Are Pleaser Heels Worth It? – A Review On The Best Stripper Heels

Pleaser heels is a U.S.-based company, and this one of the shoemakers go to stripper heel makers. Known for the loud and naughty exotic shoe designs they are a must-have for every pole dancer looking to up their game.

If you’re looking for some serious stripper shoes, then you’ve come to the right place. Pleaser USA specializes in ankle boots, platforms with different types of heels sizes.
The house but about shoe shopping is finding many designs that you love and either buying them all for settling in one.
If you are we get the knees when it comes to buying incredible platform stripper shoes and amazing sandals then you should stop here.

You will find many competing and Instagram famous pole dances wearing Pleasers in their images and videos, and there is a reason for that. Pleaser makes very high-quality heels for strippers and hobby pole dancer alike. Exotic pole dance has risen in popularity. The floor work, the clapping of the heels and choreography introduce a whole other dimension of pole dance.

Erotic pole dance is a little different to the traditional acrobatic style. There are fewer tricks on the pole, with more slow dance fundamentals, floor work, and spins. Yet, its become a whole other avenue of expression, and where there are new expressions for dance, there are some amazing heels to discover.

Why do we recommend Pleaser Shoes over most other brands?

These are not the average heels you will find in a shop, they are specifically for pole dancing and much other performance arts. Almost all their products are geared towards making it safe for strippers and pole dancers without any accidents.

They come in a plot flora of colors sizes and heel heights. You have the choice from real leather, faux leather, suede, plastic, and many other wild designs.

They have also given women the chance to spice up their sex lives with their partners on a whole new level. Their shoes surely know how to bring the wild side out of people, and maybe they can with you too.

In conclusion:

If you’re looking for authentic stripper heels to pole dance with then look no further than Pleaser Heels USA. They are based in the US and ship fast most of their product vibrators from $50 – $100.
They have an outstanding reputation within the pole dance industry and I think you need to check them out if you haven’t already. Check them out here


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