Beginner to pole dancing as an exercise

The Healthy Benefits of Pole Dancing for Exercise and Fitness

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Beginner to pole dancing as an exerciseWhile pole dancing can be enticing and seductive, it is also a great form of exercise for a number of reasons, one of those reasons is because you want to get into shape.
Of course you can go out and buy an expensive gym membership or dive in deep and purchase all the fancy overhyped sports equipment to create a home gym, or even buy an all-in-one gym from those corny infomercial ads on TV at 2am.

By purchasing a dancing pole for a mere fraction of the price for a very similar all around workout which works on strength, endurance and increases your stamina and bottom line attributes to losing that extra weight and increase you fitness, health and well wellbeing then pole dancing is a fun way of going about it.

The Best Dance Poles video

You’re probably not sold on buying a stripper pole, most people are held back by the stigma of pole dancing being only for strippers at the bar, but that simply is not the case and I will tell you why…

Pole dancing is great for a number of reasons:

It helps you build and tone your muscles, for example. You can burn a ton of calories in each session which will help you achieve your weight loss goal and see real results in your body transformation, while working on your flexibility and reducing your risk of injury at the same time!

Do you find dancing fun?

Since pole dancing is more articulated as a dance artform with many different moves and elements it may tickle your fancy to take it up as not only as a fitness outlet, but a creative one where you can learn advanced moves on a static and/or spinning pole.
Overall, It can help you improve your own body awareness perspective, which in turn helps you feel and look your best. Lastly, it is just a fun workout! you will never feel like exercising is a chore, and if you love dancing then this should be on your bucket list to try.

Quick note: Before we segway into my next fact, you don’t have to be a stripper to want to learn how to pole dance nor do you have to be thin, strong or fit to want to participate.
Like with any skill like dancing or even working out (doing the right moves in lifting weights or running long distances), we as humans go through a process of learning and developing these skills as we go through learning the basic moves and compounding those moves to more advanced moves that you commonly see with professional PRO polers you see on instagram.
If you are a beginner or you have never so much as tried pole dancing then try not to be discouraged.


girl spinning on poleDancing or Workout or Both

Watching a professional pole dancer on instagram, youtube or facebook might make you question some things, such as whether or not you will ever be strong enough to do the same tricks as them, or whether you will ever be flexible enough to do the vertical splits.

Maybe you want more of a cardio focused workouts or exercise plan without having to do all the spinning and lifting artistic movements. It might seem confusing, scary, and even inconceivable to picture yourself pole dancing as an exercise but you will soon realize how incredible of a workout it can be once you understand how a utilize a pole.

Pole fitness is better than most boring and painful full body workouts

You will use your dance pole as both a prop, as well as a fitness tool. Strength and toning exercises will gradually build your upper body and core strength (which is vital to pole dancing), as well as work your butt and legs.

Exercises based on flexibility and stretching will help your muscles loosen up and become more supple which in turn helps prevent injuries, especially if you plan on trying more intermediate dance positions.
If you don’t dare to do a basic invert pole trick and you would rather stick to the simple cardio exercises, then you can do with your dance pole without doing the extremely complicated tricks, positions and maneuvers.

Bottom line: is that you don’t need to put yourself at risk in order to exercise with your dance pole. There are many less intensive yet effective options out there!
Most importantly if you are considering poling an alternative way of fitness and losing weight then I would highly recommend trying it and seeing how you feel.

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The Healthy Benefits of Pole Dancing for Exercise and Fitness
Article Name
The Healthy Benefits of Pole Dancing for Exercise and Fitness
While pole dancing can be enticing and seductive, but these days people are using it as a form of fitness and exercise. Its a great form of exercise for a number of reasons, one of those reasons is because you want to get into shape and build strength.
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