How to get the Sexiest Butt Ever in – 2024 Updated Guide

If you’re prepared to do whatever it takes to get a bigger and sexier sculpted butt, you’re reading the right article of 2024.

We’ve prepared 3 sets of workout plans you can choose from, together with a diet plan, all to get you a bigger booty.

If you a pole dancer then you are probably looking for the perfect and sexy butt for your exotic pole routine, or you just want to feel sexy in your booty.
You probably know the nightmarish methods already floating around the internet. But I have curated a bunch of exercises that I use and many other of my readers use to get that amazing looking butt.

Quick Read: Getting a great looking booty you will love is not easy (illustrated in the plans below)
If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get the best-looking booty I recommend Unlock Your Glutes training program

The fundamentals of Shaping your booty

In your butt you have the main muscle called the glutes, you may have heard about this muscle.

For the perfect sculpted you have to work the glutes and do thing proper exercises that will work your butt into the shape you want.

It also takes discipline, like going to work every day – Work your booty every day religiously but remember, never overdo it.

Over-exercising your butt can result in injury.

If you can do at least 20 minutes a day then you will be on your way to a beautiful looking booty that will grow over time.

It’s important to note that you realize that you DO NOT need a gym membership to do any of these exercises and the main exercises we are talking about are: Weighted hip thrust, Kneeling squat and Weighted butt bridge.

Will I need any Booty Boosting Supplements?

Yes, I will be recommending some useful supplements that will 10x your butt growth, so you see its full potential where you will see results that you will love.

Just like weightlifters who use natural supplements like protein and creatine and many others to sculpt their body to perfection, then you will be required to invest in yourself in the right supplements so you too, will see results and won’t get discouraged all on the rest of the people I see try and failing miserably because of limiting beliefs.

I am inexperienced, will you show me how to do these exercises

Yes, many newbies read this and they will walk away with the knowledge on how to do these exercises for life, you will be able to pick and choose and work out your own booty building plan that is right for you and your body.

Here is a quick rundown of the booty exercises we will be focusing on

  1. Hip Thrust (apply weights to increase the difficulty)
  2. Kneeling squat (apply weights to increase the difficulty)
  3. Weighted butt bridge exercise (apply weights to increase the difficulty)


Do 3 – 5 sets of 10 – 20 reps of all 3 exercises once per day.

  1. Hip Thrust
  2. Weighted butt bridge
  3. Kneeling squat

Remember to make sure you have 1 – 2 rest days after this exercise, once you have reached a point where you feel comfortable to get harder.

You can increase the weights by using dumbells and increasing the reps as you see fit.

Remember to never overdo these exercises.


This plan helps if you want to step up your booty building progress and want to roll you this plan into your everyday gym routine.

Weights should be heavy enough to let you do 5 – 20 reps per set.

It’s okay if you start with 3 – 5 sets of 5 – 20 reps each.

The important thing is you add a bit more every time you exercise.

On your next workout, you can push yourself to make it to 10 reps, then 15, then increase the number of sets until you can complete 6 sets of 15 reps each.

You can also try to slowly increase the weights every set you complete.

To get a bigger booty, you only need to choose one exercise from each of the groups below:

Home Exercise

  • Weighted hip thrust
  • Kneeling squat
  • Weighted butt bridge

Gym Exercise

  • Barbell squat
  • Bulgarian squat
  • Leg press

Remember to take 2 days rest between exercises to avoid overworking your muscles or they will start to hurt and you may experience an injury.


There are 3 options you can choose from to get a bigger booty and it involves more physical activity than your typical DIY HOME PLAN that you have seen.
1) Do either the hip thrust or the butt bridge.

  • Do either 2-6 times each day, at least twice a week.
  • You can do either up to 4 days per week and remember to take a few days rest to recover.

2) Hill sprint

  • Do this once or twice a week.
  • Do a warm-up jog for 5-10 minutes and then proceed with dynamic stretching for 5-15 minutes
  • Execute 100 – 200 meter sprints 3-15 times
  • Do more laps if you plan to run a short distance only; longer 100-yard sprints can be done for fewer laps.
  • You’re free to change the distance of your sprint every time you do it.
  • Breathe and take a 3-minute rest after each sprint.
  • If you plan to sprint twice a week, take a 2-day rest before doing the exercise again.
  • The steeper the hill, the better the exercise is for your butt.
  • Run for your life as if someone’s chasing you to make the exercise more intensive.

Diet Plan to get a bigger booty that will look plump and solid

The kind of diet you need to get a bigger booty depends on your level of activity, age, height, and weight.

You can find a calorie consumption calculator online that will give you the amount of protein and calories you’re allowed to consume daily to get you a bigger butt.

PRO TIPS: Track how much fat, protein, carbs, and calories you consume each day.

You should not exceed the recommended amount of calories and protein you’re allowed to consume per day to avoid adding fats to your belly.

Limit hunger by eating vegetables, whole foods, and select fruits only.

These foods will help you avoid taking in too many calories.

Also, drink at least 50 ounces of water a day.

Butt FAQs

How long does it take to get a bigger booty through the plans?

After around 2-8 weeks, you can achieve a butt size similar to Kate Hudson, Ciara, and Fergie.

Go further up to 12 weeks of workout and you may get a Kim Kardashian, a J-Lo, a Vida Guerra, or a Beyonce.

Is it really possible to get a butt similar to those of J-Lo, Kim Kardashian, Andressa Soares, CoCo, and BeyoncÈ?
Yes, it’s possible but you have to choose either Plan A or B since they’re more effective in increasing your butt size.

There is no limit to how big your butt can get as long as you keep it up.

Check out this Butt training program to speed up the process, it helped me get the firm and rounder glutes and beautiful thighs.


My butt isn’t getting bigger. Am I doing something wrong?

You have to make sure you’re doing the exercises properly by employing the correct form and posture from start to finish.

If you are not feeling the burn when exercising then your movements are not effective to your collective progress.
Make sure to apply weight if it appears to be too easy.

If you’re using weights, they should be heavy enough to force you to make at least 5 reps and 20 at most for each set.
Rest is as important as the workout day.

Cardio Killing Your Booty

Reduce your cardio training to give your butt cheeks more time to recover.

If you can’t stop yourself from moving, focus on strengthening your upper body to avoid hindering the recovery of your butt muscles.

Results may not show until after 2-4 weeks into the program.

If you’re targeting a Kim Kardashian or BeyoncÈ butt size, expect up to 12 weeks of hard work before you reap the results – If you are still thinking about speeding up your journey to get an irresistible booty then discover how on Unlock your Glutes popular booty program.

I’m a beginner. How many weights should I put in?

Weights should force you to do the exercises within the 5-to-20 rep range without sacrificing form.

If you can do more than 15, that means the weights are too light for you.

On the other hand, if you can’t even do at least 5 reps, the weights may be too heavy for you to handle.

Why can’t I exercise more than twice per week?

Rest is very important in muscle development.

It’s the time when your butt muscles rebuild itself to become stronger, bigger, and tougher than before.

Training more than twice a week may even work against you and can lead to slower progress in getting your butt bigger.

I don’t want to increase the weights I lift. Can I just do more than 20 reps instead?

The perfect number of reps to give your butt a boost is 5-20.

Doing more means your muscles have become used to the weight and it’s not doing any muscle rebuilding to further increase its mass.

If you can do more than 20, that means it’s time to add more weights and return back to the 5-15 range.

I’m not getting any muscle strain in my butt cheeks when I’m doing the exercises.


You may be doing them in the wrong form.

You have to ensure you’re pushing yourself up through your heels.

Make sure you squeeze your butt for each rep you do of the butt bridge or the hip thrust.


Maybe it’s time to add more weights when you’re not feeling strained anymore.

When you’re doing squats or lunges, go as deep as you can.

You may not be feeling anything if there’s too much fat on your butt cheeks.

You’ll get the best results once you’ve loosened the fats on your butt through pre-workout activities.

How can I shape my butt to become rounder?

If you put in the work on this article then you will eventually get the rounder and firm butt you are looking for.

If you are looking for a 2-week shortcut then take the ultimate booty shaping training course you will be wowed at the results.


If you are looking for a rounder, fuller and plump booty that looks sexy, and most importantly, a butt that makes you feel sexy.

Then follow these directions with the exercises and supplement recommendation to get the best booty you will ever have.

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