How To Superman Pose Pole Dance – Quick Pole Dance Guide 2024

How to do a Superman pose pole dance in 2024 then check out my guide now.

Its considered to be an intermediate pole dance element and the whole process of getting perfect with Superman/superwoman pose can be complicated and needs a lot of practice.

But this move is a very beautiful, elegant and versatile trick that every pole dancer wants to perfect.

It’s actually very unique in the pole dancing world but everyone knows that it requires grace, flexibility and a strong shoulder to perfect this technique.

It is actually a fairly advanced trick that means you need to get comfortable with the invert and grip the pole tightly with your thighs to avoid accidents.

I usually advice pole dancers not to try pole dance moves that are too advanced for them.

If you are a beginner, it’s equally important to take such moves when under the supervision of your coach.

It takes time to sharpen the skills and know-how to grip the pole tightly with the thighs.

This is mainly because superman pose doesn’t allow a big room for error.

It indicates that if you slip and fall, you can easily break your back, hand or skull.

My first time to see this pose being performed, I actually missed a lot of steps.

You must be very conservative to understand and be perfect with superman pose.

Furthermore, you should be ready for pain, especially on your thighs.

The technique feels more like a pole seat.

But as you get used to this move, you’ll get more comfortable with the move.


Why Superman?

This is a pole dance move that you’ll either love or hate.

For most pole dancers, superman pole move is a stopping point while others are not even getting enough of this trick.

This move is a foundation move and one of the most popular moves among advanced and expert pole dancers.

The main reason why the superman pole dancing method is popular is that the methods of going through it are many.

This lets you start and end the move from your best transition.

Furthermore, most pole dance method needs a lot of flexibility and strength.

However, the superman pose doesn’t require as much flexibility and strength.

But you must know that the move requires a lot of time to learn and perfect.

It’s equally a painful figure and has a high risk of accident especially if you are a beginner.

The pain will automatically go away as you get used to this move.

2 Superman Issues

There are several things that make the superman pose one of the most sophisticated pole dancing methods.

If you were keen on what I said above, it requires a lot of skills.

First of all, you have to grip the pole with your thighs and there are increased chances of an accident.

Here are the two main issues with superman pole dance.

The Thighs grip

This is the first issue with superman issues.

If you are one of the people with dry skin, your grip will automatically not be very secure.

The good thing is that you can easily resolve it.

You have to get a high-quality body grip such as a Hydro attack.

This makes it easy to stick the pole.

Even after achieving a good grip with your thighs, you might experience burning pain.

This is not a surprise because the thighs have to hold your weight.

You also have to grip the pole as harder as possible to minimize the chances of an accident.

The scarily feeling

Most beginners usually have this scary feeling.

There’s no emergency exit from this type of pole dance.

The only way out of it is to conquer it.

If you are not doing this pose right, then you must be ready to smash your face on the floor.

This is actually the main reason why most beginners don’t want to try this pose.

5 Easy ways to get into Superman Pose Pole dance


When most of the dancers are starting with this pole dance, most of them wants to start with a push-up position on the floor.

The pole is automatically between the upper thighs.

Most of them then work towards holding the pole with one arm.

You will automatically have some stability and confidence probably because you are close to the floor.

The top arm on the pole should be as far as possible.

Now try to hold onto this pose for as long as possible.

The apprentice position

It’s now very easy to get yourself into the apprentice position making sure that your legs and arms are positioned in the right pose.

Additionally, you must ensure that your foot and leg are free to bend.

The toes should be pointing up and the hand on the level with the back of the knee.

The hips should always be titled towards the pole.

The legs and the hands should trap each other.

Now consider bending your top leg slowly with the aim of getting the knee close to the face.

The head should be going up slowly to meet the top knee.

The two hands should be in position.

This is the stage where coordination and good timing comes in.

As you turn the hip towards the pole, the top leg should be coming over and catch the pole.

Now you should position the other leg and push off the pole with the other side of your hand.

All this should happen within a very short period of time.

You are probably now trying to turn the hips over in a way that you’re rolling over the bed but the knee should be the driver.

The top hand should still be in the same position and the thighs should be above the hips.

After you’ve perfected this, it’s time to aim straight at the top leg behind you as you turn the hips over.

If you are new, then you must try to cross the ankles for extra stability.

The bottom hand should also be pushed off the pole into a superman pose.

Trying from side ‘’V”

This is another easy starting point that is very similar to the Apprentice.

It’s similar to the above method because the hips and hands are in a very similar position.

If you want to try superman pose from a side ‘’V” then you can use the same method as above.

This means you should bring your top knee close to your nose and at the same time turn your hips towards the pole.

The same coordination and timing are needed for the two poses.

This means that you will probably need a lot of training before you get perfect in this case.

To hit it well, make sure your top leg is free to move and bend.

This is important for stability and also makes it easy to get the leg entirely off the pole while you are turning your hips.

It also makes it easy to turn the hips and catch the pole again as you came down.

This method also reduces the chances of inner pain.

Try superman Pose pole dance from an Inverted pole seat

This is a very easy method of trying the superwoman pole dance move.

However, its one of the scariest because it involves a higher chance of an accident, what this means is that you’ll have to get comfortable with pole dance before you try it.

You must be able and comfortable to hold the inverted pole seat.

This pose usually results in a ‘’flatter” superman pose.

The chest is usually higher than the toes but the torso and the legs will be much flatter and straighter.

You should use a spotter when you are attempting this where you’ll either fall flat on the surface or nail the trick.

What is required from you is to hold your inverted pole seat position and straighten the legs above your head horizontally.

The aim at this point is to keep the toe pointed at the wall behind you.

The top arm should be as high as possible above the hips and the butt.

It’s advised to leave a decent space between the top hand and the body.

Space might be smaller if you trying this move from a ‘’V” side.

However, always make sure the space is enough to stop you from falling backward.

After the hand is gripping the pole enough, you will automatically be able to use your bottom hand to push away from the pole.

This will automatically guide the body into the horizontal superman pose.

The Hip Hold

This is the last method that you can use to get to the superman pose pole dance.

The method is similar to an inverted pole seat where you are expected to put the top hand back on the pole after you are holding the hip pose.

Follow the steps above but you should use a spotter to try it.

When you are struggling to push yourself away from the pole with your hands, make sure you’re bringing the legs together in one swift movement.

This might need a lot of training and coordination to perfect.

Safety and cautions

How risky is Superman pose?

Unlike other pole dancing moves, superman pose is very risky.

As a matter of fact, there’s no room for errors.

This means that you should be very confident and at the same time be perfect before you try this move.

To avoid the risks, there are a couple of safety and caution measures you should take.

Never skip the warm-up

One mistake that most people make is to skip their warm-up.

Just like other pole dance poses, this one requires a lot of flexibility and muscle preparations.

This is automatically the reason why you should do a 5 minutes warm-up before you grab that pole.

Performing under the influence

Superman pole dancing pose involves a lot of risk which is a reason why you should never try it under any influence.

Its very easy to find someone trying some of the most dangerous moves such as superman pose after taking too many drinks.

The drinks might give you confidence but it increases your chances of smashing the head on the hard surface.

Do not let go of the pole

Some dangerous pole dance moves are overwhelming, tiring and can be frightening.

No matter the situation, never let go of the post.

This increases your chances of falling.

You should always have better ways of exiting the moves that you think are making you uncomfortable.

The crash mat

When you are trying this move, always ask the question of where is your crash mat.

You should invest in crash mats immediately because they eliminates the fear of smashing your face on the floor or breaking a hand.

Never practice without a crash mat.

Strength exercises for Superman pose pole dance

To become a perfect pole dancer, there are certain exercises that you should try to bring more strength and flexibility.

However, not every exercise will target the right joints and muscles.

For that reason, I’ve listed the three best exercises that can make you stronger and more flexible for Superman pose pole dancing.

Turkish get-ups

Turkish get-ups brings you everything you need as a pole dancer.

It brings shoulder stabilization, body awareness, core work and leg drive.

If you take this exercise the right way, it will automatically work for different motions.

You should work under the instructions of your instructor to do it correctly.

Dumb waiters

This is a great preventive exercise for all pole dancers.

The exercise works on external rotation of the shoulder and targets the right muscles for pole dancing.

However, it’s tricky and needs guidance from your instructor to do it the right way.

Reverse Flys

Most pole dancers tend to overuse their pec muscles and usually ends up neglecting the upper backs.

This mainly tightens the pecks and leaves the muscles at the back weak.

To target the right muscles, you need to try this exercise.


The above information guides you intensively on superman pole dance and introduces you to some of the best ways to try this pose.

I’ve also covered some common safety tips that can help you get more comfortable and avoid an instance of an accident.

As a beginner, always bring a friend when you’re practicing.

You shouldn’t miss a crash mat.