Badkitty.com Pole Dance Store Review

If you’re looking for pole dance clothing that’s based on years of research of dancewear that conveniently covers your private parts and looks amazing then the sportswear from Bad Kitty is the right place to look.

I took a deeper look into Badkitty’s range and essentially did a review of it.

I hope you enjoy 😊

A Brief History

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Shimmy ❤️

Bad Kitty was started back in 2008 by Jack Gaffney and Trisha Stone.

However, it was not until the following year that they started selling pole dancing clothes after they discovered their newfound passion in pole dancing.

Their team studies the motions and movements pole dancers do, as well as the flexibility and durability needed from clothes they wear.

Using this information, Bad Kitty prepares pole dancing clothes with consideration on the following factors:

  • The fabric to use and how perspiration can affect its grip
  • The elasticity of the fabric
  • Where to put seams and where to cut the fabric to maximize skin contact
  • The threads and stitching methods needed for the garment

Bad Kittys reputation enables them to have over a thousand authorized resellers scattered in more than 70 countries worldwide.

The Bad Kitty Product Range

Badkitty polefit wear reviewThey sell a variety of pole dancewear including tops, leggings, bottoms, capris, and several accessories.

The garments they sell are also available in a number of colors and designs.

For upper body clothing, they have shirts, sports bras, off-shoulders, lace-ups, and bralettes.

They also have tank tops, high neck tops, polefit, crop, butterfly, showgirl, wrap, halter, and keyhole top variations.

For bottoms, they have shorts, leggings, capris, pants, brazils, skirts, and fringe belts.

They also have a variety of rompers, bodysuits, bikinis, dresses, sexy sets, and costumes.

They also have a special collection of garments under the names Bad Kitty Street, Bad Kitty Active, Metallic Brazils, Mermaid Bay, Firefly Sanctuary, and Unicorn Land which are all appropriate for themed performances.

If you’re looking for accessories, they have pieces of jewelry, wigs, hats, coats, gloves, leg warmers, tights, and belts.

They also do pole decals, tattoos, makeup, and body art.

Shoes won’t also be a problem.

They have 5-inch up to 10-inch heels, knee-high, thigh-high, and ankle boots, pinup shoes, stilettos, and wedges in their inventory.


Thier Reputation

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Carlie Hunter

You’ll never run out of options as Bad Kitty offers a wide variety of designs and colors of clothes to choose from.

They have unique designs and they also offer sexy costumes and playful dresses.

People commend the manufacturer’s effort to stitch additional panels on the sides of their brazils.

This covers the entire crotch to prevent gapping and avoid private parts from peeking out.

Their shorts are also well-suited even for those with a bigger booty.

Whatever your chest size is, Bad Kittys garments can give you a sexy and alluring look on the dance pole.

Women who felt insecure wearing sexy pole dancing clothes because of their flat chest and small hips stopped feeling worried when they wore garments from Bad Kitty.

The sizes of their clothes are quite small for some, though.

Owners who had trouble getting the right fit suggest you buy a bigger size to make sure the clothes will fit your body nice and tight.

Although they have several sizes available, women who are thin and petite may have trouble finding sizes that will snuggly fit their bodies.


Brand Ambassadors

Bad Kitty has a lot, as in a lot, of brand ambassadors.

Here are some of them:

Lou Landers
This Miss Pole Dance Australia Finalist has been into pole dancing since 2006 and has already won several awards in national competitions.

Charlee Shae Wagner
This All-Star Cheerleader from Ogden, Utah won the National Aerial Pole Arts 2013 along with other competitions held in the past few years.

Lindsay Green
This self-taught pole dancer placed in several competitions including the 2009 and 2010 seasons of the US Pole Dance Federation (USPDF) West Coast Finals.

With the company’s solid reputation, its no wonder many are lining up to promote their brand.


My conclusion

brazillian booty shorts for poleWith the sheer number of products offered by Bad Kitty, you’ll get tired browsing through their entire collection.

They have tops, bottoms, accessories, and even shoes in stock.

This is actually a good thing because it means you’ll never run out of options, whatever type of performance you’re planning to be in.

The only negative thing about their garments is their sizes.

There are a number of owners who suggest that you get a bigger size because the sizing of Bad Kittys clothes may be different from the ones you’re familiar with.

Also, petite ones may have trouble looking for a pole dancing cloth from Bad Kitty that will fit their size.