Essential Pole Dance Exercises – Free Mini Guide

essential pole dance exercisesPole dancing is fun, of course, but did you know that your pole can also double as an all-in-one home gym that will help you stretch as well as build the strength needed to do a pole dancing routine complete with all the spins, transitions, lifts, and poses safely?

Believe it or not, it is completely true! You need not look anywhere else for prior training to prepare for pole dancing because you can get a full body workout right from the source! The following are some easy yet effective exercises you can use during your workout.

These are generally safe for those who are in good physical condition and health but always remember to work out within your limitations and to not over exert or injure yourself.

Sitting Pull Up Pole Exercise

This is a great starting point for building the strength and muscles needed in order to do lifts, spins, and holds. Doing this exercise is one way for beginners to exercise while getting comfortable with their pole in a safe way since it requires you to start from a sitting position. If you are comfortable with doing this exercise from a sitting down, you can move onto beginning from a kneeling position, then eventually from standing up.

Pole Knee Lift Exercise

This exercise is a little bit more intermediate than the Sitting Up Pole Exercise. It requires you to start from a standing position with your hands in a split grip (one hand is high and the other hand is low) instead of together, which is a common grip in many advanced moves and exercises. The Pole Knee Lift Exercise will help improve your core and upper body strength which is very important if you intend on learning more difficult tricks and lifts.

Pole Lunge Exercise

This is a more advanced and intensive exercise that helps tone and tighten your butt. From your starting position (standing up, one hand on the pole, one knee bent towards your backside), you will have to shift your weight backwards while slowly transitioning into a wide kneeling position with one knee up. This engages your glutes, leading to a more toned, muscular butt. It is important to be sure you are doing this (and all exercises) in the proper way to avoid problems such as knee injuries. Being careful will ensure you are exercising the right areas of your body without hurting yourself.

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