15 Famous Male Pole Dancers of 2024 – Redefining The Stereotypes

If you are a male or female looking for the top male pole dancers of 2024 then check out this round-up of the best male pole dancers in the world.

Pole dancing is more popular with women but that doesn’t mean men can’t join the club.

I know at least 50 male polers who are not only popular but also gifted enough to deserve much praise and public attention.

I can’t list them all, though, so I’ll trim it down to 15, all listed in alphabetical order.

Philip Deal

I know a lot of girls like me who love that unreformed, bad boy who just continues to do their thing, not caring for the norms and approval of the others around him.

You’re looking at one of them:

Philip He’s a dancer specializing in contemporary and classical styles, a yoga teacher, an adult film star (yes, he is), and of course, a medaled pole dancer who’ve competed in several competitions.

Edouard Doye

Edouard has vast training in circus and has worked with the world famous Beijing International Art School.

Now, he’s using his skills by starring in Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna.

Evgeny Grishlov

Evgeny surely is one of the most popular male pole dancers in the world.

He’s known for having a remarkable list of awards and titles and is a familiar face in several competitions where he frequently judges.

He also choreographs dance moves and was able to coach Anastasia Skukhtorova into winning two World Pole Cup awards in a competition held in Rio de Janeiro last 2013.

Kenneth Kao

Kenneth came from a conservative upbringing that’s why being a pole dancer was a difficult obstacle to overcome.

But he did become one anyway, and now he’s an instructor and a decorated, kick-ass performer.

Vladimir Karachunov

After watching a few videos of his performance, I’m surprised he isn’t as famous as the other dancers.

He’s impossibly strong and has plentiful of flawless tricks like the static pole spin which is a very hard routine to do.

He also has a charming and funny personality.

And if these are not remarkable enough to make him an icon, he travels the world to teach and give workshops.

This man simply deserves more attention from the public.

Keem S-Martinez

Keem is the first French champion in pole dancing.

His knowledge and skills in both modern and classical dance, allows him to always stun the audience with spectacular performances.

He also has shared the stage with the infamous comedian Florence Foresti in some shows.

He’s currently in Paris holding pole dancing classes and workshops.

Kazuya Naka

A dancer with a unique style, Kazuya has won several prizes for his astonishing performances.

When plainly performing for an audience and not for a competition with more stringent guidelines, he unleashes his flaring, theatrical makeup and wears costumes that seem to be made for cosplay.

Dimitry Politov

Aside from being crowned as the champion at Pole Art Italy 2015, he’s won a plethora of other titles in different categories.

He’s notorious for being a daredevil with his audaciously wild jumps and tricks on the dance pole.

You’ll really hold your breath in fear and anticipation every time you watch his crazy performances.

Steven Retchless

His winning performance at the Pole Theatre USA 2015 is more than enough to mention him in this list.

His routine back then was really great, but sure enough, there’s more he can showcase in his future performances.

If you’re curious how good he is, watch videos of his acts, including his piece on the show America’s Got Talent.

Daniel Rosen

Daniel is the living proof that even without any background and experience in gymnastics or any kind of dance, you can still top competitions and be the pole dancing champion.
He usually teaches in his own studio in the UK and gives workshops around the country when he’s not busy preparing for a competition.

Saulo Sarmiento

After adding several titles on his belt for winning prominent pole dancing competitions, Saulo successfully joined the Cirque du Soleil troupe to show the world what he can offer.

He’s also known for another craft which is modeling.

Travis Scott (‘The Pole Guy’)

His amazing pole dancing skills, especially while in heels, made it easy for me to put him on the list.

Last 2014, he visited Paris, straight from Australia, to teach his craft.

Unfortunately, not everyone can understand his art.

He’s been featured in Facebook memes for the wrong reasons.


Suwasit is an aerial dance instructor, choreographer, and has performed with Cirque du Soleil and other world-renowned dance troupes on several occasions.

Included in his collection of medals and awards is his ass-kicking award for being hailed by QVegas Magazine as the man with the sexiest butt in Vegas last 2012.

Alex Shchukin

His breakout performance in Ukraine’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ kicked off his career to dizzying heights.

He maintains a well-respected and open-minded blog that tackles topics and issues other pole dancers and the general public don’t often talk about.

Chris Talbot (‘Blue Phoenix’)

This man has both beauty and brains, being a marine biologist with a doctorate degree.

He’s a member of Sydney’s top all-male burlesque group, Aussie Pole Boys, and can often be seen in their show named ‘Voyeur’.

There are many more male pole dancers out there.

Not being included in the list doesn’t make them less skilled.

Maybe some are more popular than the others but that’s not enough to gauge their skills.

Pole fitness is an intense but fun training that’s why it continues to gain popularity worldwide.

If you’re bored in doing traditional gym exercises, you may want to try this one.

Similar to other fitness disciplines, commitment and perseverance are both required to attain proficiency in this exercise and fully enjoy its benefits.

If you would like to meet and greet with these famous male pole dancers and learn their skills, then you are in luck, sometimes they are on tour to conduct pole focused work shops and are showing pole students amazing new tricks.
They also show you how they get better at pole elements as well as guide you through some of their own signature tricks.

Most of these work shops are Range from $100 – $200 per person for group sessions, however it may vary depending on your location.

If you would like to set up a pole workshop with a famous pole dancer then It is highly recommended to get in touch with your closest pole dancing studio to see if they would be interested in setting up a workshop.

In our pole studio we regularly setup and attend these weekend workshops in different countries as well as attend other pole studios who have an event setup which are always fun and very educational.

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