommend this. I checked and had a play around with the free-standing pole and my first impressions were that it was heavy, and installing the pole without the help of someone else to help can be a struggle.

Yes, this option will not necessarily require the use of additional tools, but it’s still highly recommended when you are following the right steps and use the right equipment and have someone else helping you.

Safety First

Speaking of safety, it’s highly recommended knowing the area where the dance pole will be installed. You need to be aware of the ceiling height requirements, your type of flooring and the installation requirements of the branded of pole you have chosen to go with.
It’s best to check and read the manual first that comes with the pole to see how to properly install it right to eliminate any safety flaws.

Must higher quality branded poles take their support seriously unlike the cheaper brands like the Carmen Electra pole, it’s best to contact the manufacturer of the pole you are using if you have any queries or needs of troubleshooting an issue.

Now is the Right Time to Make a Selection

If you are on the market to purchase a pole then, then would recommend in checking the other pole types listed here to make sure you are choosing one with the right functionality level of dancing that will also go well with your living situation

Our Dance Pole Favorites

We have just about tried all the poles on the market and all these different kinds of dance poles are known for durability, safety and even ease of installation.
And based on the dozens of products that can be checked and ordered today and reviewed by yours truly, We recommend that you take a closer look at our reviews on the X-Pole, Lil Mynx, MiPole and lupit pole.
For example, the X-Pole is known for its multiple selections of high-quality pole products for beginner and professional dancers, offering portable solutions. The Lil Mynx poles are made from stainless steel, and comes with a great looking case. And the MiPole also comes with a case and is priced just right which will suit the needs and budgets of many buyers and pole shoppers.

We invite you to check on each brand and link to read our in-depth reviews about the exercise poles. Each unit comes with its own set of benefits and features for pole dancing enthusiasts and average user and it’s wise that you understand what you are getting.

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