Top 5 Dancer Sports Bra For Pole Dancing – Updated Guide 2023

If a comfortable bra is important to you in 2023, who wouldn’t?

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The truth is pole dancing can be a great part of your fitness regime.

As a matter of fact, pole dance is more of a sport in which you’re able to tone your muscles and increase flexibility.

It’s also quite a fun and sexy way of achieving fitness unlike going to the gym.

If you’re thinking of taking up pole dance fitness, there are plenty of benefits waiting for you.

For instance, when practised consistently, it helps optimize metabolism so that your body can burn calories.

Therefore, if you have some fitness goals like achieving a lean body, pole dancing is highly effective in that regard.

That being said, before you can start on pole dancing for fitness, you will need the right clothes for this kind of activity.

Among the vital pieces of clothing is a good sports bra.

As you level up and gain confidence, there will come a time when you have to perform some tricks like spinning on the pole and inverts.

This should give you a hint about why a high-quality sports bra is mandatory.

It will hold your breasts in place to prevent one or both popping out when you’re upside down on the pole.

It will also prevent soreness and pain after the activity.

There are lots of sports bras for pole dance fitness but that doesn’t mean all of them are right for the activity.

For one thing, bra sizing is not consistent across the various brands.

You have to find the one that feels right and will offer the most comfort while you’re dancing.

A good sports bra for dancing should not constrain your movements.

Here is a quick overview of the top dancers sports bras for pole dance;

Yianna Cross back Strappy Yoga Bra

Sports bras for pole dancing are often designed to be different from the standard ones.

They take on sexy and edgy detailing that’s perfect for this kind of training.

For your next pole dance training, take the class by storm with this strappy yoga bra from Yianna.

It’s an exceptional top that you can wear during your pole dancing lessons and also while lounging.

The strappy criss-cross detailing at the back is everything as it gives the bra a stylish and elegant appearance.

This Yianna bra is ideal for your pole dance lessons, yoga and other physical fitness activities.

It’s made of fabric that has added lycra to allow it stretch with your body while still retaining its shape.

It’s a sports bra that’s carefully designed to ensure it doesn’t restrict your movement or breathing as you dance on the pole.

The criss-cross back straps allow you to twist with ease which is actually very important for people dancing.

The bra features moisture-wicking technology to ensure your body remains cool and dry during the workout.

Nothing will ruin your pole dance session faster than a wet feeling from sweating.

There is no doubt this sports bra will take your pole dancing to a whole new level.

It combines fashion and performance with a dash of sexiness, something you won’t find with the ordinary sports bra.

CharmLeaks Workout Wirefree padded sports bra

The CharmLeaks Wirefree cross back padded sports bra comes in a variety of colors to suit your particular style and taste.

The cross back pattern with straps gives it quite a stylish look perfect for your pole dance fitness sessions.

It’s not only wire-free but also has a pull on the closure to ensure an unrestricted range of movements for better workouts.

Aside from that, comfort is a key aspect for successful pole dancing sessions.

This sports bra has a double layer knitted construction that provides a comfortable fit to keep your breasts secured.

If you’ve been looking for a sports bra that’s both functional and fashionable, this would be a good choice.

It’s comfortable enough and fits to let you perform various tricks without having to worry about anything.

Furthermore, it’s made of moisture-wicking fabric for the bets ventilation and to keep away the sweat.

With this medium impact sports bra, you can focus on gaining confidence on the pole and getting better at your craft.

It is an ideal sports bra for pole dancing.

Queenie Ke women’s strappy sports bra

The one thing you will love about the Queenie Ke sports bra is that it comes in a wide range of color options.

Perhaps you’re into flashy colors; this brand has definitely got you covered.

The truth is pole dancing is not always sexy and you might get a bruise or two, but a gorgeous sports bra will always maintain your sexy look.

The essence of a good sports bra is to provide support while at the same time keeping the comfort and functionality.

The criss-cross X design at the back is not just there for an aesthetic appeal but also to offer more support.

With this, you will have the best support when pole dancing and you can easily perform all of your tricks and stunts.

Besides, it’s not just a sports bra but you can use it in your everyday wear.

For instance, the gorgeous design makes it suitable to be worn when carrying out day activities or lounging and afterward attend a pole dance class.

The fabric is stretchy for a good fit and also quite absorbent.

No one likes dealing with sweat especially because it makes them feel wet and gross.

Thankfully, this sports bar is made of fabric that’s highly absorbent and hence effective at keeping the sweat away.

In return, you will enjoy a remarkable experience during your pole dancing sessions.

Also, if you need some extra concealment, there are removable pads provided just for that purpose.

For the price, this is among the best and fashionable sport bras.

Many of the people who have already bought it are happy with the quality they get and great support.

Good material is very important especially for durability and ensuring you’re comfortable, and that’s why you get from this particular bra.

Icyzone strappy sports bra for women

The Icyzone sports bra is a functional and stylish activewear made with high-quality fabric for the best pole dance experience.

You can get it in several colors to suit your taste and preference.

That said, a sports bra for a pole dancer should offer great performance while at the same time being stylish and elegant.

The criss-cross back straps work perfectly fine to let you twist with ease.

Other than that, they also give this sports bra from Icyzone a gorgeous appearance.

You will certainly love wearing it for everyday use.

We love the fact that it’s made of lightweight material so that it doesn’t feel bulky when you wear it.

You will barely notice it on your body and the only thing on your mind would be the pole dance workouts.

The crisscross back straps don’t just add style to the bra but they also keep the high-sweat areas properly ventilated.

The brand knows sweat can be an issue during workouts and actually interfere with your overall performance.

Pole dancing is all about confidence because you will be doing tricks such as climbing, spinning and inverts.

If something like sweat makes you uncomfortable, then it ruins the entire experience and also brings down your confidence.

This bra has it all covered beginning with the mesh fabric lining that keeps you cool and reduces the sweating.

Furthermore, the moisture-wicking power fabric gets rid of sweat fast enough to ensure you’re dry and there is reduced friction.

All in all, you will be super comfortable during the pole dancing sessions.

Campeak professional sports bra for women

Here is another pole dance sports bra for women made of high quality, moisture-wicking fabric.

The quick-drying breathable material will ensure there is no sweat to get in the way of your pole dancing.

It has a stylish design perfect for the pole dancing classes.

The fabric is also stretchy to ensure it fits well and provides much-needed support.

Many will like the removable chest pad design for extra comfort.

Additionally, pole dancing involves lots of movements and for that reason, a good sports bra is mandatory.

This is because it won’t restrict your movements or breathing.

This Campeak professional sports bra is suitable for dancing on the pole and your everyday active lifestyle.

It’s lightweight and super soft for comfort purposes.

This means that it will be good on your skin.

What to look for in quality dancer’s sports bra

Pole dancing is not just any physical activity.

It involves physical exertion and extreme flexibility.

For that reason, you will need a sports bra that is comfortable and secure to match the energetic pole dancing routines.

So what else do you look for in quality dancers sport bra for pole dance?


For successful pole dancing, you need to wear open clothing.

This mainly includes top and shorts or top and leggings.

An open waist allows you easily perform tricks and moves on the pole.

In that case, a good bra for pole dancing should open the armpits and neck.

The chest, on the other hand, should be as closed as possible to minimize gliding.


It goes without saying that before you can settle for any sports bra, you must affirm that it will provide enough support for the particular activity.

In the case of pole dancing, you basically require a bra that provides medium-impact support.

This will ensure minimal movement of the breasts.

If you want to check whether the chosen bra will provide the support you need, try jumping around and twisting side to side.

If it stays in place, its definitely supportive enough and less likely to disappoint you during an important pole dancing class or performance.

On the other hand, if it moves up and down, you should avoid it and look for another alternative.


A comfortable dancers sports bra is essential for effective pole dance fitness activities.

Look for soft, stretchy fabrics that will offer the most comfort even during intense activities.

Opt for brands with minimum seams to prevent irritation especially during enegertic and intense physical activities.

Also, if you want to ensure a sports bra for pole dancing is comfortable, you have to choose the right size.

Use a measuring tape to measure your bust circumference and find the right size.

In addition, many of the sports bras have various adjustments that you can use to achieve the perfect fit.

Perspiration management

A good quality sports bra for pole dancing should have impeccable moisture-wicking capabilities.

Sweating is inevitable in any kind of physical activity.

A sports bra made of quick-dry material will surely make such a huge difference in your comfort during a pole dancing fitness session.

Fabric that clings to the skin once it becomes wet, causes chafing and stays wet for too long after a workout is definitely not good quality.

Go for sports bras made of fabric that is breathable and feels dry even during the most intense activities.

Why you need a dancer’s sports bra for pole dance

Its true that sports bras for dancers are the most essential piece of apparel to have in your wardrobe.

However, there are still so many people who ignore the importance of wearing a high quality and supportive dancers sports bra while pole dancing.

Well, there is a good reason why you’re advised to wear a sports bra during any kind of physical activity that might have an impact on your breasts.

The breast tissue contains absolutely no muscle and this means it can move independently to the rest of the body.

The main support for the breasts is usually skin and fragile ligaments.

Physical activity that causes repetitive bouncing of the breasts can pull on the ligaments, forcing them to stretch over time.

These are typically not elastic and once stretched, they remain that way.

The end result is sagging breasts, which as you might have imagined is not appealing for a woman.

Furthermore, pole dancing with no support can be a major contributing factor to breast pain, chest pain and shoulder problems.

This makes it imperative to protect your breasts during physical activities such as pole dancing by wearing high quality and supportive dancer’s sports bra.


When following your passion for pole dancing, you will need the right wardrobe.

For women, its all about getting a high-quality dancers sports bra for pole dancing.

It should not only be stylish but also comfortable for the motions you’ll be performing.

Lastly, its quite important that you pick a dancers sports bra that you feel good wearing.