Common Pole Dancing Injuries – What You Need To Know 2024

how to recover from pole dance injuryEven though its 2024 pole dancers still suffer from the same injuries and these are all thing things you must know to avoid them

Even if you warm up well beforehand, and do all the stretches after a session, there will be at some point a time that you’ll have an injury, and it’s inevitable in pole dancing!

There are ways to prevent an injury quickly and treat it before it gets worse.

If you are interested in practicing pole dancing then this next article is for you, in here you’ll find the most common injuries in pole dancers and strippers when working the pole and how to prevent them and how to
get rid of them.

1. Tendon or Ligament Strains

Strains on the tendons are far more serious than your typical muscle strains, tendons or ligaments are connections of muscles to the bone which have less circulation of blood, so they take longer to heal.

Curing a tendon strain usually takes up to 6 weeks with proper stretching and resting, of course, this depends on how badly you sprained your tendons and area of the body it happened.


A simple way to treat the initial inflammation of a strain is to use the method RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation), after this phase, alternate between gentle rubbing massages to heat up the area with a microwaved hot pack along with the application of ice, and of course stretching and active range of motion.


2. Wrist Pain

sneakydeez pole dancing wrist bandsWrist injuries are common in every type of exercise especially in pole dancing where you use your hands, arms and wrists are used a lot.
One of the most common is nerve compression, especially the ulnar nerve if you have tingling or numbness in your fingers maybe you have nerve compression and it can be annoying.

To prevent it, always warm-up before the session and stretch afterwards, when working out on the floor try to distribute your weight when placing your hands on the floor.

I would recommend using Sneakydeez support wraps, among the countless reviews online and on their Instagram page of the amazing results, they are comfortable and they make the difference!


After you use the method RICE to cure the initial inflammation, use wrist wraps if you must continue using the injured wrist.

ATTENTION! Don’t use wrist wraps for too long, because when can interrupt the blood flow and that is not what you want because it will slow down the recovery process.

Perform wrist stretches and active range of motion, and if you have persistent pain, after all,  all the home treatments then please consult a doctor.

3. Muscle Strain

Muscle strains are acute injuries that occur when the muscle is torn, that is caused by overstretching the muscle fibers, the areas that pole dancers are more commonly affected are the upper back, arms, and neck.


A sharp pain appears right after the muscle is strained, the range of the levels of pain can go from mild to very high, in this case bruising and swelling may occur.


Up to 5 days of rest for the affected area.

Using Anti-inflammatory drugs is great to reduce the pain and the swelling, Ibuprofen is a common one and check the dosage with your doctor but you should not ingest more than 2400 mg/day (CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR), it can cause some stomach difficulties but if you don’t take it with a full stomach like a glass of milk or food.

Don’t immobilize the injury, slow activation of the range of motion and a little bit of stretching is the best for the recovery process, try to avoid movements that increase or cause pain.

For All Injuries:

Remember! If you are injured don’t push it any further as you might permanently break something and you will regret it later!

Give yourself enough time for your body to heal and come back stronger than ever, in the meanwhile and AFTER the recovery, be sure to stretch and do active range of motion to keep the injured area active, but its recommended to talk to your doctor first.

Want to know more about pole dancing injuries?

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*Disclaimer: Always, and I mean, always consult a doctor before taking any kind of medications or following any type of medical advice.

Only a doctor is qualified to diagnose and treat your injury and I take no responsibility.

My advice is to help you, but used improperly can be damaging to your health.

Always consult a doctor first before looking for alternatives.

Comment below your pole dancing injuries and what hacks you used to fix them.