Plus Size Pole Dancing – Everything You Need To Know in 2024

If you are wondering about pole dance pole dancing in 2024 then I will answer all your questions and more.

There is no reason why women who have a larger body type can’t become pole dancers like the rest of us, it promotes fitness and healthy living empowers woman on a deeper level.

If you think you feel limited then you’re probably going to be surprised to find out that plus-sized pole dancing is very popular.

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As a pole dance teacher, I often get a ton of inquiries about pole dancing, and surprisingly or not, many of these questions are from women who have a larger body type expressing their desire to try pole dancing for themselves, and the main concern I always get it whether or not they should even consider trying pole dancing.

The short answer is, yes, definitely give it a try if pole dancing.

It is possible to learn pole dancing on your own terms and to cater to this form of exercise to your specific goals and rate of progression.

Don’t ever be discouraged because of your weight, many pole dancers (and stereotype breakers) are plus-sized! The following points are organized into categories that cover the topics that women who are plus-sized inquire about the most.


This might not seem like an important factor to your pole dance training, but I believe that everyone can be comfy and sexy at the same time whether you’re wearing workout gear or lingerie, and this can be a challenge for plus-sized women if you’re unsure where to look for.

All it takes is a little bit of research in order to find something that is not only comfortable for you to practice pole dancing and it also makes you feel sexy.

Pole dancing in itself can be sensual, yet athletic for exercise and fitness.

So having the right sporting outfit is required depending on the situation, group training, competition or performance.


While it is true that there are many different types of poles available on the market for you to choose from.

The main concern with poles is a very valid concern when it comes to injury, for a plus-sized woman to be sure that the pole they invest in can handle a larger weight load and that they will be able to practice on it without worrying about their safety (More info about what to look for in a Plus size dance pole).

Rest assured that with careful consideration and thorough research, you will be able to find the perfect pole for your size and the great thing is, we did all the research for you – We picked out the best poles for plus-sized woman here

If you are considering to buy a pole outside of my recommendation then here is a few things you should consider:

  • Durability – thickness of the pole matters, most cheap dance poles tend to lack the accommodation for plus size woman.
  • Diameter – Thin poles might suffice with the thickness of the pole however I would recommend checking the load limit with any pole manufacturer outside our recommendations.
  • Material – If steel and other tough materials are used in the construction then it’s a good sign however it could be poorly made. Be sure to do your due diligence for non-name brands. If there are any plastic parts mentioned on a pole then stay away from it.
  • Construction – Some poles are 1 piece or multi-piece pole designs which will dictate the durability if its multipiece unless it’s well made. Be sure you stay away from multi-piece poles from unknown cheap no-name brands.

Recommended Poles For Plus Size Dancers

Instructional Pole Dancing DVDs

If you have previously looked through any library of instructional exercise videos, you will have likely noticed that most of these DVDs cater to women of a lower weight class.

This is especially true of most instructional pole dancing videos.

While the basics of pole dancing can be applied regardless of your weight class, you will require a little more guidance in terms of how to maneuvers a heavier load up, on, and around your pole.

Luckily there are a number of reliable online pole dance guides that are directed towards heavier pole dancers.

Many of these guides focus on teaching the ground-based, basic moves that all polers must learn, and then move on to more fun and sexy floor-based tricks instead of tricks that require you to be in the air.

If you do want to learn airborne tricks then that’s awesome, but it’s important to work on the basics first and be sure you build enough strength in order to light yourself high enough on the pole in order to perform such tricks.