How To Choose The Best Pole Dance Shoes – Updated Guide 2022

If you are looking to spice up your pole routine then you’re probably wondering what are the best pole dance shoes in 2022 and you’re in luck because this guide will help you find the right stripper dance heels for you.

Along with those various pole dance styles, there are many different kinds of pole dance shoes, namely heels. If you’re a pole dancer looking for new stripper heels to enhance your pole dance experience. Stick around because we will go through the best-valued options.

It’s worse to note that some pole dance heels all platforms are better to dancing than others. In this article, we will be walking you through the best pole dance heels and platforms.

Meil style shoe

Although they are very pretty and good for nights out. These kinds of shoes I’m not very good for pole dancing because if you are doing spins and inversions and are known to fly off your feet. In many situations, this can be quite dangerous and can lead to accidents of you and others in the studio.


Although very sexy to the club and they do make your legs look long and do have a Side benefit of making your calves look great. Strapless pumps I’m not ideal for pole dancing because they can easily come loose.
Side note: if you do find pumps with straps then they will be the perfect shoe for the job.


They are fantastic all-rounder pole dancing shoes. These kinds of pole dance boots stay on your feet like these popular holographic boots, and in most cases, they have laces so there is no chance of them coming off during training. But these shoes have some trade-offs. They are generally made out of plastic and non-breathable materials which can cause you to sweat a lot.
So be prepared for smelly and sweaty feet, be sure have that foot spray on hand

The pump heel with ankle straps

These kinds of shoes non-closed allowing your feet two easily breathe which is amazing against sweating. That ankle straps should be noted to be The most ideal for pole dancing as they secure your foot into the shoe.
There are many great designs out there that flashy, blingy and very sexy for the perfect routine. The open heel design allows you to grip the pole with your feet, which is perfect for pole climbing.

So how do I know which stripper shoes are the best for me?

Like with any shoes, you have to be comfortable wearing them. If you are comfortable with 16 inches then that should be the benchmark you should try. I highly recommend is trying on different height heels to determine which ones are more comfortable to wear.

What heel height should I start with?

You can be quite scary too started dancing in a new pair of platforms. To get you started on the right foot may be recommended to start with the 7-inch stripper heel. If you’re still having trouble then you can try with a 4-inch heel.
When you’re feeling confident about your progress then you can move up to monster heels, which at 10 inches or more.

Why do I have to wear platform heels? can’t I wear my normal heels?

As mentioned is very important to think of your safety first hell you’re going to do tricks on the pole as well as for work. With strapless heels, you risk losing your shoe and injuring yourself. Platform heels give you an edge over heels because of it more sturdy, and it makes your legs long and sexy.

Which stripper heels are the Best Brands?

There are many great pole dance shoe brands, many you may never discover because they’re not sold in stores. You can find home-made brands on Etsy, eBay, and websites like Amazon. But I recommend here are the top pole dance your plans that you’ll see pretty much anywhere:

Do I only use stripper heels when I’m pole dancing?

If you like to go out to bars and clubs and you feel comfortable in your high heels then you go girl. These heels for many different situations as you see fit, and not just pole dancing.

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