RAD Pole Wear Pole Dance Clothing Store Review

If you’re looking for pole dancing clothes that don’t shy away from showing your sexy curves, the apparels from RAD will surely suit your taste.

They specialize in creating sexy swimwear and sportswear suitable for all kinds of activities.

Know more about their collection as you read on.


A Brief History

It was one summer night when Evridiki Valavani jokingly said something to her friend Amalia Roussou about starting their own pole wear brand.

In 2013, the mere joke became a legitimate online business when they started introducing stylish pole dancing clothes to the market.

They’ve now become trendsetters with hundreds of thousands of followers worldwide.

RAD’s base of operations is located in Athens, Greece and from there, they ship their products anywhere in the world.

Their Products

RAD designs swimwear and sportswear that can be used in yoga, pole dancing, surfing, and other fitness sports.

Their theme revolves around providing quality and comfortable clothes that flaunt your body’s sexiness.

For sportswear, they have sports tops, shorts, one-pieces, leggings, and bodysuits.

For swimwear, they have bikinis available in different colors.

They also sell casual apparel like shirts, hoodies, loose tees, sweatshirts, and jumpers.

Their catsuits, vests, and ballet cardigans are excellent for pole dancing performances.

They also have a clothing line with a lingerie theme.

They also sell accessories for the legs like socks and leg warmers, bracelets for your arms, and hats for your head.



The company’s goal in creating clothes that veer towards the sexy side has caught the attention of thousands of pole dancers and aerial fitness performers.

The gorgeous designs of their sportswear can be used in other activities aside from pole dancing, making their apparel more versatile.

They also have a wide range of sizes that will surely fit customers whether they’re petite or plus size.

There have been no complaints from their customers with regards to shipping.

They use a very fast courier that’s able to deliver orders within 1-4 business days.

However, orders from remote areas that are really far from Greece may take up to 20 working days to get shipped.


Brand Ambassadors

Known athletes and professionals in the pole dancing industry have presented themselves to become the brand ambassadors of RAD.

Here are a few of them:

Maddie Sparkle
Maddie is a former gymnast with over a decade of experience in pole dancing.

She has competed in a number of national contests in Australia.

Aside from teaching pole dancing, she spends her time designing new costumes for the sport.

Alex Shchukin
Alex holds many pole dancing titles under his belt, with 7 of those from world championships.

He’s also a professional choreographer for TV shows, a break dancer, and a circus school owner. 

Alethea Austin
This pole dance champion is also the owner of The Chrome Bar studio.

This multi-awarded performer also guests as a judge in international competitions and is the author of pole dancing tutorials available in DVDs.

The other ambassadors are not to be trifled with either.

Their reputation as performers, TV personalities, and as judges in international competitions prove how reliable RAD is in creating sportswear.


RAD is the right brand for those who want to wear stylish clothes that will help release their feisty side.

RAD’s styles and designs are very versatile that you can wear them in other sports activities aside from pole dancing; some can even be worn as swimwear and part of casual wear.

In terms of shipping, they have one of the fastest shipping services on their side so expect your orders to be delivered right away.

Overall, they’re one of the most reliable manufacturers of pole dancing clothes you can find online.