Pole Dance Shoe Choice Tips and Tricks – Guide for 2023

If you’re into pole dancing and you want to practice with a pair of pole dance shoes then we have some tips to get them prepared in 2023 (more info here) for your next performance, we’re here to give you some tips on how to get the best fit.

Best types of pole dance shoes

Ankle Straps

heels with ankle straps are great for acts with a lot of inversions and spins.

Make sure you get a pair that really looks gorgeous because shoes get more accentuated to your audience when performing these moves.

If you’re going to perform basic moves only, a cheaper pair will work.

If you just want to get the hang of wearing one during a performance, you can even get one that doesn’t have straps.

A simple high-heels will help you get used to it so you’ll be more than ready when you’re about to perform for a real act.

Just don’t forget to wear something secure and tightly strapped to ensure your footwear won’t go flying around during your performance.

Heavy platform shoes

If you’re a little short, wearing heavy platform heels will drastically increase your height.

They help create an illusion of slimmer and longer legs which can also add to the sexiness of your performance.

The platforms are quite heavy but they also have a few advantages.

For one, because of its weight, it can act as a counter-balance when you’re doing more advanced moves.

You can use it to stabilize your position while you’re hanging on the air while clinging on the dance pole.

Some dance moves involving inversions and spins can put you in a position where one leg is gripping the pole while the other is doing something out there in the air.

It may be hard to maintain balance while in this position but with the help of heavy platform shoes, you may find it easier to shift your weight around.

Always take caution because heavy platforms can also work against you, especially when you’re not yet used to the added weight.

You may be unable to fully control your legs in situations wherein you’re hanging on the pole doing some inversion trick which may lead to minor injuries.

Make sure you have strengthened your leg muscles well enough to handle heavy platform shoes.

Breaking in your shoes in using the ‘Hair dryer’ method

Believe it or not, using your hair dryer on newly purchased shoes can help you get the perfect fit.

To do this, set first your hair dryer to its lowest setting.

Once it’s generating a low amount of heat, point it at the PVC straps on your heels (the one that partly covers your feet).

It may take quite some time but eventually, the plastic straps will shrink a little to your desired size.

Don’t get it too hot.

You don’t want to cause irreparable damage to your shoes.

This trick will work only on plastic, so don’t try this on leather or anything else!

Once the straps start contracting, leave it for a few minutes to cool before you put them on.

It should still be a little hot to allow it to mold to your feet’s shape as it completely cools down.