Pole Junkie Pole Dance Store Review – UK Shop for pole dancers

polejunkie store reviewsIf you’re having trouble getting your desired pole wear delivered to your country, Pole Junkie may have the solution for you.

They specialize in selling bestselling items from known pole dancing brands.

Read on if you want to know more what they have in store for you.

A Brief History

Pole Junkie is a UK-based online store that started in January 2015.

It was conceived over a simple brunch between two pole dancing buddies named Heather Laughland and Kirsten Fairlie.

They were talking about the difficulty in acquiring the polewear they wanted and all the hassle that ludicrous shipping fees add.

This is when the idea of building an online shop of their own that resolves these issues came to life.

The goal of Pole Junkie is to make ordering pole wear simple for you.

They have a number of items in stock, ready to be delivered to those who are having trouble with international shipping.

Their Products

Pole Junkie sells a wide range of products from the following brands:

They sell select shorts, tops, bodysuits, pole ware, leggings, t-shirts, vests, hoodies, sweatshirts, legwarmers, and socks from these acclaimed brands.

For shoes, they have a lot of Pleasers in their inventory.

If you’re looking for other shoe brands or styles, you can email them and they’ll order them for you.

They also have accessories like kneepads, back warmers, grip aids, and miscellaneous items like mugs and tote bags.

They also sell pole dancing books recommended for advanced dancers.


Pole Junkie sells quality products from known pole dancing brands.

What you get from them is the exact product featured on their website and not some poor, disappointing copy that other online stores provide.

Some of their items in stock are hard to find even from their official manufacturers.

What sets them apart from their customers is their excellent customer service.

They treat each customer as if they’re dealing with a close friend.

They give alternative options whenever their customers are looking for items they don’t have in stock yet.

Some even got freebies for the hassle the company brought them with regards to shipping and item returns.

The only issue they had was with their sticky leggings when it stained the floor of a studio.

The customer said she had trouble removing the orange color that remained on the floor after doing floor exercises.

Although the leggings are not Pole Junkie’s own product, the team were able to deal with the issue professionally.


Pole Junkie’s amazing customer service and fast delivery times are the main reasons why people love buying from them.

They respond to each customer as if they’re assisting close friends who they’ve known for quite some time.

Give them a call if you’re having trouble with shipping pole wear into your country.

Kirsten and Heather will be more than happy to assist you with your problem.