Dragon Fly Pole Dance Store Review

If you’re looking for stylish, quality pole dancing clothes that are quick to dry and have antibacterial properties, Dragonfly is the right store to look into.

Get to know them more as you read on.

A Brief History

DragonFly pole dance store reviewThe gentle but fearless nature of the dragonfly is the inspiration for the Dragonfly brand.

This shows in the colorful designs and superior quality of their products.

Dragonfly’s aim is to provide affordable, quality clothing for pole dancing, Bikram hot yoga, and other exercises.

Each piece of clothing undergoes hand-cutting before they’re pieced together using industrial sewing machines.

All items undergo manual quality checking to ensure excellence in their products.

The company’s products are manufactured in the Czech Republic where their headquarters is located.

Their Products

The fabric they use in their clothes is made of micro-polyamide with a soft inside lining.

This allows them to create soft, thin, and elastic garments without sacrificing firmness and opacity (not see-through).

Athletes who wear their clothes can freely move around even though the clothes perfectly fit the shape of their body.

The clothes are made for everyday use and they quickly dry in a few hours.

For women’s clothes, they have sports and fitness bras, shorts, leggings, frilled pants, frilled tops, lycra leggings, tube tops, and tank tops.

For men, they have lycra shorts and fitness boxers in their inventory.

They also have a special line called the Diamond Line Swarovski which features tops and bottoms for women.

Dragonfly also sells accessories like back warmers, yoga mats, and caps.


review of Dragonfly pole dance clothesAccording to reviews from customers, the quality and fit of their apparels are top-notch.

Even though they’re fairly thin and soft, they’re not see-through so you can rest assured body parts that shouldn’t be seen will remain hidden.

Their tank tops, for one, come with a built-in bra and bra cups so you don’t have to worry about wearing a separate piece of clothing.

You may have tried adjusting your fitness clothes from time to time because they either slip off or roll up your body.

Customers didn’t experience this with clothes from Dragonfly.

All they need to do was wear it and simply forget about it since the clothes stay in place even after doing activities requiring intensive movements.

Aside from being comfy to wear, garments from Dragonfly also perfectly fit the shape of your body without constraining your movements.

Overall, you won’t find anything bad about the quality of the products they provide.

Customers also commend the company’s fast delivery and great customer service.

The company’s staff are very active in social media and they usually reply to customer’s queries within the day.

A few users, though, had trouble with their products not being shipped on time because of stock issues.

This happens rarely and on occasions like this, it’s a good thing their representatives are swift in calming down customers by assuring them with updates on their orders.

Dragonfly’s products are shipped worldwide.

They also sell their products in bulk to wholesalers and retailers.

Dragonfly follows a strict 30-day return policy on new, unwashed, and unused clothes.



Dragonfly is one of the best shops for pole dancing and fitness clothes.

Their apparels are made of specialized materials that keep their clothes comfy to wear without sacrificing design and durability.

Clothes from other brands become see-through when stretched but not the garments from Dragonfly.

This makes customers feel more secure wearing Dragonfly clothes when they’re on the pole or on the yoga mat.

A few users, though, had issues with their orders not being in stock.

Before you place your order, you can just email or call the company to ensure they have stocks of the item you plan to buy.