Ridgeyard 45mm dance pole review

Ridgeyard Chrome Spinning and Static Portable Dance Pole Review

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Ridgeyard 45mm dance pole reviewRidgeyard is a seller of various products including small-scale manufacturing machinery mostly known for their home appliances, and garden equipment.

The Best Dance Poles

This dance pole is their first product to penetrate the pole dancing market which offers a competitive price over the expensive options. But is worth it?

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The Ridgeyard Portable Dance Pole stands at 7’4′ without extensions and can reach up to 9ft when fully expanded. The package comes with 125mm and 250mm pole extensions which can be used for higher ceiling heights.
The pole is designed for professional use, allowing pole dancers to execute any move they can think of without worrying about the stability and strength of the dance pole.

The 2-piece dance pole measures 45mm in diameter and feature both spinning and static options in one pole. You can switch between these modes by adjusting a small screw located at the base of the fitness pole.
The pole is made of high-grade steel with electroplated chrome for finishing. It has a maximum weight capacity of 440lbs or 200kg.

Ridgeyard pole reviewsThe stripper pole has a bottom loading mechanism, meaning the pole extends from the bottom until it reaches the ceiling. This eliminates the need for ladders to secure the pole at the top portion.

The pole uses a revolutionary design for its joints and assembly mechanisms, making it easy and simple to install. It has a micro-articulating base that allows the pole to be installed on uneven flooring. The angular stabilizing lock helps maintain the pole in steady position when in use. The double-width ceiling dome evenly spreads the pressure on the ceiling, improving the overall stability of the dance pole.

The pole is really seamless that you won’t feel the divide separating the 2 main pole pieces. You may even mistake it for a 1-piece fitness pole because of its smoothness. The height adjuster cover is also strategically positioned to make the pole look smooth from top to bottom.

Take note that the list of items provided in the manual is different from what’s actually included in the package.
To prevent small parts from getting lost, some of them have already been attached to bigger pole parts. The flange nut, for example, has been combined with the height adjuster and both are attached to the main pole parts. The other flange can be found installed on the height adjuster cover.

The package includes the 2 main poles, a height adjuster and its cover, one 125mm and 250mm pole extensions, the ceiling support dome, the articulating base support, set of assembly tools, the installation manual, and a DVD containing instructional videos.

portable poleRidgeyard Pole Features

  • A 2-piece pole measuring 45mm in diameter
  • Spinning and Static modes
  • The extendable pole that fits in ceiling heights measuring between 7’4′ and 9ft
  • 250mm and 125mm pole extensions are included in the package
  • Bottom-loading mechanism eliminates the need to use a ladder during installation

Pros and Cons of the Ridgeyard Stripper pole


For less than $100, the pole is surprisingly sturdy and it works as advertised. It also has the same features more expensive brands also offer which makes this stripper pole a great buy.


Aside from poor depiction of pole assembly in the user manual, nothing negative has been reported by buyers of this dance pole.

Ridgeyard adjust height to ceilingFAQs

  • Is the pole really bottom-loading? Pictures suggest it’s top-loading.
    It’s bottom-loading. You can watch the instructional video included in the package for proof and detailed installation instructions.
  • Can it be installed on carpets?
    Yes. Make sure the base dome tightly fits and exerts enough pressure on the carpeted floor to prevent the pole from slipping.
  • Can it be installed in apartments?
    Yes, as long as it fits the ceiling height specified in this exercise pole’s manual. Also, make sure there are 2 studs in the ceiling where you’ll be installing the pole for maximum support.
  • What is the maximum weight the pole can handle?
    It can withstand up to 440lbs of user weight.


With a price tag of less than a $100, the Ridgeyard Portable Dance Pole is a great buy for both professional and beginner pole dancers looking for an affordable and portable solution. The pole offers what other brands feature but for a much cheaper price.

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