Top 5 Holographic Boots For Pole Dance – UPDATED 2024

Out here looking for some amazing Holographic boots for pole dancing then check out my updated 2024 list of the best boots and shoes that will spice up your pole dance performance.

Regardless of whether you have recently fallen in love with pole dancing or has been practising it for a while, you will need some holographic boots. Pole dancing boots are not only the perfect way to level up but also gives you the much-needed confidence boost. Believe it or not, many of the dancers attest to it that they feel more confident and empowered when wearing boots than the regular heels. Well, it’s because pole dancing boots are basically not the regular boots we see on regular basis.

They are designed in such a way that they are edgy and simply out of this world. When you wear them, they are not just different in appearance but also add something entirely new to your outfit.

We can all agree that pole dancing boots are stunning and often looks good on people of all shapes and sizes. Many of the pole dancing boots you will find have a high heel to make you look taller and your legs longer and sexier. They are definitely the real deal for any dancer out there no matter the level.

Furthermore, they make performing easy and you can still do the spins, climbs and other signature moves with the boots on. This means as long as you’ve got some great, high-quality pole dancing boots, your movements and dancing skills will not be affected at all.

We can go on forever about how pole dancing boots are the best and look great but the most important thing would be choosing the right pair. You have to pick the best boots that will not stick to the pole, cause you injuries or simply waste your hard-earned money. On that note, here are some recommendations on the top best holographic boots for pole dancing.

Pleaser Electra – 3028 Thigh High boots

The Pleaser Electra thigh-high boots when paired with the perfect outfit, they can be your best companion on those life-changing dance performances. Aside from that, these boots are also great for photoshoots. You can get the boots in black or red and they come with a ribbon lace-up on the exterior. This helps with adjusting the top to ensure the best fit. The inner zip makes putting on easy and hassle-free.

The sole consists of a 5.5 inch block heel as well as a 1.5 inch front platform to increase stability. When it comes to comfort, there is nothing to worry about from these thigh-high pole dancing boots. They are comfortable enough for you to perform the various trick, spin and climb on the pole. Furthermore, these boots would do well for beginners who are still learning and perfecting their craft. The five-inch block heel is definitely suitable for most people especially those who are getting used to pole dancing boots.

The bold buckle detailing is not only ultra-provocative but also edgy, making the right choice of footwear for a performer. Also, if you don’t like heavy boots, these particular ones weigh just about 4 pounds which is considerably easy on the feet. There is a lot to look for in pole dancing boots but the Pleaser Electra boots have got you covered in many aspects.

Pleaser Women’s Xtreme1020 boot

Pleaser is a brand that’s well-known for producing the best footwear. That’s why you can never go wrong with any of the Pleaser pole dancing boots. The best part of it is that the boots come in a wide variety of styles.

This meets the particular needs and preferences of all types of performers and dancers. For instance, these Pleaser FLAM boots have a sexy and sensuous design required for the pole dancing enthusiasts. The comfort you will get from these boots is on another level. The heel measures roughly 8 inches with a platform of about 4 inches which offers extra stability to perform your signature tricks. The boot is 100% synthetic and it’s made of faux leather that offers both durability and a gorgeous appearance.

These ankle boots feature a rubber sole which may come in handy when performing some tricks and stunts on the pole. With these, climbing on the pole will be easier because they give a firm grip.

If you want to look and feel taller, these are the best pole dancing boots to add on your shoe collection. They are the kind of shoes that will not only boost your confidence during a dance but also help you achieve tricks with so much ease. Furthermore, they are comfortable and well-balanced making them suitable for various situations like photoshoots, dancing at the club or studio.

Sorbern holographic pole dance ankle high platform boots for women

If you have a liking for holographic footwear, these ankle boots by Sorbern are your perfect match. They are suitable shoes for both a sexy photoshoot and a pole dancing performance. We also like these gorgeous ankle boots come in a range of colors. This allows you to choose the one that will suit your style and taste.

The heel is of about 8 inches long with a platform height of 5 inches and up. The first impression you will get from these ankle boots is that they are too high and you will probably wobble and fall. That’s not true because with a little bit of practice you will get used to walking and most importantly pole dance in them. Furthermore, the large platform provides the extra stability you need to stay on your feet as you perform some tricks on the pole.

People look for boots that they can put on and take off with ease. Well, you won’t have any trouble with these shoes since they come with a zip enclosure on the outside. You simply have to open the zip to put on the shoes and close it afterwards. The lace-up closure at the front will be of great use in adjusting the top to ensure the shoes fit well.

Holographic ankle boots are not only beautiful but also quite fashionable. These shoes take pole dancing to different heights and tend to look good on all types of people. If you are a short kind of person and wants to look taller, eight-inch heels like these ones would be the best choice. They are a great investment especially for someone who wants to bring out their wild side and perform some incredible moves on the pole.

Sorbern Silver snake holographic ankle high platform boots for women

Sorbern is a brand that’s doing quite a remarkable job at making extremely gorgeous and sexy holographic pole dance boots. The Silver snake ankle-high boots are well-made and consist of great features like a high platform and round toe front. The impressive thing about these boots is that they are available in a variety of colors and can go with pretty much any outfit. They are also perfect for a sexy photoshoot.

The upper part of the shoes is made of patent leather while the outsole material is rubber. The rubber outsole gives the shoe a firm grip on the floor and thus helps prevent slips and falls. Furthermore, these ankle boots are made of high quality and durable material. This means that you will keep them for a long time even if you use them several times a week.

The 8-inch stiletto heel together with a platform of about five inches gives off a sexy and hot vibe making them great shoes for pole dancing. The lightly padded inner soles are gentle on your feet for ultimate comfort during pole dancing sessions. On the other hand, the zipper side closure makes them easy to wear and walk-in. It also gives them a good enough fit so that you don’t have to worry about the shoes flying off while you’re in the middle of a performance.

There is little to complain about on these lovely ankle boots. For starters, they are stable and actually easy to walk in. Secondly, they offer value for your money considering the good quality material they are made of and the appealing design.

Leecabe Purple Snake high heel platform boots

This is a gorgeous footwear model from Leecabe with a wild and sensuous design for the pole dance enthusiasts. It makes it on our list of the top holographic pole dancing boots thanks to the attention to detail throughout the entire design.

These shoes consist of a great platform that’s 7cm in height to ensure your feet are accommodated fully for proper balance and comfort. The rubber sole is really what you need to stay upright during your dancing routines and avoid suffering any injuries or bruises. They provide plenty of grip and stability required for rigorous movements that you may undertake.

We love the purple color of the shoes and the snake detailing. There are also other colors available for you to choose whatever suits your personality best. If all you want is holographic boots for pole dancing that are sturdy and beautiful at the same time, this particular pair might be your best bet.

Any performer and sexy footwear enthusiast will surely love these shoes. It’s also the perfect pair of shoes for those people who want to feel higher or make their legs look longer.

The importance of pole dance shoes

Bare feet are usually the recommended way to start pole dancing. This is because you can feel the floor and the pole, meaning you can learn and practice new moves easily.

However, as you level up, there will come a time when you want to wear heels. That said, whether you want to up your style factor, get a good grip on the pole or simply embrace a new challenge, holographic boots are among the best shoes for pole dancing. They are gorgeous and make you feel like a queen while performing on the pole.

However, pole dance shoes are not just for looking fabulous. There are actually many benefits of wearing them while performing on the pole or training. These types of shoes are quite different from conventional high heels because they are designed to make pole dancing easier. For instance, the front sole of the shoes is rounded to aid in rocking forward and spinning. The elevated platform on the heels enables you to grip higher on the pole, allowing you plenty of space to swing around and perform some tricks.

In addition, the platforms are heavy and act as weights on your feet which helps you transition from one move to the next with ease. The weight of the shoes also adds momentum to spins, makes inversions easier and helps balance out your layout.

The bottom of the shoes usually has a grip finish to prevent you from slipping over while doing some floor work like sweeping your legs. Boots are a great choice especially for improving grip since they have more fabric. They help make climbing and inversions easier. Let’s not forget what holographic pole dance boots can do for your style and confidence. They improve your posture, add flair to dance moves and elongate your legs. With such boots, you look and feel super sexy which is what pole dancing is all about.

What to look for in quality holographic pole dance boots

As a dancer, there are several factors to take note of when looking for quality holographic pole dance boots. The design might be appealing to the eye but there are more important things to look out for like how comfortable you feel in them.


Pole dancing always goes hand in hand with comfort. Go for boots with enough padding to keep your feet happy and comfortable as you move around. Padding prevents blisters and other injuries which might ruin your routine.


Pole dancing boots do come in a wide variety of style options like peep toe, thigh high, knee-high and high ankle boots. With that said, it all comes down to your preferences and what appeals most to you. You can go for any style as long as it’s something that you’ll feel good wearing.

Heel height

It’s true that the higher the heel of your pole dancing shoes, the more appealing you will look to your audience. This is because people tend to associate sexiness with longer legs. However, don’t choose a heel height you can’t handle or one that will make you uncomfortable during a performance.


This is another very important factor because too small shoes are likely to cause injuries and blisters while too big shoes might probably fly off in your performance. Choose the correct size of the boots to ensure comfort and confidence in your performance.


Many people often wonder why pole dancers wear those gigantic platform heels when dancing. The truth is pole dance shoes are not just for the show but carry several benefits. In that case, you must choose the best holographic boots for pole dance and we have helped bring down the list.