Mika Yoga wear Store Review – Is it worth it?

If your taste for yoga and pole dancing clothes is geared towards unique styles, laced with love and passion from their makers, the products of Mika Yoga Wear will surely suit your palate.

Know more about the brand and how their passion brought new flavors into the fitness clothing industry as you read on.

A Brief History

mika yoga wear reviewMika’s goal is to create affordable and freshly designed workout clothes for women that will make them feel confident and beautiful.

Its concept came to life when its founder, Laura Costa, was practicing Bikram Yoga in a center in Mexico back in 2008.

One day in class, while practicing wearing a swimsuit she got for $50 in a market, a photographer snapped a shot of her.

Weeks later, she found her picture in a magazine and the photo was greatly praised.

This inspired her to make yoga outfits with a sexy twist based on swimwear which later on gave birth to the Mika clothing line.

Laura and her husband spent years managing their small clothing business and in 2013, they were able to build their own factory in Peru.

From their humble beginnings of working in a garage for years, the Costa family is now able to ship their products worldwide from their headquarters in Denver, Colorado.


Their Products

Mika sells a wide variety of clothes and accessories that cater to both men and women customers.

For women, they have a number of designs and prints for their tops and bras.

They also have long-sleeved variations of these products.

For bottoms, they have side string shorts, fold over shorts, pants, and leggings.

They also have a collection that uses their signature Perfit fabric and Peruvian Pima Cotton.

They also have a unique set of cozy workout dresses you can use as casual wear.

Since their designs are inspired by swimwear, it’s no surprise to find bodysuits in their list of apparel.

For men, they offer pants and shorts designed to handle sweaty activities.

Mika also sells accessories like leg warmers, headbands, undies, scarfs, purses, ponchos, towels, and their very own Mika Yoga mats which feature incredible designs.

They also have jewelry like malas, rings, necklaces, and bracelets.



yoga clothes from mika yoga storeMika’s clothes, in general, are comfortable to wear, fit well, and have stylishly sensual designs.

They’re made of high-quality fabric that’s stretchable yet durable so that the clothes don’t become see-through even when stretched.

Many customers like the drawstrings on some of the shorts, especially the Mikaela and Lucia lines, as they give better flexibility in terms of fit and style.

Although the items are quite pricey, customers didn’t have problems with their purchases.

They got the quality they paid for along with excellent customer service and fast order delivery.

Since their designs are inspired by swimwear, customers also use them as bathing suit.

The style of their clothes is really meant for hot yoga but this means they’re also great to wear for pole dancing.

The only bad rep they got is with their yoga mats.

Customers said their yoga mats don’t have good grip which is one of the most important factors people look for in mats.


Brand Ambassadors

They don’t have celebrities or known artists modeling for their apparels.

They prefer to showcase their clothes when they’re worn by everyday women like their staff, friends, and new customers they meet in their studio.

This helps them empower women by showing how everyone can look confidently beautiful wearing their garments.


Mika’s products feature sensual designs fit for hot yoga and pole dancing.

They’re quite pricey compared to other brands but you get the quality you pay for.

They use fabric that’s stretchable but doesn’t become see-through even when stretched, making their apparel perfect for bending and stretching motions.

If you’re ready to shell out a little more to get high-quality sportswear, might as well consider clothes sold by Mika Yoga Wear because they’re made to withstand intensive exercises like pole dancing.