Plus Sized Pole Dancing Clothing – Ultimate Guide 2024

It can be difficult to find clothing to work out in that not only fits comfortably but also makes you feel and look good, especially if you are a plus sized pole dancer Fear not my fellow pole dancer because in this article we are going to cover all that…

The Real Stats

Let’s be real for a second, by how the rest of society is going we are becoming bigger by statistics based in the USA and other western countries.

Its just a fact along with new trends there are always solutions coming out for all kinds of people.

Big small, thin, short, tall, there is something for everyone.

With that said there are options for plus-sized women everywhere, it just takes a little bit more time and research to find them!
Below are a variety of choices we’ve compiled to give you a head start, whether you want to start pole dancing, yoga, aerial silk or just want to head to the spin cycling class or doing weights in the gym.

What have we included in this guide:

  • Bras – if you are not comfy then your pole dancing is not going to go too well
  • Lingerie – Pole dancing can be sexy and there are show lingerie and the more private types of lingerie 😉
  • Workout clothing – includes sport clothing like sweat pants, tops and more

Rest assured that it is not a requirement at all to ‘look good’ while pole dancing.

Some people feel better when they are showing more skin, and some people are more comfortable covering up, and there is nothing wrong with either!

Workout and Pole dance Clothing for plus size woman

While many companies sell plus-sized options in addition to their ‘regular’ or petite sizes, finding the right sports bra might be a little more difficult, and we suggest starting your search at a store that is catered towards plus-sized women.

Brands such as Nike, Champion offer great choices for larger bust sizes which you can plus sized sports bras.

If you are not sure of your size then its recommend that you see someone in person to get fitted with a bra that suits you.

You may have some special measurements that are hard to find and its always reassuring to talk to a pro in this area.

Plus size pole Lingerie

Pole dancing is an inherently can be seen as “sexy” or an erotic expression of dance like what you see in the movie with Demi Moore pole dancing, so it is understandable if you also want to look sexy while doing it; the only problem is that it can be difficult to find lingerie in sizes bigger than XL, but the internet is massive with full of solutions and these days its easy to find them.

If you are looking to show off those hips and curves then you will have no trouble finding brands selling plus-sized lingerie and there are plenty of online retailers who I won’t name as there are a lot and a simple google search will get you to the right place.

There is no reason for plus-sized women to feel hesitant about wearing sexy lingerie silk, lace, leather, or satin for your dance routine but this is completely up to you.

Always comfort FIRST

You don’t necessarily need to wear specific underwear to practice pole dancing although if you are taking a group pole dance class then it’s not really appropriate to wear lingerie.

But as I’ve said before, comfort is very much key in your progression in pole dancing or any sport for that matter.

Obviously, there is a ton of movement in pole dancing so it is important to wear underwear that won’t rise up easily and cause you too much discomfort.

  • Be sure to pick something that fits to avoid underwear to rise up
  • Try different types of underwear from different brands
  • Read online reviews on quora.com and yahoo answers

Comfort applies to workout pants, shorts and tops; you are very likely to find the perfect workout outfit that looks and feels great if you visit a store dedicated to plus sizes or brands that have those options.
Trialling and testing is the best policy

Pole dance shoes

Last but not least, shoes!

Of course, you can pole dance with regular running shoes or even barefoot, but if you wanted to go for a sexier option, you can start with wide-width pumps which can be.

Offer shoes that will not only amp up your routines but will also support your weight as your turn and spin around your pole!

That said, don’t dive right into using high platform shoes as this may cause serious injury if you are not experienced on the pole.

What do you think?

Comment your suggestions for brands or items that work for you