Poledancerka Pole Dance Clothing Store Review

poledancecerka knee pad review
Photo by poledancecerka.com

If you’re looking for a brand specializing in creating dance pole clothes and accessories which can also be used in other sports activities, Poledancerka is the right place to look into.

Know them more and how their sensual designs have captivated the hearts of professional pole dancers worldwide.

A Brief History

Poledancerka started as a family business in a small office in Slovenia.

The office later became their base of operations.

They’ve currently served more than a thousand customers since they opened their online store in 2015.

The company is committed to creating quality products with precise cuts, sensual designs, and flashy colors.

The fabric they use in their creations are comfortable to wear and doesn’t restrict the body’s movements.

Apparel from Poledancerka can be used in any activity that requires dynamic movements like hiking, swimming, pole dancing, jogging, and yoga.


Their Products

Poledancerka only has a number of apparels in their inventory, but they feature elegant and sexy cuts that you won’t find in other brands.

They have bodysuits, leggings, tops, brazils, and shorts made of breathable materials suitable for pole dancing.

They’re also a reseller of the Lupit Pole grip aid that’s known for its grip-strengthening effects.

The star of their creations is their famous kneepads.

According to Marion Crampe, the Poledancerka kneepads have been extremely helpful in her pole dancing acts as they provide good protection for her knees during floor work.

The back side also provides a nice grip on the pole which helps her stay in place during exhibitions.

Phoenix Kazree also praised Poledancerka’s kneepads because of their sexy and feminine design.


Pole dance cerka review
Photo by poledancecerka.com

Since they only have a limited number of items in their clothing line and they started barely 2 years ago, we still have to see what the general consensus about their apparels is.

However, their kneepads keep on receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews from users.

People talk about how effective they are to use on the dance pole, especially when performing aerial tricks that require solid grip on the pole.

They’re also very comfortable to wear and they look sexy when paired with any pole dancing outfit.

Stars like Marion Crampe, Phoenix Kazree, and Maddie Sparkle recommend Poledancerka’s kneepads and their endorsements alone say a lot already about the quality of Poledancerka’s special creation.

Brand Ambassadors

They don’t have official brand ambassadors but the praise they get from renowned pole dancers like Marion Crampe and Phoenix Kazree are enough to promote their products to pole dancers around the world.


Poledancerka is a newcomer in the field of selling pole dance clothes.

They may have a limited number of clothes to offer but all of them feature luxurious designs you can’t find anywhere else.

They plan to grow their clothing line as they develop more designs that adhere to their concept.

However, if you’re looking for reliable kneepads, Poledancerka is the authority in this area.

Their acclaimed kneepads are no joke at all.

Once you use them, it will forever be a part of the essential wear you need before you hop onto the dance pole.