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Top 5 Pole Dance Games For Group Classes – Let The Fun Begin

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Running out of ideas to keep pole class fun?

The few challenges to keep pole dance fun and engaging is to find fun and inventive ways for teaching. A method to switch up your traditional teaching routine is to include games and challenge your students in new ways in which and encourage them to suppose on their feet.

Here are a few neat games that I’ve picked up along the way and they help with skill-building while it builds up body dexterity, endurance and adds a new flavour to pole class.

Top 5 Best Pole Dance Games

Pole dance games help with in-class activities that encourage building movement vocabulary, reviewing material, nailing different techniques and all around, creating a social environment where the whole class can get involved and laugh.


Games and activities that encourage movement exploration, musical understanding, transition building, character development, and more.

Imagine The Floor Is Lava:

Put your students freestyling to the test, Set a timer for from 1 to 2 minutes depending on the skill level and the number one rule is not to touch the floor until the time is up. It helps build up endurance and is freakishly fun, So if you are looking for a no-stress way to switch up pole class without sketching up a routine the night before then its a great way to bring everyone into a light game.

Pro-tip: Apply this when you are subbing for a teacher when you’re not sure what to teach, then this is the perfect way to break the ice and see where the classes skill level is at.

Between a rock and a hard place

Guide every student into a clumsy or weird position round the pole or on the ground. Students should then realize ways in which to graciously dance their solution of every position and turn a situation into a combo idea.

A fantastic idea to throw ideas to the wall to see what sticks, I find this works if you are doing a combination of pole and dance, making transitions and idea’s flow much easier.

Pole Whispers

If you have heard of Chinese whispers then this may be easy to understand. For advanced students only. Put students to work by starting with a scenario, element or position where each student takes a turns to add a move or element to the string of movements. Then everyone repeats the combo builds up. Its a great workout and can get the mind jogging for new and creative dance ideas. 

Pole-To-Pole HIIT:

Place a card next to every pole with a dedicated movement. One by one, students should go pole-to-pole and try the spin, trick, and transition on each card to each dedicated pole.

If there is a small wait for a pole then the student will continue with some cardio (jogging on the spot, sit-ups, star jumps, etc.)

What are your favorite category games? What do you play in class? And what should we add to this list? Many instructors have different games and we would love to hear any new ideas to help our pole dancer readers get more out of their group classes by finding new ways to progress in pole dance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a beginner and not confident in pole dancing yet

That’s completely ok, if you feel that you don’t meet the skill of the pole faces being played then you can sit out or tell the instructor your situation. I would advise trying your best as this pole dance games are great for strength-based exercises.

What if my muscles feel too sore?

If you are feeling tired or you feel like your muscles feel sore from the day before then tell the instructor that you will be sitting out on the games because the last thing you want is an injury. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising praogram designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Certain content that appears on comes from Amazon Services LLC. This content is provided ‘as is’ and is subject to change or removal at any time.

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