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Xperience Stripper Pole 45mm Review – Is it Worth It?

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Xperience dance pole reviewXperience has a couple of dance poles on the market. They used to name their poles under the X-Dance moniker but now they’re selling it under the Xperience banner. This pole is directed to people who are looking for a durable dance pole for under $100.

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Does it really stack up? Find out in my Xperience stripper pole review 

The Xperience 45mm Portable Dance Pole Kit is built for pole dancers who are on a tight budget. With its price of less than $90, it’s sure to attract many consumers, especially beginners, who want to venture into pole dancing.

It has everything you need in a fitness pole. It’s fully portable and lightweight, weighing only around 30lbs. The Xperience dance pole also has both spinning and static options.

This can be tweaked using 2 hidden locks located at the bottom of the pole. The stripper pole can fit in ceiling heights measuring between 7’4′ and 9ft. There are 125mm and 250mm pole extensions included in the package. These height adjusters allow the pole to fit in a wide array of ceiling heights.

Xperience 45mm X-Dance Pole Kit Competition Commercial Portable...
  • Dual Function Pole - Static or...
  • Installation DVD included.
  • Everything you need in a dance...

The 2-piece pole measures 45mm in diameter. The pole pieces have threaded joints that can be screwed together for enhanced stability and evenness; you won’t find any protruding parts which may hamper your performance on the pole.

what is the Xperience fitness pole thicknessIt doesn’t need to be screwed into the ceiling to make it stable. It has a rubber pad that utilizes friction to prevent the pole from slipping while in use.
The double-width, dome-shaped ceiling mount is wide enough to cover 2 ceiling joints. It also measures twice the diameter of the floor mount to ensure pole stability. This support system gives the pole a maximum load capacity of 250lbs.

Everything you need to assemble the pole kit is already included in the package; you don’t need other tools to erect it. The package also includes an installation DVD to guide you during assembly.
The pole comes in a chrome finish which is the standard used in worldwide competitions.

Xperience 45mm Features

  • 45mm dance pole in chrome finish
  • Made of materials with maximum load capacity of 250lbs
  • Spinning and Static positions
  • Fits between 7’4′ and 9ft of ceiling height
  • 125mm and 250mm pole extensions included in the package
  • Two-piece pole for easier storage and portability
  • DVD installation guide

Pros and Cons of the Xperience dance pole

Xperience reviewsPros

For its price of less than $90, it’s a great buy for beginners on a tight budget. Users get to enjoy both spinning and static modes in one dance pole.

The 2-piece, 45mm exercise pole fits common ceiling heights. The pole kit also includes a set of extension poles to allow users to adjust the pole’s height to fit it in their selected area.


An unknown brand without a proven reputation in providing safe and high-quality products is the main disadvantage the pole has to overcome. Some may say it’d be better to just save your money for an XPole or Lil Mynx stripper pole.

Some consumers have reported on the instability and unreliability of the pole’s support structure. The bottom mount is quite small and a wedge may be needed to improve the pole’s stability. Using its spin mode gives a feeling that the pole may come loose anytime while in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My pole is making a knocking sound when it’s set to spinning mode
    Check your pole if it’s installed in a fully vertical position. If not, loosen the pole, realign it using a level ruler, and then tighten it again before you use it.
  • How do you convert the pole to spinning mode?
    Simply unscrew the Allen screws located at the bottom of the pole.
  • Where is the rubber pad that ensures pole stability located?
    It can be found on the upper dome and has a thickness of 3/8 of an inch.
Xperience 45mm X-Dance Pole Kit Competition Commercial Portable...
  • Dual Function Pole - Static or...
  • Installation DVD included.
  • Everything you need in a dance...


The pole targets consumers who want to get a budget dance pole they can use to get started in pole dancing. Its price is hard to beat because it is way cheaper compared to more known brands. However, its lack of reputation leaves doubts in the minds of those who have tried more expensive and trusted brands.
If you’re looking for a highly-affordable fitness pole just to gain experience, this may be the right product for you.

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