Learning Basic Pole Dancing Moves – Essential Guide of 2024

Routines in pole dancing vary in degree of difficulty, starting from the basics for beginners to the more advanced and complex moves for intermediate and expert pole dancers and this is how you can accelerate you pole progress in 2024.

In this article, i will be discussing Learning Basic Pole Dancing Moves

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Moves basically revolve around spins, climbs, floor work and invert, to name a few.

If you observe closely, many professional dancers use basic moves and just infuse their own improvisations into it to make it look more complex and difficult.

Some even make their floor work more dramatic and sexier by adding their own variations, improving the transition from one move to the next pole routine.

Pole dancing is more than just a show of gymnastic and acrobatic moves.

It gives equal weight to presentation and audience connection.

As you improve your pole skills, you’ll encounter various styles you can try experimenting on to add flair to your routine.

This is how you start building your signature moves that will truly be your own and leave an impression to your audience.

Online Pole Dance Instructional videos

After you’ve mastered the basic pole moves, you may want to look for instructional videos and online pole dance classes as well as e-books available online to learn more complex pole dance moves and exercises.

Doing this instead of hiring professional instructors will save you money you can use instead to buy other equipment or more online lessons.

Most of the time, these online tutorials are easy to follow and will guide you the same way an actual coach does.

Online pole dance courses like the Opendance.academy (Use Code: “basicinvert78” to get 10% OFF discount) show step-by-step instructions on how to employ the right technique in each routine to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Pole climbs can be dangerous if you don’t properly execute it.

Video tutorials will often show you each and every step you need to follow to achieve the proper form and the safest way to execute your pole climbs or any other pole moves.

Learn Popular Pole Dance Moves

The most popular moves appropriate for a beginner are pivots, spins, slides, several floor works, and last but the best, the fireman.

You can do basic combinations like the easy pole climb and the straight climb then move to more complex ones like the double-tap and upright V position.

Backbends, body waves, crab position, ankle hooks, and booty pops are also some of the most commonly executed routines that are popular to the audience.

You can also improve your routine by using combinations of hip rolls, knee hooks, pirouettes, leg works, showgirl poses, squatting thrusts, and floor work.

Combining basic and intermediate pole dancing moves will make your routine more complex and entertaining, so don’t hesitate to mix and match them.

You’ll drown with the number of variations you can do with your routine.

Just the spin alone has variations like ankle spins, corkscrews, pinwheels, backward hooks, knee pinwheels, basic cradle, and the Venus spin to name some of them.

There are even more you can explore as you move to intermediate and more complex moves.

Making your own

There are numerous variations you can choose from and you’ll never exhaust all of them.

Each is an expression of the dancer’s artistry, making them unique even among the thousands of pole dancers in the world.

As a beginner, you have to understand and master first the basics because these will help you in achieving those seemingly impossible moves you see on professional acts.

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