Stripper Dance Class – How Does It Compare To Other Classes in 2024

Stripper dance classes are taken by ladies of 18 years and above.

The classes are conducted by professional instructors who are experienced strippers.

but how do they differ to your regular pole dance class in 2024?

You don’t need prior experience before enrolling as the instructors show a step by step guide on how to do the moves and build your strength,  above all, a firm understanding of pole safety etiquette so you don’t snap anything.

You, however, need to have patience, a carefree attitude, and the willingness to learn and be able to hold back the pain.

Remember pole dance is no easy feat and if you hate bruises, rashes and the idea of your skin feeling like its ripping from the friction from skin to pole, then it may take some time to get acquainted with the discomfort.

Any pain and discomfort in the beginnings will be easier as time goes on.

What will you learn in the Stripper Dance Class?

Once you join the class, you enrol for Level 1 where you are trained on the most basic moves for a stripper.

The moves include; and this is in no particular order.

Many classes teaching the ways of floor work, spins, holds, in

How to give a lap dance

Lap dances are given when the other individual is seated on a chair.

They feel so special and the excitement leaves them drooling for more.

To learn this dance, the trainees are taught the step by step moves with a chair.

This ensures they have enough practice for when they decide to get into the real action.

Shaking your booty with style

Being a stripper requires that you combine different moves for an exciting show.

The classes, therefore, teach booty shaking, sexy floor works, and twerking which is combined with other moves like the lap dance.

While on this, you learn how to become a seductive temptress by mastering how to tease and titillate your audience which will keep them coming for more.

The pole dance

At a glance, the pole dance seems to be very easy.

Although no experience is required to start, this move requires practice and confidence.

During the class, you will learn how to spin and turn on the pole and how to combine the lap dance, shaking your booty with the pole dance for a great performance that can give you a chance for a spotlight.

Equipping yourself with these skills boosts your confidence but can be turned into a business.

How does it compare to other pole dance classes?

Pole dancing has become quite popular and is now enjoyed by both men and women all over the world.

Depending on their style, dancing, or athletic background, there are several types of pole dancing.

We will be looking at how these styles compare to stripper pole dancing.

Pole Fitness /sport Vs Stripper pole dancing

This type of pole dancing mainly focuses on physical strength.

It is more technical and involves a lot of drills.

Dancing moves are very limited with the most focus being on acrobatics.

Due to its popularity, this type of pole dancing was included in the Olympic games attracting competitors from all over the world.

Stripper dance pole on the other hand does not require physical strength to engage in and involves a lot of dance moves aimed at entertaining the audience.

Pole artistic vs Stripper pole dancing

Pole artistic dancers are required to plan a story as well as develop a character.

The dancers should be creative as it focuses on movement and music where the dancer narrates her story through dancing, expression, and acrobatics.

Stripper pole dancers perform mainly for entertainment.

Their moves are not choreographed into details which means they can switch and combine the moves as they wish depending on their audience.

Pole exotic/sexy vs Stripper pole dancing

This type of pole dancing is more sensual.

The dancers can rock high heels and revealing clothes.

Flexibility is more stressed in exotic dancing as opposed to choreographies.

Stripper pole dance has similarities to this type of dancing.

However, stripper pole dancers combine other moves like lap dancing, shaking your booty among others.

Also, it may involve more nudity depending on the club or location.

Risks associated with stripper dance class

Although there are benefits resulting from the stripper dance classes, there are risks associated with the same.

Dancers are exposed to the risk of injury during the classes and studies show that 36.7% of the dancers have sustained acute injuries which include wrist injuries, shoulder dislocation, and muscle injuries during the course of their training.

In addition, at least 80% of the dancers have suffered chronic injuries during their training which mainly occurred during handsprings and twines performance.

The stripper dance classes could also result in burnout which is caused by inadequate rest and recovery after training, physical and emotional stress, and poor nutrition.

Although the symptoms of burnout vary from one candidate to another, the most common signs you should look out for include; feeling fatigued at all times, Insomnia or disturbed sleep, lack or low concentration, decreased enthusiasm to dance, and the inability to recover after dance lessons.

To the moral to the story is that pole dance is a strenuous activity that wears on your body which needs recovery time.

What cautions should you take when attending stripper dance class?

  • To avoid burnout, always ensure that you get enough rest after the class. In case you experience burnout symptoms, please consult a specialist for advice.
  • The stripper class dances should not be taken if you have an injury or when pregnant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to the Stripper dance class?

When attending the classes, comfortable clothes that are not too tight or restrictive are recommended.

These will allow you to perform the moves with ease.

Heels are highly recommended if you want to get the full experience while wearing flip flops is not recommended.

You can also wear sneakers but ensure you have an extra pair of heels for practice.

Will we Strip during the class?


You will not be required to strip during the class.

The instructors will teach you moves and tricks which you will practice during the class while fully clothed.

How long do the stripper dance classes run?

Most classes run for about 30 minutes to 1 hour per session depending on the instructor and the dancer decides on how long they will be training.

These special skills can take anywhere from a few months to 2 years to master and perform like a pro.


Stripper dance classes are rapidly becoming common and have been linked to a number of positive psychological effects.

They are not limited to anyone, but those who want to boost their confidence and learn a few extra skills e.g.

seductive skills will benefit.