Pole Dancing vs Stripping vs Pole Fitness – How They Compare in 2024

If you have been wondering what the difference between Pole Fit vs Pole Dancing vs Stripping then we answer all your questions and more.

The world of exotic dancing has become a lot more glamorous these days with the rise of pole schools popping up everywhere from New York City to small-town USA, teaching girls how to get their grind on! It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even open a magazine without seeing something about pole dancing.

Being an exotic dancer myself, I’ve been asked many times if pole-dancing is considered stripping or not.

While the club I work in has poles for dances and classes, we don’t allow customers to touch them during a performance.

In general, most clubs who allow pole dancing consider it more of an artsy-fartsy act rather than stripping.

To keep my job, I can’t discuss the details of why customers are allowed to touch poles; however, it has something to do with getting “stuck” on them during a routine or performance.

What is Pole Dancing?

Pole dancing is a form of performance art.

There are many different dance styles, but there are three things that bind pole dancers together: the apparatus, the outfits and the choreography.

Most pole dancers use a brass or chrome pole that can rotate.

If you’ve ever seen a circus act with people spinning plates on sticks, it’s kind of like that, but there’s no plate.

Different dance styles require different outfits, but many dancers wear skin-tight tops and very short skirts.

Dancers must also choose the right type of shoes for their routines.

What is Stripping?

Stripping is one specific kind of performance art that requires a person to take off their clothes.

Strippers wear costumes and strip to music in a designated area called a stage.

Most strippers perform at gentlemen’s clubs, which have bars and serve alcohol.

Customers pay both the club and the individual dancer for their services.

Stripping is a way of making money that has been enjoyed by women since ancient times, but it has only been legal in the United States since

Pole fitness vs Pole Dancing vs Stripping

Pole dancing, like pole pitness isn’t so much about taking clothes off as it is about the seductive dance moves that a person performs around a vertical metal pole similar to those found in gymnastic or circus training.

Exotic Dancers usually wear revealing clothing, but dancers may choose to perform fully clothed.

What’s the Big Deal?

Pole fitness and pole dancing are not the same thing.

Taking a reputable pole dancing class will give you a great workout, improve your flexibility, grace and balance as well as increase your muscle strength and endurance.

Pole fitness is also good for mind-body coordination, muscle control and concentration as well as self-esteem building.

The Difference between Pole Dancing and Stripping

You do not need to be a sexy person in order to take pole dancing classes.

It is in no way related to stripping or lap dancing.

The dancers in strip clubs are in the business of seduction which is in direct contrast with the stated purpose of a pole fitness studio – i.e., “Pole dance is about strength, not sensuality”.

The pole in a strip club is designed to be used by the stripper who performs for tips.

The pole in a studio can be used by anyone who has enough upper body muscle strength to pull themselves up onto the pole.

Average Earning

On average, strippers make twice as much as pole dancers.

However, most pole dancers who teach and who do gigs for shows big and small do not make a lot of money.

For most it is more of a hobby or side job that pays the bills.

Strippers make twice as much as pole dancers because they dance at a club the pays salery plus tips which can rack up the dancers earnings to $1000 or more in a single night.

With the tradeoff that you are dealing with clients can put your safety at risk.

Average Pole dancers do not make a lot of money because they either teach, run workshops and teach one on one that attends the odd competition here and there.

That said if you are one of the great professional athletes in pole dance then your earnings can go much higher with brand deals, sponsorships, brand ambassadors and even start their own clothing line like Cleo The Hurricane or an online pole dance course like Evgeny Greshilov did with Open Dance Academy.

Pay per gig or Pay per Hour

Strippers make more money at their job than pole dancers because they have a set wage while the dancers are paid for each dance that they give.

Pole dancing is usually done in bars, while stripping tends to take place in clubs.

These factors could greatly affect how much money either type of dancer makes.

If strippers are given a salary, they may not make good money.

If the strippers are paid hourly, however, then they can easily be paid more than pole dancers who only receive tips.

The Dangers Involved with Pole Dancing vs. Stripping

Pole dancing is more dangerous than stripping because it is done without clothing and involves using sharp metal while stripping is not as dangerous because it does not involve sharp objects.

The Environment of Pole Dancing vs. Stripping

Pole dancing is done in bars while stripping takes place in clubs.

These two environments are very different and can affect how much one makes per night.

The environment of the pole dancer will determine what she wears, where she works, and will also affect what she does.

Pole dancing vs.

stripping has many differences based on the salary, environment, danger level, and other factors mentioned above.


Is Pole Dancing Bad?

No, Pole dancing is one of the best fitness procedures that you can take around.

However, Pole dancing and strip dancing are not the same thing.

Does Pole Dance Help Posture?

Yes, there are some Pole dancing fitness styles that can greatly help you with posture and fitness.

For that reason, you should make sure you are ready for the game and have all the requirements.

How Do I learn Pole Dancing?

There are many ways of learning pole dancing.

Among them is to join a recent studio for Pole dancing class.

The other way is to learn Pole Dancing at home through videos and Blogs.