Pros and Cons of Being a Stripper – What To Know in 2024

While we are on the topic of pole dancing the topic of being a stripper can come up and I wanted to cover this quick article to explore the pros and cons in 2024.

Let’s start by saying that being stripper is not an easy job.

I know a friend who does it and based on her experience and friends experiences she was able to help me with this article.

If you are considering stripping as a career or entering the adult industry then here a few pros and cons and cautions!

Whether you plan on diving into this career full-time or you just want to dip your toes into it as a part-time job, it’s important to know the pros and cons of you should expect from living the life of a stripper.

Advantages of being a stripper

Here are some of the benefits you can earn from being a stripper.

Maintaining a healthy body

No one can deny the incredibly fit and toned body of strippers.

It’s very likely they practice pole dancing which contributes a lot to muscle toning and physical strengthening, as well as booty toning is a good way of getting more higher paying customers who tend to pay more for a dance with a woman with a larger bootyAccording to an inside source.

As a stripper, you’ll also be forced to remain physically fit if you want to attract more customers.

A lot can be earned in this job

You might be surprised how much you can earn from being a stripper.

It depends on where you’re working since the club’s regular customers play an important role in this aspect.

You may chance upon high-profile personalities during your performance and your salary from your 40-hour morning work can be earned in a single night for only a few hours of dancing.

You get to learn a new skill

Performing erotic dance moves may seem easy to many but these acts require superior muscle control and endurance.

You won’t get anywhere if you just know how to gyrate your hips and show skin.

Professional strippers undergo rigorous training not only to maintain a fit body but also to practice their dance moves.

Most of them also take up pole dancing classes to increase their repertoire of dance moves and improve their stimulating performances.

You hold your schedule

Some strip clubs offer flexible work hours and days so you can perform only when you want to.

It can bolster your self-confidence

Aside from the confidence, you gain after working hard to achieve a stripper body, the attention you get from people can further boost your self-assurance.

The more customers flock and await your performance, the more you realize how sexy and attractive you are; more money also comes with it.

Cautions to consider

If you are thinking about doing anything in the adult industry it’s important to know exactly what you plan to do and how far you are prepared to go.

Whether you choose to go all the way and earn some quick cash here are some cautions to consider if you are considering this path for ‘quick cash’.

Future employment

Most girls get into stripping because the money is good and financial times can be desperate which is understandable, however, most girls don’t add in the possible setbacks this path for future employment.
There is no way around this, but if you are looking to become a doctor that requires higher education credentials then you should be aware of the possible implications of hinderance into a job.


The power of the internet is growing and its where more people have their secrets on display for the world to see if you are not careful.

As an extension to employment and family matters, if your face is posted on the internet doing your job as a stripper this may blow any possible employment opportunities and will probably put you in hot water with family members.

Can you handle the repercussions?

If the answer is no or maybe take another hard think about the possibilities.

There is no sure way of protecting face from drunken patrons who have no respect for you or your identity or who you are as a person, whether you have a mortgage or child at home that needs to be feed.

Make sure you are willing to take on the possible consequences.

Friend Recognise you in a club

It seems highly unlikely if you are in a completely different location to friends, family or people from your past, but it happens were a stripper may meet people they know from the past in a club dancing and word can spread back to family and friends.
If they are the wrong people to deal with they can mess with your life and contact future employers.

Drugs and Criminal activity

Strip clubs are not always run by wholesome people, in fact, they are likely to be mobsters or people living on the fringe of the law which can lead to you to getting banged up with charges of possible drug offenses and other criminal acts.
Underworld stories are not always in the news and in most cases, you don’t hear of ‘small criminal busts’ that destroy people’s lives and strippers can be an item for these thugs to be their scapegoats when things get too hairy for them to deal with.

Disadvantages of being a stripper

Being a stripper also have some consequences you have to deal with.

Getting involved with bad influences
Alcohol and drugs seem to be part of the culture of numerous strip clubs.

You may encounter customers who’ll request you to hit a joint or take a sniff during your performance.

Make sure you know what you’re getting into before entering these kinds of clubs.

The perspective of other people

Even though we’re living in a more open-minded society, there are still a lot of people who think that stripping as a job ventures below moral and cultural standards.

Working night-shift may be harmful

Our body’s natural rhythm tells us to work while the sun is up and to rest at night.

Working late until past midnight forces the body to exert extra energy which may eventually weaken your health.

Aside from this, there’s the risk of encountering pickpockets and dangerous people when you walk home late at night.

Politics exist

Just like in any workplace, jealousy, power play, favouritism, and other negative things are nothing new in the world of strippers.

This has been a question that has been asked a few times and we wanted to give the pros and cons objectively.

We are not part of the adult industry but is so happens that pole dancing was mainly a tool of the industry that has now transitioned into a healthy fitness lifestyle.

You won’t know who you’ll dance for (depends on the club)
You can’t really choose your customers.

Sometimes, you’ll need to dance in front of old (but rich) men which is a repulsive thought for some.

If you’re lucky, you’ll encounter young, attractive ones and you’ll be more than happy to oblige to their requests.

What do you think?

write a comment below if you know or if you have had any experience with this and what other points would you recommend.


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