Top Group Pole Dance Classes Tips For Newbies

When I started my first pole dance classes I was a little scared and here’s why you should not be like me.

The number of group pole dance classes continues to spread out in 2024, as more and more pole dance studios pop up everywhere in different parts of the country as the sport gets more popular.

Pole dancing is one of those interesting and exciting fitness activities that can be beneficial to your health.

Aside from its health and fitness value, pole dancers especially when practiced in a group can help bolster confidence and social skills.

So if you’re considering a class, well you’re not alone.

Many individuals and enthusiasts are looking for ways to join the fun, and enjoy the benefits.

Top reasons to sign up for pole dance lessons

  • Dance class is normally run in a group class scenario that it makes is affordable compared to private dance lessons.
  • If you are considering the use of instructional DVDs or classes online as a great way for extra supplemental lessons. But you may need to rethink about going out on your own if you are not experienced enough. Because without proper guidance from a pole instructor it can lead to making small mistakes that become apparently difficult to unlearn and relearn the proper way. Group classes will give you immediate feedback from a pole instructor about your progress.
  • You are free to ask questions about anything you are having difficulties with. This is why people choose group classes over other forms of learning pole dance.
  • The best part about Group dance pole classes is that they are a fun and engaging place where you can meet new people who share common interests. When the instructor is teaching the other students, you can practice the moves you have learned with your group mates. So if you are looking to meet new people and expand your social circles then you will love pole dance classes. And whenever you feel like you are not performing really well, your group mates will be there to cheer you up and encourage you.

When to not join a group class

  • If group dance classes are offered at an area or schedule that is not convenient to you
  • If you have a tight budget, be sure to shop around to see what other prices are in your local area. The price per class can also depend on who is teaching you (known pole dancer or not)
  • If you have unpredictable shift work or irregular life commitments, then it may be hard to manage a work/life and pole dance balance. Many studios have a policy for missed classes, so be sure you’re not missing too many or you are just wasting money.
  • If you don’t like to challenge yourself – See, If you are a shy type of person when it comes to learning in group classes then it can be a good way to build up your confidence.

How to learn by yourself?

If your situation is one of the above scenarios, other ideas for learning pole dancing are still available for you.

One of which is to read books about pole dancing.

Books, e-books, and manuals have the same advantages as DVDs and online videos for instant inspiration.

Learning from pole dance books and manuals can be a viable option if you have some previous experience however, I think everyone should take a least a few pole classes from a teacher to get the basics.

Another tested approach is to learn it online from free youtube videos or private online video tutorials.

Even if you are just at home, you can still learn pole dancing, provided that you have your own dance pole.

Online lessons are private, affordable and convenient.

It also allows you to work at your own preferred pace.

This also gives you a chance to review more often without paying the additional cost.

You just have to remember that your ultimate goal is to learn new pole elements correctly and safely.

So be careful with the online videos you choose to follow.


Video clips are mostly fun to watch but rarely offer complete instructions to assure you are doing it safely.

Most important of all is having the right safety gear at home if you are experimenting with some new and risky moves.

Questions to ask before joining a group pole class

If you think this type of dance class suits your interest and convenience, don’t easily register without asking important questions.

You will be spending hard-earned money, so you have to find the right class for you.

You have to make sure that the studio, class, and instructor meets your needs and offers dance lesson you ought to have.

Right after the selection of the perfect studio within your area, you can consider asking the questions below to help you decide if you have come to the right place.

Pole Availability

Some, not all pole classes can be overbooked, which means sharing poles with other dancers during a group lesson which means less time for you to be on the pole and even less one-on-one time with an instructor.

This may not be a deal-breaker but, its important to know what you are paying for.

Ask about the ratio of poles to students and the ratio of instructors to students.

For instance, a studio that allows 8 students for each class is better than a studio that accommodates 16 students.

However, the studio with 16 students most probably will get more individual attention and pole time if it has 8 poles, a teaching assistant and two instructors.

If instructors provide individual attention to students, they are most likely to learn faster.

The golden ratio of the poles to students?

Getting enough pole time is essential in learning and practising dance pole moves up to perfection.

After all, you wouldn’t want to get out of the dance class injured.

A single hour of pole dancing can be a lot more tiring for you especially when you are having so much fun with what you are doing.

You can be tempted to choose a dance studio that offers own pole to each students.

However, this might not give all the benefits most people think.

In classes where the ratio is one student to one pole, expect it to be more expensive so make sure you take this factor into account.

You wouldn’t want to share a single pole with 5 or 6 students unless another component is offered to allow the rest of the students to get involved.

Learning pole dance will be much slower at this rate and reduces the risk of getting injured because you allow your muscles to cool down.

Some people prefer 2-3 students per pole over than one is to one student-pole ratio.

A maximum of two to three students per pole is acceptable, especially for introductory group pole dance class.

This gives you time to rest and protects you from being exhausted, but not too much.

With this kind of setup, you can watch your pole partners while they practice pole dance moves.

As you watch your partner, you can have some valuable insights and integrate it with your own technique.

Students often give invaluable feedback to each other as they work together on a pole.

The instructor might not attend to your needs at the same time.

So, all you have to do is to help your group mates.

What’s more important is that you know the ultimate reasons why you take pole dancing classes.

Do you take pole dancing classes for fitness?

Do you want to learn dance routine and great moves?

Whether you are doing it for fitness or to learn the great moves, it’s important that you have an idea about pole to dancer ratio.

How suited is the class for my fitness level?

Pole dancing classes in most countries, provinces, and states follow no standard.

Most students are considered beginners before getting into serious pole dancing activity.

With beginner classes, instructors let students do activities like climbing and one-handed spins during the second section.

Other moves are geared towards the success of a person’s fitness level.

Pole dancing is far more than physical strength enhancement.

Though some students can be physically strong, it still difficult to move gracefully and sensually.

Some students experience difficulty in pole dancing, especially in hand and body coordination.

When you are asking this question over the phone, tell the person you are speaking to about what you are capable of and what you are not.

You can also ask about weight-bearing and moves, as well as the success rate of every student.

It is important to know whether or not your fitness level fits the dance activities to avoid unwanted incidents.

In case the fitness level required goes beyond your capacity, ask for the interventions they will give to help you.

For instance, if you are having struggles with the pole dance moves or other activities, they will allow you to repeat the dance class, and enjoy certain discounts.

Sometimes they also offer free private pole dance lessons to give you extra coaching of the dance lessons, in areas where you are struggling.

They can also provide you with specific exercises so your physical strength will be improved.

Don’t forget to ask if they have a refund/cancellation policy in case you can’t really meet the fitness standard required for the dance class.

Make sure you check out options ahead of time so that when you go to class, you can perform and interact confidently.

What should be worn in class?

You can wear different attire in your pole dance classes depending on the instruction of instructors.

It is best to ask the right attire, so you will be moving comfortably during the class.

If you are just at the beginner level in pole dancing, just dress comfortably in clothes like what you would wear when you are heading to the gym.

Yoga shorts and pants work fine with a workout t-shirt or tops.

You can also wear flexible running shoes for your footwear.

If you are on level 3 in pole dancing, wearing shorts is advisable, so your legs can easily grip the pole.

Keep in mind not to apply gripping lotion on your legs and hands because you will find it difficult to grip the pole.

Pole dance students who are beginners are required to be in their bare feet and comfortable clothing like fitness shorts most of the time.

Some instructors recommend sexy outfits and holographic platform boots or shoes, from the beginning of the dance session.

There is no right uniform so you have to think of the attire that is practical and comfortable for you.

Do you have a refund/cancellation policy?

There are cases that you will not be able to complete the full dance session and you might think of requesting a refund of your payment.

So, asking about the class’ cancellation or refund policy is so important before you sign up.

Instructors are also earning a living with pole dancing classes.

Once you make a reservation you cannot expect a full refund even if you decided not to finish the curriculum, be sure to know what you are entitled to when asking for a refund to avoid confrontation.

The registration fee for the dance class doesn’t mean you already bought the set of 6 classes.

Instead, your spot in a specific six-week session is reserved and no one can take it from you.

Once you are registered for 6 classes, you are guaranteed to avail of 6 pole dancing classes during the duration of the program.

They are not obliged to refund the money once you decided not to continue with one or more classes.

They cannot give that missed slot to someone else, in case you failed to attend the class.

Some instructors or studios allow make-up classes to reduce cases of refunds.

They do this by letting students attend class at a similar level.

However, this may require an additional fee for the flexible option, so there is a need to ask about it prior to your registration with group classes.

In case you really have to drop out of the dance class for medical reasons such as prolonged illness or injury, some dance studios will offer you a pro-rated refund or credit.

However, this offer will be available only from the date after they have been notified.

Take note that it cannot be backdated to the date you became ill or injured.

If this option was made available to you, there is a need to notify the instructor or the dance studio at the soonest possible time so you can get as much refund or credit needed to pay dues.

Group pole dance class is the most popular way of learning pole dance.

For beginners, group class is less expensive compared to training sessions in private.

Learning with the other students and bonding with them can be inspiring to every member of the class.

It can also be a way to reconnect and reunite with your friends if you join a group pole dance class.

There are lots of studios that offer group pole dance lessons, so better find one that offers more convenience to you.

Group pole dancing is definitely something you can love and enjoy!

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