The Best Pole Dance Shoes and Boots – What You Need For 2024?

Looking at pole dance shoes and now sure what is good value for 2024 then this post is for you.

Lets face it, pole dancing is way better when done with a complete outfit.

The shoes, especially, bring a lot of sexiness to your routine when paired with the right dress.

But that’s not all pole dancing boots have to offer.

Aside from their aesthetic value, pole dancing shoes also provide grip and protection from bruises and other injuries.

There are two styles of pole dancing footwear you can choose from: one is the style of the boots and the other is the typical shoes.

We’ll help you select the best one suited to your taste and give you the top footwear from each category.

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There are several types of boots made for pole dancing.

Choose from thigh-high boots, knee-high boots, ankle boots, and flat boots that will suit the theme of your performance.

Pleaser Shoes

This entry from Pleaser shoes is a popular choice among their selection due to its comfort and durability.

It has a vinyl upper cover that lets people see your feet during your performance.

It has heels measuring 6.25 inches high.

It has adjustable straps so you won’t have trouble fitting it right.

Flat Riding Boots

This should be one of your choices if you want to wear shoes that sports the boots design without heels.

They’re available in cute colors that will surely add flair to your performance.

A zipper is used to secure the shoes in place.

No products found.

Pleaser Shoes Extreme

These ankle boots have a rounded toe design, inner zip, and adjustable lacings.

It has stiletto heels that measure 8 inches in length.

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Pleaser Adore

These thigh-high boots from Pleaser are one of the crowd favorites.

The 6-inch heels and the almost 3-inch platform make this very comfortable to wear.

The adjustable buckles are placed on the end of beautifully designed laces that complement the color of the shoes.

Pleaser Flamingo

The thigh-high style and the side detail of these boots really make them look sexy when worn while performing on the dance pole.

The laces and straps snuggly fit at the back of your thighs to maintain the shape of your legs.

The heels measure 8 inches in length while the platform is around 4 inches.

They’re not for beginners but they’ll surely be loved by those who are used to doing performances every day.

These shoes are not as flashy as compared to boots but they still look perfect for pole dancing.

Moreover, you can wear them casually as they’re comfortable to wear.

Here are our top picks for pole dancing shoes:

DailyShoes Sexy Peep Toe

These shoes look classy to wear.

The little adornments sticking on them look like sparkling diamonds that will surely catch anyone’s attention whether you’re on the dance pole or not.

The shoes have a padded footbed, a buckled strap, and is made of faux leather.


Getmorebeauty from Strappy Lace

The shoes look like it’s meant to be worn on a wedding event ‘ it’s that graceful and pleasing to look at.

The lace and intricate design makes it very eye-catching.

Its semi see-through top also makes the shoes breathable.


Dream Pairs Swan 20

These shoes are popular among pole dancers for their comfort and affordability.

It sports a more casual look compared to most pole dancing shoes out there.

This makes it a versatile part of your wardrobe since you can wear it on almost any occasion.

Its insole is generously padded.

It also has dual ankle straps to secure the shoes in place and add sexiness to your ankles.


How to Select The Best Shoes For Pole Dance

Let’s be honest.

When it comes to pole dancing shoes, we worry about its design more than how comfortable it is to wear them.

How they look should complement our outfit to make the whole performance more pleasing to watch.

Despite this, you should still consider looking at other factors when buying shoes for pole dancing.

Here are the things you should look for in a shoe and some tips on how to get the best fit for you.


People attribute long legs to sexiness which is why many pole dancers wear high-heeled shoes.

These shoes help the pole dancer look taller and leaner.

Not all are capable of wearing them, though, since stripper heels usually measure at least 5 inches tall.

They’re hard to balance and your focus may shift to walking properly rather than presenting a wonderful performance on the pole.

The good thing is that these shoes are made of materials that easily grip the pole.

Wearing them will enable you to easily climb the pole and maintain your grip when doing inversions.

Make sure you purchase what you can handle.

A 5-inch shoe is challenging enough to handle so make sure you’ve trained well to wear at least shoes this high before going to a taller one.

Straps and buckles

Take a look at the buckles of your shoes and make sure they remain secure even if you move a lot.

The straps or buckles must also be adjustable to make sure the shoes will snuggly fit your feet.

You wouldn’t want to have them flying when you’re doing a spinning move, would you?

Some shoes have straps while some are simple slip-ons.

Choose the one that will best suit the routine you’ll be performing.

Slip-ons are no good for inversions and spinning tricks.


We said that stripper shoes aren’t meant to be comfortable to wear.

Still, manufacturers won’t sell something that will just make it harder for pole dancers to do their routine.

Some shoes have padding that makes them comfy to use.

Look for those that have this so you won’t have to worry about hurting your feet while dancing.

Additional design

Vibrant colors, sequins, and glow-in-the-dark effects are some of the designs you’ll often see on pole dancing shoes.

Those with glow-in-the-dark linings are best used in dark places while those with sequins stand out the most when the light hits them.

Where to Buy?

There are a lot of stores online that sell pole dancing boots.

Here are some of the most reliable ones where you can place your order:

  1. eBay
  2. Milanoo
  3. Discount Stripper
  4. Pure Upscale
  5. AMZ stores

Some of these stores also sell pole dancing clothes and related accessories that will surely make your outfit more alluring and sexy.

You can also buy directly from the manufacturers themselves.

The most popular among them are Pleaser and Ellie.

Footwear is an essential part of your pole dancing gear.

Not only do they add flavor and sexiness to your outfit, but also provide your feet protection against harmful elements you might step on.

Although the design of the shoes will mostly be your basis for selecting your footwear, you should not forget about its comfort and durability.

Pleaser Women's Sky-308...
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Pleaser Women's Sky-309...
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Pleaser Women's...
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