What is Pole Dancing in 2024? – Many People Still Have it Wrong

Want to know more about pole dancing and how its progressing in 2024 and beyond then I am here to answer all your questions.

Contrary to popular belief, pole dancing is a dance art form that has been around for some time.

Seen by many as a unique and sensual dance activity, it’s recently gaining popularity as a workout and training exercise for toning your body and strengthening core muscles.

The results you get from doing pole dancing can also boost your self-confidence.

Most of the moves are mixtures of ballet and gymnastics techniques but modern dance routines are also being incorporated into the exercises.

Since you’re quite curious about the exercise, why not learn some of the basic dance moves?

When you’re done, you’ll be surprised how much finesse and sturdy muscular strength pole dancing requires to perform even the simplest moves.


Essential Pole Clothing and Equipment

You can’t learn and master the basics without having an equipment first.

For starters, you need a sturdy dance pole and a comfortable set of clothes suitable for the flexible pole dancing routines.

Your pole dance clothes should sit comfortably on your arms and legs allowing you freedom of movement.

Tank top and short shorts are highly recommended but may be substituted with a more appropriate clothing if you’re to attend an event to perform.

Along with quality clothing its recommended that you have a grip product to help you maintain your grip on the pole


Basic Moves

It’s a piece of cake for expert pole dancers to do advanced moves even on high heels.

But you’re still far from getting there, so for beginners, use light trainers.

The right song choice will also help in your training since you’ll be syncing your every move to the rhythm and tune of the music.

There are a lot of moves to learn in pole dancing but everything revolves around static poses, a few spins, climbs, some inversions, and lots of floor works.

Pole dancers add flavor to their routines by adding their own style to the floor works to create a sensual shift between the basic pole dancing moves mentioned above.

Sometimes, they’ll also do spontaneous floor works to let them relax and catch their breath after finishing a tiring and difficult routine.

You’ll discover step-by-step the different dancing styles you can add to your routine as you master one move and get to the more difficult tricks and techniques.

Try looking for videos of professional dancers and try experimenting on their routines to get to know the style that best fits your personality and skills.

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Pole dance elements

Pivots, slides, floor work, spins, and last but not the least, The Fireman, are some of the most popular pole elements you’ll encounter.

Easy pole climbs and straight climbs are also some of the most commonly used techniques you’ll see in performances, but you may also see advanced ones like the double tap and the Upright V, or even a mishmash of the two techniques.

Pole dancing moves revolve around the same concept but with some variations.

Spins may have as much as 20 variations like the ankle spin, backward hook, and Venus spin, to name a few.

It’s really up to the dancer to infuse their own style in the basic moves to add some spice and make the move their own.


But before you can do all this, you have to stick with the vanilla versions first and master them before doing some improvisations.

A slight mistake from an untrained pole dancer may already cause serious injuries.

To sum things up, pole dancing is more than just an erotic dance.

It requires discipline, gymnastic abilities, finesse, and a smooth presentation of flexible movements just to do one complete routine.