Dry Hands All-Sport Grip-Enhancing Topical Lotion Review

Dry Hands All-Sport Grip-Enhancing Topical Lotion review onlineGripping solutions are popular and helpful products that can be used to help make a firm grip on poles or other sports implement and tools.

The use of these products can help address sweaty hands that may be caused by too much perspiration and even rain and other tropical weather conditions.

One of the better products on the market is the iconic Dry Hands solution formulated to give you a tight grip while controlling perspiration.

Available in 29 ml bottle, Dry Hands is recommended for everyone involved in sports and exercise, from pole dancing to basketball.

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  • Imported, with silica as an active ingredient
  • The high-strength solution even during rainy days
  • Will not leave residue in your hands
  • Can work even during humid conditions
  • Non-sticky

Pros and cons of the Dry Hands All-Sport Grip


A poor grip can actually affect one’s performance in many sporting disciplines.

For example, if you are an avid gymnast or you regularly use the dancing pole, a poor grip will compromise your performance and even your safety.

This is where the topical solution from Dry Hands come in handy- it offers a premium formulation that can work for anyone, whatever the weather condition.

  • Its highly recommended for some who is who are affected by profuse sweating by preventing it with its antiperspirant agents.
  • The lotion is actually a thin liquid, which allows you to easily squeeze a small amount that you can rub in your hands.
  • The bottle is easy-to-use just shake the bottle, and a steady supply of lotion will get out of the bottle.
  • Won’t spread – apply the lotion to your hands, it will stay on your hands, and will not be transferred to your hair or to the equipment when rubbed.
  • It also comes with an alcohol-like odour, but its not overwhelming


Although it works as advertised, the efficacy of the topical lotion has some limitations.

Based on our tests and customer reviews, the ‘tight grip’ will only last for 1 to 2 minutes max, and you need to apply a small amount of the lotion to enjoy it for a long period.

If you are an active pole dancer or professional who suffers from heavy sweating then you need to order a few bottles at a time to get the results that you are looking for as it will run out quickly.

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This topical lotion from Dry Hands gets you the grip that you want, whatever the weather condition.

The formulation has been tested to work even during rainy conditions, and it can even repel rainwater, ensuring that your hands are dry all the time.

Offered at $7.99, this is a cost-effective product that you can get in the market if you want to optimize your performance, and ensure your safety.