Top 4 Best Stripper Poles to Buy to Improve Your Pole Dance Training

There are a lot of dance stripper poles available on the market, but you have to select one that’s best suited for you and your budget. That’s why we’ve written this article to give you our honest and objective reviews on the best stripper poles available out there for a beginner, intermediate and professional dancers.

The market is littered with mixtures of quality products from known manufacturers, merchandise from small but reliable businesses, and cheap imitations that are substandard or no name high-quality ones.

This is one of the reasons why we only feature products from companies we’ve proven to be very reliable and continue to provide excellent customer support on their products and service plus-sized people who want to get into the sport.

The Top 4 Dance Poles for Beginner to Professional

So far, we’ve narrowed down our choices to just 4 brands. These passed our preliminary tests which were based on their package specifications. But to make our review more reliable, we’ve tested these products ourselves to see if they live up to our expectations.

Quick Tip: I have also created a clear-cut guide on how to pick the ideal dance pole for you, Click here to read it

We did everything any buyer will do after they bought an item, starting from unpacking the poles up to installing them. We also tried several moves like inversions, spins, and climbs to test their durability and stability along with pole spins for a more intense stress test of the products.

We have separate articles to discuss each dance poles and their company profiles in detail. There are plenty of photos of each pole included in the articles as well as some commentary.
Below is a short recap of the fitness poles we’re recommending.



It’s new in the market and is in competition with several products sitting in its price range. Despite being a newcomer in the industry, we found the MiPole to be very tough and made of high-quality materials. The manufacturer also offers admirable customer support. We recommend this for those who are tight on budget.

Portable AND Professional...
  • Portable AND Professional Spinning...
  • High-quality pole dance equipment for a great price for beginners to professionals
  • A tight selection of poles with not many other option choices, this could be attributed to being a new company
  • East to follow install instructions
  • Ideal customer support when you need it



This one rated very high in our reviews. If you’re looking for a portable pole that offers several expansions and other options, we recommend you take a look at this one.

X pole has proven to be a great quality product for an affordable price and has got pole dancers who like to practice at home talking about X-pole as one of the number 1 competitors in the stripper pole space.

  • Widely used in home studios and pole dance schools
  • Sturdy design
  • Professional grade components that a built to last
  • Their flagship 45mm (Starter Kit) and 50mm fits all sizes and accommodates all weights
  • Their products are very easy to install and pack away.
  • X-pole have a great Great customer support line of contact
  • Also, X Pole has one of the best stage poles called the X Stage lite


The Original Lil' Mynx Dance Pole reviewLil Mynx

This is our top pick among the three for a lot of reasons. They have several variants you can choose from whether you’re on a budget or looking for the real deal without thinking about the price.

They were also quick to ship the item and they also provide exceptional customer support.
We tackled the following areas on each of our reviews on these poles:

  • Known to be high-quality products
  • Provide all fitness pole models and types along with the essential accessories and expansions offered by the manufacturer
  • Ease of assembly and installation
  • Warranty coverage
  • Options for customizing the product
  • Quality of customer support the manufacturers offer
  • And some more info you may need to help you decide which one to buy

Lupit Pole

Lupit it pole is a sport company based in Slovenia and is in another league of their own, they provide a wide variety of high-quality pole dancing products which include the usual stationary and spinning dances poles, both portable and permanent along with free-standing poles, crash mats, and all other accessories for pro polers looking for the best in the business.

LUPIT POLE Dance Pole for Home...
  • Removable, multi-piece spin/static...
  • Super easy one person and no-drill...
  • Made in collaboration with top...

Along with great quality come with a hefty price tag, if you are considering Lupit Poles’ products then you have your priorities in order, these poles are second to none the best in the business in regards to their sleek designs which gives the end user plenty of options for color and options between pole sizes, portable or permanent.

  • High quality and solid designs for beginners to professionals
  • Comes in all sorts of styles and varieties
  • Easy to set up
  • A very good customer support line
  • They sell their products in the United States and Europe
  • Famous pole dance ambassadors promoting their products
  • Used in many dance studios and homes around the world


Recommended Plus Size Poles

All these poles on this page are fit for plus-sized pole dancers and should be considered before going anywhere else. If you are looking to choose pole outside of this list it’s important to do your due diligence before buying.


Poles at the bottom of our list

We’ve listed our best picks above but you may still have some other options in mind. That’s why even if you don’t pick one from our list, at least stay away from the poles we don’t recommend buying.

To be fair, we also listed the reasons why they’re at the bottom of our list. These poles didn’t pass the standards we’re imposing on our reviews like the manufacturer’s reputation, the product’s overall quality, and the customer service they provide.

One of the products we’re talking about that didn’t make the cut is the Platinum Stages dance pole. We’ve allotted a separate article to defend our review on this.

The Electra Pole and the Peekaboo Pole are also at the bottom of our list. We’re not recommending these poles because they’re made of low-quality materials not sturdy enough to handle weight-bearing tricks like climbs, spins, and inversions.


Final words

I am a pole dancing teacher and I have decided to do all the hard work in reviewing these stripper poles for you so I can help demystify the overwhelming amount of information you are probably surfing through online to buy your own stripper pole.

As you probably know by now, dance poles can be costly pieces of sporting equipment, especially if you are a pole dance enthusiast and you are into professional-grade equipment. Doing your homework before you buy a dance pole can be reassuring since you’ve put a lot of thought into it to ensure you purchase the best product for your requirements

When picking out your dance pole is can be quite expensive, and it doesn’t make much sense for a beginner who is getting into it, however, if you have been doing pole dancing for more than a year then I would recommend in investing in your own fitness pole where you see fit.
Most students of pole dancing will have access to a pole via group pole dance classes room rental but nothing beats having your own pole at home.

Top 4 Best Stripper Poles to Buy to Improve Your Pole Dance Training
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Top 4 Best Stripper Poles to Buy to Improve Your Pole Dance Training
There are a lot of dance poles available in the market, but you have to select one that's best suited for you and your budget. That's why we've written this article to give you our honest and objective reviews on the best dance poles available out there for beginner, intermediate and professional dancers.
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  1. A professional pole dancer instructor recommended no brand Pole if you couldn’t afford the X Pole. Is that a sturdy reliable Pole?


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