Why You Need Dance Knee Pads For Rehearsals? – Updated Guide 2022

If you are looking for pole dance knee pads to protect your knees when training with this 2022 updated guide will answer all your questions and more.

If you are new to dance in any way then you may not know how easily you can bruise up from one single session. Pole dance can be quite rough on your body you will quickly realize the bruising on your knees, arms and in part of your body where you need to be thought possible.

Looking for the best pole dance knee pads? Then you have come to the right place.

Fortunately, there are multipurpose dance knee pads available online that are cheap and it makes it easy to be prepared to avoid sores, bruising and pain from all the floor work you are doing as a pole dancer

While there are many dance styles like floor work for sensual, exotic and contemporary pole dance where you will absolutely need your own knee pads. Thankfully, finding a good set of pole dance knee pads is not a challenge and will help you curb knee pain.

There is nothing like sliding around the floor doing floor work dance style on the pole to come away scratched, grazed and bruised and for most people this is not a flattering look if you wear dresses and shorts.

So if you would like to keep your knees bruise-less and pain-free then we are going to look into the best dance knee pads available.

The Top 4 Pole Dance Knee Pads

We’ve gone out to mention the top choices from peer to peer reviews from our own account and the account of many other dancers in the industry that trust their knee protection with these products.

Huglo protection pads

They look like a great option for adjustable protection pads and in this instance, it seems like a one size fits all option. Many have said with your traditional knee pads that they may need replacing because some peoples knees get bigger and stronger than they can get a little tight over time, the same goes for losing weight.

I am putting Huglo first because they are adjustable and ergonomic which can be perfect or a failure if you are climbing the pole and they come loose.

Danceyou Sponge Knee Pads

just like your traditional style pads for contemporary, hip hop, belle and more these pads come in a nude invisible look along with a black alternative. A great pair of pads that get the job done and are very affordable that will save you problems with bruising during your rehearsals.

Lion Palace Extra Long Protective Knee pads

With extra padding on the cap of the knee and around the area of the leg, this pair can be useful for certain types of floor work and dance. However, it may not be ideal as they are known to slip and can make your legs feel too warm which can increase sweating and if you have bigger legs and calves then you may find them an issue to put them on and stay on without sliding.

Mighty grip Pole Climbing Knee Pads

if you struggle to climb the pole and grip aids are not helping you then the mighty grip pads may be what you are looking for. They have a non-slip tac outer layer that helps performance against slipping on the pole and is a tougher more durable pad specific for people who have trouble with pole climbs.

The Padding of the knee for floor dance can be a little hard for many because there isn’t much padding against intense floor work however they do help against grazes and bruising on the pole.

It should also be noted that Mightygrip has been rated 1# for the best pole dance pads.

Ideal Multi Purpose Dance Knee Pads For Contemporary Dance, hip hop and Pole Dance

You may find yourself in this unique spot where you have been dancing for years and you bounce to and from contemporary and pole dance which is a great thing. However, if you are just getting your start in contemporary and pole dance then there are a few different styles of knee pads that are essential and others that are not.

There are many types of knee protection on the market and most of them are big and bulky and suit high import sports like football, lacrosse and other types of rough sports activities.

  • Dance knee pads have a slimmer profile to their counterparts and make it easier to hide them underpants and in most cases come in nude colors to make them discrete.
  • There is no one size fits all option — it’s required that you get your size as there is not a one size fits all which can be a little more expensive.
  • Prettier in design — You will find that many types of knee pads look nice and some of them have crosshatch designs with sparkles on the rear of the knee which makes the whole shopping experience completely different.
  • Not used for high impact sports — as mentioned above their knee padding is less bulky and is limited to high impact sports.

Is there a difference between products for Exotic, Belle and Contemporary?

No, many dance knee pads share the same protection and design characteristics that can be used in all matter of dance situations and even gymnastics, cheerleading, yoga and volleyball.


Knee pads can be the make it and break factor in your performance and rehearsals of which can save you bruising and grazes. Many of the best dancers use knee pads as a way of protecting their body and keeping them in top shape for progression.

Now you know what the best knee pads for dancers are, and what you should avoid when you are making the decision to add a pair to your workout bag. If you would like you to read more, check out some of the knee injuries here.


How thick should the knee pad foam be?

The ideal thickness of the foam for effective shock absorption is 0.8cm in thickness for floor work routines.

What materials are pole dance knee pads made from?

Many knee pads are generally made from all the same stretch to fit materials like Nylon and Spandex, velvet for the outer layer to help with stability while you’re on your knees as well as the inside sponge to help with the impact on your knees.

Help with sizing for thick thighs and knees

Its trial and error to find knee pads the are going to be comfortable to wear in pole dance class then I advise buying a few different brand of knee pads from the above suggestions to see which one is best for you.

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