Pole Planking Pose – 7 Step Tutorial Updated Guide 2024

People like pole dancing because there is always something new to learn in 2024 and years to come which means a new challenge to conquer.

You can never run out of moves because once you have mastered one trick, it transitions to another, and the list goes on.

The pole plank is one of those great moves that are beautiful to look at and make you stronger as a pole dancer.

Aside from that, this move leads into many others, making you better at your craft in the process.

The pole plank is more or less similar to the layout because both involve seats with your legs straight.

The difference is that in the pole planking move, your hand is lower than the body.

The opposite is true for the layout.

It doesn’t take much to master the pole plank move.

Though, it requires you to be quite strong through your core.

How to do the pole plank pose

Unlike some of the other pole plank poses, this one is fairly easy to learn.

The best part of it is that it opens the door to many other poses or moves.

That being said, you must do it correctly to avoid slipping on the pole and suffering injuries.

Here is how to do the pole plank pose easily and quickly;

  1. Climb the pole and go into a seat position. The next thing to actually do is straighten out your bottom leg.
  2. Place both of your hands at chest height.
  3. Use your top half to lean away from the pole as you straighten out your top leg and twist your hips right into the pole. Twisting hips into the pole gives you a good grip and help you stay up the pole. Ensure you’re twisting into the pole with your top legs and crossed ankles.
  4. Make sure you are keeping the same side hand as the top leg on the pole. The other hand would typically be on the same side as the lower leg. Place this hand underneath you on the pole. Besides, you will want to make sure your thumb is basically closer to the ground.
  5. Slide your bottom hand lower down on the pole until you’re comfortable enough to take your weight in the hand. Use this hand to push into the pole.
  6. Once you already have a good grip, remove your top hand from the pole and essentially out by your head.
  7. It’s very important that you push your hips into the ceiling and then push your feet closer to the ground. Hold the plank for a few seconds.

Tips for mastering the plank

This move can be easy, but the often difficult part is to ensure the feet don’t ping up.

This requires you to have a strong core.

Once you put your hand low on the pole, try to push your hips up to the ceiling and the feet down to the ground.

This will work to keep you on the pole.

Another critical thing to keep in mind is that it’s critical to twist your hips.

Twist the hips in such a way that the top leg goes into the pole.

This will stop you from slipping down the pole.

Keep the ankles crossed for extra support.

When you are much more confident, you can then try to keep the legs straight but uncrossed.

Also, once you’re more confident with this move, you may be able to place your hand low on the pole in the right position without necessarily having to slide it down the pole.

The key element of a good plank pose is to keep the hips high and point the feet towards the ground.

This actually makes the pose look beautiful.

If you’re having trouble keeping your feet pointed to the ground, you can get someone to help you with it.

Let them place one hand above your feet to prevent them from pinging up.

We have mentioned how to get into this move.

Coming out of the plank move is also equally important.

To come out, push into the pole using your bottom hand as you pull yourself up with your core.

The next action would be to place your other hand on the pole just above your body.

Slowly pull back and go right back into a seat.

It’s that simple, but it’s vital to do it correctly.

Mostly, you will get out of a move the very same way you got into it.

Safety precautions

If sweat tends to get in the way of you performing a move, use grip aids.

They will help you get a better and tighter grip on the pole.

There are various grip aid products for different skin types.

Therefore, even when your skin is dry, grip aids can still be your lifesaver.

Never skip warm-ups and cooldowns.

You will be placing yourself at a huge risk of suffering a painful muscle or ligament tearing.

If you are truly serious about pole dancing, this should be your routine every other time.

The other equipment you need besides the pole is a crash mat.

That’s really non-negotiable.

Crash mats will prevent you from hitting the hard floor whenever you slip and fall.

It’s true that you won’t always get a trick right with the first attempt.

Even when you’re confident in your skills as a pole dancer, there is still a chance of falling now and then.

For that reason, crash mats are indispensable.

Lastly, forget about the long-sleeved tops and full-length bottom.

If you want a good grip on the pole, you need to use as much skin as possible.

Otherwise, you will be slipping on the pole.

Avoid covering your arms, hands, knees, ankles, feet, and calves.

Remember, the skin is everything in pole dancing.


The pole plank pose is not only a gorgeous move, but it’s also fun to do.

In addition, mastering this move makes you a stronger pole dancer.

But make sure you are performing the plank correctly and safely.

If you are not yet there, practice several times a week until you get the hang of it.