Essential Online Workout Programs For Pole Dancers for 2024

if you are looking for online workout programs then you will love these programs we have reviewed to help you keep yourself at peak performance while staying at home.

So what are the best online programs in 2024 we have answered all your questions and more.

Do you want to improve your physical fitness but cannot attend actual classes?

Some of us may be too busy with work and don’t want to spend the extra time travelling to the gym just to get physically fit.

Good thing that there are online classes you can take at the comfort of your home.

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Lessons from professionals
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Lessons from professionals
Regularly updated
Beginner to Intermediate
Lessons from professionals
Regularly updated
Beginner to Intermediate

Whether you’re a pole dancer or a simple individual who just wants to live a healthier life, an online workout program is a favourable option to consider when you’re on a tight schedule.

We’ve listed the best online fitness programs you can subscribe to for purposes like weight loss, body sculpting, intensive workout, and pole dancing.

The Top-Rated Workout Programs For Instant Weight Loss

Here are Fitness Programs for Losing Weight, also check out the best online pole dance courses here.

2 Week Diet

2 Week Diet guarantees weight loss faster than anything you’ve encountered.

They promise to eliminate stubborn fats through their 2-week diet plan that’s easy to follow.

Everything you need for this online fitness program is available for download.

In a matter of 2 weeks, you can expect the following results:

  • Shed off 4kg to 8kg of body fat
  • Dropdown up to 3 dress sizes from your current size
  • Trim down your waistline by 2-4 inches
  • Reduced cellulite buildup
  • Reduced cholesterol levels
  • Younger looking skin and hair
  • A healthier metabolism
  • Better endurance

The 2 Week Diet comes with a Launch Handbook which details the science behind the program.

There’s also the Diet Handbook which contains recipes and menus that will help burn your fats away.

The Activity Handbook will help you plan out your workout routine.

Lastly, the Motivation Handbook will help break through mental challenges that prevent you from reaching your fitness goals.

All these handbooks are available in a downloadable PDF format.


  • You will lose weight the proper way
  • You’ll be able to keep yourself from gaining more weight after the program
  • Has a money-back guarantee


  • Some may prefer a more visual approach like online videos instead of reading a book to know what to do
  • You have to understand the science behind to effectively choose the right food to eat
  • No community to talk to

Price: $37

Bikini Body Workout

In only under 60 days, you can get a bikini body through this online workout program.

You don’t have to be too self-conscious and you’ll regain your confidence back once you complete this program.

You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve with this workout plan as many people who’ve taken the Bikini Body Workout program has given it a 4-star rating for the fast results.

The Bikini Body Workout is one of the few online fitness programs that allow you to eat all your favourite foods guilt-free with a few exceptions to the diet rule of “moderation” and stops food cravings dead in its tracks so you can reach your body-shaping goals with ease.

The workout program is so effective and enjoyable that you might even get addicted to it.

Unlike other fitness plans which can overgrow your muscles, this one program buffs them just the right amount to achieve a sexy, feminine physique.


  • Affordable fitness program
  • A nutritional plan is included in the package
  • Exercises are easy to understand and follow


  • It requires minimal gym equipment like dumbbells and resistance bands
  • The workout may recommend the intake of supplements which adds to your expenses
  • No cheat day

Price: $30

Fitness Programs for Pole Dancers

Can’t attend a pole dancing class?

Don’t worry, there are online fitness programs designed to teach you pole dancing from home.

Learning pole dancing by yourself can be challenging, especially when there’s no one to correct you on your form and movements, however with the help of some online pole dance programs they give you all the tips and tricks on to reach your pole dance goals.

There are a few online fitness programs that will teach you in great detail how to modal each move to perfection.

They show you the correct techniques on how to move, spot yourself without the need of a pole dance instructor in the room.

Danna’s Online Pole Dancing Course

Danna is a certified pole dancer and has experience in doing ballet, jazz, lyrical, and other dance forms.

Through her online fitness program, you can learn how to pole dance and get in your best shape at the same time.

This online workout program offers more than 130 courses you can access for a lifetime.

Lessons for beginner to advanced performers are available and they’re all presented in clear and concise videos.

Moreover, you can email Danna herself if you have questions regarding the courses.


  • Bonus content provided when you subscribe
  • Affordable pricing
  • You can get in touch with Danna directly and receive personal feedback from her
  • Covers warm-up and conditioning exercises


  • Lessons can be a but unchallenging for experienced dancers
  • Need to add more tips on how to properly perform the demonstrated techniques
  • There’s only one instructor so you may have to wait your turn to get an answer

Price: $47

Open Dance Academy

Open Dance Academy is one of the online workout programs that offer a vast collection of lessons hosted by renowned pole dancing champions like Yvonne Smink, Maddie Sparkle, Evgeny Greshilov, and other professionals idolized in the community.

For only one-time payment you get lifetime access to over 450 online lessons from the best pole dancers in the world.

Presented in full HD format you get an in-depth walkthrough of each pole dance move.

Bear in mind, these pole dancers are famous world champions, they teach their signature moves that look impossible to watch and you get a full step-by-step breakdown of each move to learn what’s involved.

Open Dance Academy’s courses are segmented according to your skill level, so you’ll surely learn something new whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or an expert pole dancer.

You can access the videos on-demand, anytime and on any device thanks to their online application for iOS and Android.

Check out the Open Dance Academy here


  • Courses for every level are available
  • Sessions are well-explained and include tips on how to properly perform each move
  • Affordable rate compared to an actual pole dancing class


  • Lack of real-time feedback on your performance
  • Learning on your means you have to purchase all the necessary equipment to properly perform the moves
  • Some videos are repetitions of a certain move but taught by a different trainer and this can confuse some users

Price: $40 to $350

123poling’s pole dance courses offer a plethora of pole dance content that’s aimed at beginners to improve their technique and to become more confident on the pole.

It’s a full A to Z course from pole dance warm-ups, strength workouts, Pole combos, transitions and even challenges.

With over 650+ video’s and a plethora of different topics, for only $19 per month, you will be able to confidently learn from home without the need of an expensive pole dance class subscription.

123poling also has a support group of instructors and pole dance peers to help motivate you and point you in the right direction to help you reach your pole dance goals in time.

And that’s what I love about this program, its support community behind 123poling makes you a better pole dancer thanks to the active forums of members encouraging each other, posting pole progress and critic sessions.

123polings challenges are a great little module to challenge your technique and skill that will break you into reaching your pole dance milestones quicker.

Read the full 123poling review here


  • Organised content for beginners, intermediate and advanced pole dancers
  • Easy to understand explanations
  • Quality HD production
  • Cancel any time subscription service


  • The community seems unstructured at times due to its Facebook group environment

Price: $100 for 12 months or $19 monthly subscription fee

Studio Veena Online Pole Dancing Lessons

Studio Veena is one of the first-ever online programs that started the utilization of remote video courses to teach students from around the world about pole dancing.

However their lessons have since drifted apart from the newest competing programs.

They have an active forum community where StudioVeena members can get together and chat about pole dance technique, encouragement and show their progress.

So if you are on the fence about giving StudioVeena’s courses a chance then you may want to explore the other programs featured on this page before making the decision.

Check out the Studio Veena Review here


  • Videos are shot in mirror view, allowing you to see the performed tricks from all angles
  • Excellent step-by-step instructions for beginners
  • Covers proper positioning, technique, and form
  • Offer helpful discussions among fellow pole dancers


  • It’s designed for beginners in pole dancing so experienced dancers may find this online workout program unhelpful
  • Only one instructor for the whole program
  • Focuses more on the techniques and not on the dance and the overall performance
  • Buggy platform

Price: $100 for a year, $20 for 30 days

General Fitness Programs

For those looking for online fitness programs that tackle everything of interest, we’ve listed those that offer a wide variety of workout activities you can do at home.

Booya Fitness

Booya Fitness offers the ultimate online fitness program with a wide range of classes offered.

They have HIIT exercises, dance, pilates, kickboxing, body sculpting, sports conditioning, yoga, and a lot more other workout methods you can try at home.

The good news is that 75% of the classes they offer can be performed with only a yoga mat as the equipment.

Having a piece of good workout music is important to get you pumped up and Booya Fitness knows about this.

This is why they set a live stream of upbeat pop music to accompany your routine and keep you energetic throughout each session.


  • Detailed exercise plans
  • Themed workout plans to suit specific fitness targets
  • Free classes are given every day even if you’re not subscribed


  • Workouts are a bit too easy
  • You won’t receive any feedback for questions raised
  • App has no way of tracking the calories burned

Price: $10 per month, $27 for 3 months, or $100 per year


Cody is a mobile app where you can take yoga lessons from more than 2,500 online classes with varying degrees of difficulty and style.

It has a very accommodating and helpful community where you can ask questions and get support from fellow students and professionals alike.

Cody offers one of the most affordable online workout programs today.

You can access it on any device, anytime, and anywhere even if you’re not connected to the internet.


  • Loads of content available
  • It’s connected to social media platforms for easier content sharing
  • The app is easy to navigate


  • Programs run slow
  • Videos are a bit chatty
  • Many of the exercises require you to have a strong body beforehand which is an idea not taught in this online fitness program

Price: $20

Daily Burn

Daily Burn has over 1,000 classes in its library, with exercises suitable for beginner to expert levels.

They’re all headed by professional trainers credible to teach their specialties.

The length of classes vary from 10 minutes to an hour, so you have the option to choose whichever suits your free time.

Once subscribed, you can stream a variety of classes on any device.

This online fitness program offers a 30-day free trial so you can get a feel of what the course offers.


  • Massive database of workout activities
  • Many workouts are friendly to beginners
  • Most of the exercises will require you only to use your weight
  • Tracks your activities and present them with nice visuals


  • Some things are not thoroughly explained in the videos
  • Videos are heavy so you need a strong and stable internet connection
  • Poor customer service

Price: $20 per month and a premium package that costs $27 per month.

Jillian Michaels – My Fitness

Jillian Michaels is one of the coaches in The Biggest Loser TV show.

She has years of experience as a fitness trainer and now she’s sharing it with the help of a mobile app.

This personal trainer app provides a variety of interactive workouts suitable to all individuals from beginner to advanced levels.

It features a personalized workout routine made from a combination of hundreds of unique exercises.

You can also play your choice of music while doing the workout plan, allowing you to enjoy the session better.

The app can also be synchronized with Bluetooth speakers and heart rate monitors on your fitness band for better tracking.

The app provides a combination of workout and diet plans that will help you reach your weight loss goals.

The diet plans on the app have been developed in collaboration with dieticians and professional chefs so you’re guaranteed they’ll taste good and be healthy to eat at the same time.

When you subscribe to the online fitness program, you’ll receive eating guidelines, meal recipes, shopping lists, and a lot of other stuff you need to be smart about if you want to achieve your fitness goals.

Vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians need not worry about the meal plans because there are recipes designed to fit their diet without sacrificing the efficiency of the whole fitness program.


  • Flexible pricing
  • Most of the exercises don’t require equipment
  • App provides a lot of information on your progress


  • Premade fitness program that can’t be customized according to the goal you want to achieve
  • The app is pricey compared to other online fitness programs
  • The app still has some bugs that need to be fixed

Price: $15, $30, or $100, depending on the plan you applied for

Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson has many studios located in Los Angeles, New York, and London.

If you’re not near these areas, you can still access Tracy Anderson’s fitness plans through an online workout program that provides the same experience offered to studio participants.

This online fitness program offers two kinds of classes: the Dance Cardio Class and the Muscular Structure Class.

Separate classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced fitness enthusiasts can also be found on the website.

New content is published weekly so you’ll never experience a plateau.


  • Detailed instructions that are easy to follow
  • The plan contains many delicious recipes
  • It can be applied by anyone at the comfort of their homes


  • Workouts are made more for women than men
  • The course is more expensive than other online fitness programs
  • The intensive workout plan might be unrealistic to follow due to the length of the exercises

Price: $90 for the monthly subscription and $810 for the annual membership

Online Yoga Classes

Yoga is one of the exercises you can do at home.

It’s important to train both your mind and spirit along with your body to live a fully healthy life.

Here are online yoga classes you can try out.


Gaia offers the best online workout program for yoga.

The website provides the classes in fun themes suitable to your mood or situation.

Exercises under the “Simple Yoga for Stressful Times” and “Twist Your Way to Bliss” will surely satisfy your cravings for a full-body workout.

Gaia offers two payment options to access their website.

You can pay either the monthly or the annual membership, with the latter being the better option because of the discounted rate.

Once you’re subscribed, you can freely access all the contents on any device whenever and wherever you want to.


  • You can cancel the plan anytime when you’re unsatisfied with the program
  • Yoga requires no equipment to perform, allowing you to do it wherever there’s space enough for you to move
  • Tons of content for an affordable price


  • Too many choices that you might get confused about where to start
  • Some content seem irrelevant
  • The added documentaries and films can be distracting

Price: $10 per month


Yoga Burn for Women

Yoga may seem like a less active workout but it burns serious fat when done properly.

Yoga Burn for Women will teach you how to get the best out of this kind of workout.

You’ll learn the routines that will help boost your metabolism and give shape to your body.

In addition to these, you’ll learn how to avoid the most common mistakes people make which lead to injury and even weight gain.


  • Simple and guided explanation on each video makes it easy for anyone to follow the steps discussed
  • You can digitally download the sessions so you can take it with you even if you don’t have an internet connection
  • Very affordable package


  • Not everyone will have the patience to follow the program for 12 weeks
  • Classes are said to last for 45 minutes but they’re 15-minute videos you play 3 times
  • Poses are designed mostly for beginners so advanced practitioners may find the online fitness program boring

Price: $37

Yoga Glo

Nourishing your wellbeing is as important as training your body to handle physical stress.

Yoga Glo is one of the online fitness programs that focus on meditation and inner workouts in addition to physical activities.

Yoga Glo offers a range of videos featuring all sorts of meditative exercises.

Lengths vary from 5 up to 120 minutes and include a mix of slow and fast-paced exercises.

By including this kind of activity in your workout routine, you’ll holistically develop your whole body.


  • The staggering amount and variety of yoga classes available
  • Very affordable membership
  • Classes are headed by yoga professionals


  • No annual payment option to get discounted rates
  • You need high-speed internet to load the videos
  • The Android app is difficult to use

Price: $18/month

A mixture of Studio and Online Class – Classpass

Classpass is an online fitness program that lets you access thousands of workouts, from cycling and barre to boxing and yoga.

The mobile app allows you to freely customize your workout schedule and book classes in an instant.

You can also view the ratings and reviews per class to know which one fits your criteria.

Classpass has an active community of over 250,000 users whom you can interact with if you have questions or when you’re looking for a tip to improve your performance.

It’s recognized by many gyms and studios all around the world.

When you subscribe, you’ll be given a certain number of credits which you can spend on the classes you book.

If you’re unable to spend all the credits, up to 10 of these credits can be rolled over the next month.


  • You have lots of flexibility on your schedule
  • Some studios have special offers to Classpass members
  • It’s an effective way to take part in a group class
  • You can easily see which studios are near you that offer the fitness class you’re looking for


  • The number of credits required to access a studio has gone up
  • Popular classes cost a lot of credits
  • Studio access becomes more expensive the more classes you take from them

Price: $50 to $160 per month

Supplementary Fitness Program – Unlock Your Hip Flexors

The tightness of the hip flexors often causes a lot of problems although many people don’t know that this is where the issues stem from.

With Unlock Your Hip Flexors, you’ll learn how important your hips are in keeping your peak performance when working out.

You’ll learn how to get to those hard-to-reach muscle areas with the help of detailed videos and step-by-step instructions.

The program comes with DVD videos and a PDF manual which you can both download online.

The package also includes diet and stretching guides that will surely supplement your pole dancing exercises.


  • Exercises will increase your mobility and flexibility
  • You’ll lose weight as you perform the exercises discussed
  • Improved blood circulation in your body
  • Very affordable pricing


  • Available only in the digital download which may not suit those who prefer traditional reading methods
  • It takes quite a while before you see the improvements in your body
  • Some upselling reminders can be annoying to entertain

Price: $10 to $50

Great Value ♥
Lessons from professionals
Regularly updated
Beginner to Intermediate
Lessons from professionals
Regularly updated
Beginner to Intermediate
Lessons from professionals
Regularly updated
Beginner to Intermediate


Online workout programs are a godsend to those who have restrictive schedules which make it harder for them to go to a studio or gym to take up classes.

With the help of online fitness programs, anyone can now pursue a healthy lifestyle by exercising at the comfort of their home.

Moreover, these online classes are taught and led by certified professionals so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands in following their lessons.

Online fitness programs also have flexible payment schemes and affordable rates so you don’t need to break the bank to try them.

Looking at all these benefits, you surely won’t regret trying at least one of the online fitness programs we’ve listed here.