5 Top Pole Dance Heel Brands – Updated Guide 2022

If you are on the hunt for the best dance heels then you will love what we have put together in this updated stripper heel 2022 guide.

There are many pole dancing shoes you can buy online but we want to make it easier for you to choose among them. That’s why we’ve listed the best based on their credibility, product quality, price, and range of styles available. Be sure to read our free stripper shoe guide here.

Pleaser Pole Dancer Shoes

pleaser pole dancing heel shoesPleasers’ are probably the most popular stripper heel brands in the market. Pleaser USA, Inc. started back in 1993, importing and distributing numerous fashion footwear suited for urban living.

As the company grew, they focused more on providing specialty footwear for specific lifestyles. They even cater to unconventional shoe demands from consumers while maintaining the product quality they’ve established through the years in the industry. The popularity and confidence in their brand have reached over 100 countries worldwide ‘ a proof of how excellent their products are.

The company has 8 shoe lines under its belt: Pleaser, Funtasma, Demonia, Pin Up Couture, Fabulicious, Devious, Pleaser Pink Label, and Bordello. Pleasers are preferred by pole dancers for the line’s sensuous style, superior craftsmanship, and affordable price. The line’s heeled shoes are worn by known celebrities worldwide and have been featured in numerous movies and TV shows.

Looking at their website, they have heeled shoes for every occasion that it’s a treasure trove for women who fancy them. For pole dancers, there’s the Adore, Beau, Sugar, Taboo, and Captiva models to name a few. They’re usually available in black and white colors but there are also colorful ones and a few sporting a transparent, glassy look. Zippered, strapped, platforms, thigh-high boots, low ankle cuts, and slip-ons are some of the styles Pleasers offer.

The length of heels typically range from 5in to 7in but they also have heeled shoes lower than 5in and greater than 8in.

Ellie Shoes

Ellie pole dance ShoesThe family-owned business was started by Ellen Renger back in 2000. They specialize in bedroom and lingerie footwear for women but later on, they started infusing sexier designs to match costumes and the needs of the pole dancing community.
They sell ankle, knee-high, and thigh-high boots, along with heeled shoes of varying styles and colors. Some of their most unique prints include camouflage and unicorn designs, while for style, there are heeled shoes that look like sneakers and cowgirl boots.
Their heeled shoes measure between 3in and 8in

Bad Kitty Exotic Pole Shoes

Bad Kitty glow in the dark pole dancer shoesBad Kitty’ was started in 2008 by Jack Gaffney and Trisha Stone by selling exotic apparel online. It was not until 2009 when they were introduced to the world of pole dancing, that they started focusing on selling pole dancing apparel and accessories. They discovered their passion for the art and were amazed by the health benefits it can bring.

Wanting to share their good experiences on the pole and the advantages they’re reaping from it, the two made it their mission to innovate products that will improve the overall experience of pole dancers during their performances.

Bad Kitty is known for their PoleFit’ apparel line but they also make their own pole dancing shoes. Their sassy, heeled models include stilettos, peep toes, thigh-high and knee-high boots, wedges, platforms, slip-ons, and ankle-strapped shoes and sandals. They have glittered, spiked, laced, and printed designs you can choose from.

Their UV-reactive shoes are one-of-a-kind ‘ they glow and change color when struck with the light coming from pole platforms. These shoes greatly improve the visuals of the performance with their glow in the dark effect.
Bad Kitty’s shoe heels range from 5in up to a dizzying 10in.

Prices range from $12 up to $400. The cheapest are simple micro fiber flats for men while the most expensive ones are the thigh-high boots encrusted with rhinestone.



Erosella pole dance shoesErosella’s repertoire is a little bit smaller compared to the brands above. They don’t have boots and other fancier shoe styles as they focus their products on peep toes, Roman-style sandals, slip-ons, stilettos, closed court shoes, and low-cut sandals and platforms.

Although their products list contains fewer items, the quality of each one is impeccable. This is one of the reasons they’re trusted by many pole dancers looking for simple and affordable shoes but made of reliable materials.
Their heels measure from 3in up to 10in and you won’t spend more $100 on them.


Tony Pole Dancing Shoes

Their shoe models are one of the longest existing products pole dancers trust. Their styles are quite straightforward but classy enough to be worn outside pole dancing performances.
Their heeled shoes measure between 5in and 7in

Final Conclusion:

There are many great brands of shoes for all kinds of different pole dancers. Fitting in with exotic routines along with your elegant or contemporary dances.

I would recommend in trying a few of them before you start ordering your pole shoes online, you don’t want to be one of those people who drop $100 – $300 on shoes to find out that they don’t fit properly or they are too uncomfortable to wear.

The good thing about all the brands mentioned on this page, they have great customer service and will likely help you in getting the best size for you.


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