x dance chrome dance pole

X-Dance 45mm Portable Spinning and Stationary Dance Pole Review

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x dance chrome dance pole
What comes in the box

X-Dance aka Xperience offers a couple of professional dance poles in the market. This is one of them and it is designed especially for home use and offers anyone who is looking for an affordable stripper pole under $200, but is it worth buying?

The Best Dance Poles video

The X-Dance 45mm Portable Dance Pole is made to keep you fit and help you burn calories by bringing the world of pole dancing to your home.

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A daily 10-minute workout on the pole can bring you closer to achieving a sexier figure.
The pole is adjustable and fits in ceiling heights measuring 7’4′ to 9ft. The package includes 125mm and 250mm pole extensions to help you fit the pole in different ceiling heights within the said range.

The 2-piece pole has a diameter of 45mm which is the size commonly used in competitions. The pole pieces can be screwed together on the threaded joints for maximum stability and a seamless look.
It features 2 modes ‘spinning and static’ in one dance pole. Switching between modes require you to adjust 2 lock screws which don’t need any tools to tweak. These lock screws are covered and hidden from plain sight for a more seamless look.

The pole is completely removable and portable as it doesn’t need screws or bolts to be affixed on either the ceiling or floor during installation. It takes only a few minutes to completely assemble and disassemble the dance pole.
The pole uses friction to ensure its overall firmness. The upper dome and lower support are lined with a silicone ring so rest assured they won’t leave marks when you remove the pole.
The double-width ceiling support covers 2 ceiling joists for enhanced stability. This makes the pole stable enough to handle up to 250lbs of user load.

The pole weighs only 35lbs, making it easier to carry around anywhere you wish. Despite its weight, the dance pole tubes are made of solid steel. It’s finished with a choice of chrome or gold plated coating used in most competitions worldwide.
A manual is included in the package together with a DVD containing installation videos you can both use as guides during assembly.

Xperience 45mm X-Dance Pole Kit Competition Commercial Portable...
  • Dual Function Pole - Static or...
  • Installation DVD included.
  • Everything you need in a dance...
gold x dance pole review
The Gold version of the x-dance pole

X-Dance Spinning/Static Pole Features

  • 45mm dance pole coated in chrome or Gold finish
  • Tubes are made of solid steel with maximum weight capacity of 250lbs
  • Fits between 7’4′ and 9ft of ceiling height
  • 125mm and 250mm pole extensions included in the package
  • Two-piece pole for easier storage and portability
  • DVD installation guide

Pros and Cons of the X-Dance 45mm Pole



Surprisingly, the pole exhibits reliable sturdiness and stability. Although it’s an unknown brand compared to X-Pole and Lil Mynx, this dance pole performs on par with these branded models.
Aside from that, the pole offers both spinning and static modes which are starting to be part of the standard for dance pole manufacturers. Priced around $110, this is a great steal for those who are on a tight budget.

They also have superb customer support because they’re quick to answer queries. If you have concerns with their products, they can quickly replace it as long as the damage is within their warranty clause.


If you’re a little discreet with your pole dancing activity, the X-Dance dance pole packaging may make you uncomfortable because a large dance pole label is stickered on the box.
There have been reports of receiving bent or unevenly cut poles. The manufacturer, however, can immediately replace the parts with just one call.


  • Are there any extension options?
    One pole extension is included in the package. If your package doesn’t include one, you can just contact them and they’ll ship it to you free of charge.
  • How high can the pole reach without installing the extensions?
    It can reach as high as 93.5in without the need for an extension
  • Can it be installed in areas with popcorn ceilings and carpeted floorings?
    It can be installed on carpeted floors without causing any decrease in stability and performance. However, you can’t install it on popcorn ceilings. This type of ceiling isn’t strong enough to handle the pressure the dance pole will put on it when in use. The dance pole has friction pads underneath its top mount which require a stud on the ceiling for maximum support efficiency.

Xperience 45mm X-Dance Pole Kit Competition Commercial Portable...
  • Dual Function Pole - Static or...
  • Installation DVD included.
  • Everything you need in a dance...


Although it’s not as popular as Lil Mynx and X-Pole, several users attest its durability and reliability. It will cost you only around $110 which is way cheaper than its competitors.

Overall, the X-Dance 45mm Portable Dance Pole is a good buy for beginners and professionals looking for cheaper options.

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