Pole Dance Shorts All Dancers Need – The Ultimate Guide 2024

In need of some fun and sexy pole dance shorts or yoga hot shorts?

then this is the updated 2024 guide.

I have compiled a list that should be on many pole dancers’ radar.

Just like in any other sport, pole dancers need a set of outfits to make their workouts better and more efficient.

What’s even better, you can use these same shorts for Yoga, pilates and gym and they’ll cover all your private parts and are super comfortable and easy on the skin as you work out.

EttelLut - Sexy Booty...
Acceptable for Pole Class
EttelLut - Sexy Booty...
Acceptable for Pole Class

But what’s the difference between pole dancing shorts & yoga hot shorts and ordinary gym shorts?

Well, the difference between regular gym shorts Vs pole dance shorts is that gym shorts are typically baggy and pole dance booty shorts are tighter to the skin preventing your private parts from being exposed and doesn’t restrict your movement on the pole.

Yoga hot shorts are virtually the same fit and feel with a different design.

Why Pole Dancers Need Shorts?

Pole dance shorts are designed to cover parts of your body that shouldn’t be exposed to your audience during a performance.

They help prevent bruising and friction burns on sensitive areas while exposing the right amount of skin to ensure your grip on the dance pole.

Pole dance shorts are made of sweat-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry even when you’re working out.

They’re also usually made of spandex which snuggly fits your body, preventing the fabric from getting in the way when you twist and turn on the dance pole.

The Best Pole Dance Shorts

The best pole dance shorts are those that provide not only protection and comfort but also have a trendy design that will add flair to your performance.

We’ve listed best pole dance shorts with these criteria and you can readily buy them online.

Typically all good quality pole dance shorts are made from Lycra which gives them a secure, stretchy and comfortable fit that flows with the movement of your body as you dance.

The last thing you want is shorts that ride up, restrict your movement and give you a bad dancing experience.

I have chosen a list of reliable pole dance shorts and an assortment of fun and sexy bottoms that you can add to your gym bag.

And best of all they are affordable and they are reliable fits for all kinds of shapes.

CROSS1946 Sexy High-Waist Women’s Bikini

The CROSS1946 is made of polyamide and elastane to provide the best elasticity and comfort.

The fabric is easy to clean and it dries quickly.

The ruched cut creates a sexy retro vibe similar to a swimsuit.

Simply put, the fashionable CROSS1946 helps bring out the sexiness in you while working out on the dance pole.

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  • It comes with a panty liner
  • High-quality materials were used
  • Fits snuggly to any body shape


  • Some say it fits tighter than it should
  • Weird sticky feeling on the butt part
  • It doesn’t go well for those who have a large body build

Helisopus Women’s Athletic Shorts

The Helisopus Shorts is made of imported spandex and polyester which don’t absorb sweat as much as cotton does.

It’s breathable and it’s designed to perfectly fit the contours of your body.

It can be used in various sports activities like yoga, pole dancing, running, or it can be used as your daily wear.

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It is a machine and hand-washable.

You don’t have to worry about it getting deformed in the process.


  • Snuggly fits your body
  • Cute design
  • Available in different colors


  • Seams on the crotch feel weird
  • Picking the right size for you can be tricky
  • The fabric is thin and a bit of see-through

EttelLut Booty Fold-Over Shorts

The EttelLut Booty Shorts is made of premium quality cotton and spandex for a soft and comfortable fit.

The regular waist cut and overall style of this booty shorts make it a versatile outfit.

Aside from its use in yoga exercises, running, Zumba, and pole dancing, the shorts can also be used as casual wear.

It’s available in a wide variety of colors to fit your preferences.


  • Available in a wide array of colors
  • Breathable fabric that’s comfy to wear any time of the day
  • Versatile style that you can wear outside workout activities


  • Shorts roll up when you move
  • Black band at the top is too thick
  • It’s almost as short as an underwear

Kamo Fitness High-Waist Hot Yoga Shorts Shorts

The Kamo Fitness Yoga Shorts is made of high-quality fabric that’s sweat-wicking, stretchable, breathable, and non-see-through.

The combination of polyester and spandex makes this pole dancing shorts comfortable to wear.

Additionally, Kamo Fitness offers an exceptional, no-questions-asked refund/replacement service in case you don’t like the product.


  • You can feel the excellent fabric quality when you wear it
  • Superb customer service from the merchant
  • Fabric is thick but not obtrusive


  • Sizing can be tricky, so it’s recommended to go for a lower size
  • Limited colors available
  • Can be uncomfortable to wear for those with tummies

Micosuza Classical Women’s Board Shorts

The Micosuza Classical Women’s Board Shorts is made of a mix of nylon and spandex to provide a breathable and quick-dry outfit.

It’s one of the few pole dancing shorts that has a 50+ UV protection feature.

These comfy board shorts have adjustable ties at either hip, allowing you to alter the tightness of the leg hole as you see fit.

This pole dancing shorts can also be used in swimming, diving, and sunbathing activities.

It’s available in a variety of vibrant colors that will surely fit your style.

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  • Thick and not see-through
  • Cute style
  • The versatile outfit you can partner with any top


  • Sizing can be confusing
  • Fabric gets stained easily
  • Butt area can be a bit tight

COCOSHIP Women’s High Waist Side Straps Bikini

The COCOSHIP Women’s High Waist Side Straps Bikini is made of a combination of nylon, spandex, and lycra.

It’s a fully-lined, high-waist bikini with peek-a-boo side straps and a scrunch butt for a sexier style.


  • The right amount of cheekiness
  • Thong-like behind makes the bikini look less granny
  • Generally good fit


  • The proportion of the bikini might be weird to some wearers
  • Gets a bit loose when wet
  • Not suitable for petite women

iHeartRaves High-Waist Rave Bottoms

The iHeartRaves Rave Bottoms is made of stretchable and breathable fabric for a form-fitting and comfortable outfit.

Its sexy and versatile design can match any outfit you pair it with.

It can be used in sports activities like pole dancing but it is best worn in parties, festivals, and other events.

It’s available in a wide array of patterns and colors.


  • A huge variety of cute designs to choose from
  • Very stylish and sexy
  • Fits snuggly to almost any body size


  • The zipper can be a bit of a problem
  • Leg holes are pretty tight
  • Getting the right size can be challenging

iHeartRaves Metallic Booty Shorts

The iHeartRaves Metallic Booty Shorts is made of 100% polyester for maximum durability and comfort.

Its shiny finish is best used for dancing and exercising.

It can also be used as a part of the outfit you wear in parties, music festivals, and clubs.

Since it’s made of polyester, you can machine wash or tumble dry it without worrying about the shorts cracking or its color fading.


  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Fabric is stretchy and comfy to wear
  • Sexy and stylish fit


  • They’re a bit shorter than the usual booty shorts
  • Color fades after several washes
  • Fabric is not breathable

iHeartRaves High-Waist Booty Shorts

The iHeartRaves Booty Shorts is made of nylon and spandex to create a stretchable but comfortable fit.

The high-waist cut is partnered with a cheek scrunch back to help show off your asset.

These booty shorts are perfect for pole dancing although they can also be used as a normal swimwear.

Be careful with cleaning it because the shorts are only suited for hand washing.

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  • It’s available in a variety of colors, including a metallic hologram design
  • Comfortably hugs your figure
  • High-quality materials used


  • The elastic on the scrunch butt can be too tight and uncomfortable to wear
  • Too thin that it’s almost see-through
  • Lining can be a bit itchy

iHeartRaves Women’s Booty Shorts

The iHeartRaves Booty Shorts is a low-rise short made of breathable and elastic fabric for optimum comfort.

Its sassy fit is best for dancing, exercising, yoga, and other sports activities.

It’s offered in a variety of designs which make it also a perfect outfit for parties, concerts, and events that require sexy clothing.


  • High-quality fabric used in manufacturing
  • Cute designs available
  • They fit just like your underwear


  • Sizes and fit are in favor of petite women
  • Seams are too obvious
  • There’s a tendency for the cloth to roll up as you move around

bspolewear Brazil Shorts

The bspolewear Brazil Shorts is made with elastic and breathable fabric for a more comfortable fit.

It’s specially designed for pole dancing but it can also be worn for different activities.

The shorts can be hand or machine-washed.

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  • Perfect fit
  • Good sizing
  • Made of high-quality fabric


  • Might be too cheeky for some
  • A bit expensive compared to other pole dancing shorts
  • Seams at the back don’t look that strong
EttelLut - Sexy Booty...
Acceptable for Pole Class
EttelLut - Sexy Booty...
Acceptable for Pole Class


Pole dancing shorts should not only be made from quality materials but also exhibit a stylish design that will appeal to your pole dancing performance.

Many of the pole dance shorts we’ve listed can also be worn outside your workout activities, making them a versatile must-have in your wardrobe.

They’re available in different colors and patterns suited to your taste.


Are pole dance shorts available for a full-figured woman?

Yes, you can find larger short sizes that are applicable for pole dancing through the links above where you can navigate to a size that meets your needs.

Wearing jogging shorts acceptable for pole dance class?

Jogging shorts are not acceptable on their own because they are baggy and don’t cover your private parts.

Wearing joggers in pole dance class requires that you also wear underpants/g-string along with compression shorts to make it acceptable.