Platform Dance Pole With Stage – The Compact Stripper Pole for your Show Business

stage pole reviewDance poles can vary depending on its features and the manner they are installed.

If your room or venue has a higher ceiling or you want to use the pole in an outdoor setting, then a special type of pole called platform dance pole aka stage pole or also known as a  free-standing pole is required.

This type of pole is appealing to customers and dance enthusiasts for a number of reasons primarily due to its portability to be set up anywhere with the flat ground without the need for a ceiling to be fixed to.

The installation is easy, however, the main staging pieces and the pole pieces are quite heavy for anyone to put it together on their own.

The stage pieces come in round and square variations depending on the brand of platform dance pole you choose to purchase.

The stage pieces and are usually weighted down so the dancer is grounded when using the pole for spins and pole dance elements.

In what situation you make consider this free-standing pole?

We used this setup after we encountering issues using the friction pole in a venue with a high ceiling which was going to be an issue to try and mount the pole properly without the correct truss or rigging.

To solve the problem, we experimented with the platform dance pole, What we chose was one with a rounded base, and although it has a limited dance space compared to the one with a square base, we actually liked its flexibility and the way it looked.


Our Picks for the Right Platform Dance Pole

We tested a number of brands lately, and we can say that X-Pole is one of the best and it great for being a completely portable pole solution.

With its wheeled case allowing the user to transport the unit incredibly easy.

The platform comes with rounded edges and features a rotating spinning pole functionality.

We offer a complete review of this unit on this website.


Can This Dance Pole Work for You?

Keep in mind that the platform fitness pole in comparison to other dance poles on the market, the platform type will require more space, and often not recommended for home use and installation.

But you can still use this pole in your home, provided that these conditions would be met to make it any ideal solution for your pole dance training setup.

For example, the platform type can work for you if you have a larger space.

A platform dance pole is also recommended if you will use the pole for a number of purposes.

If you are a busy person who performs in different events, you may find that the platform styled pole is worth using in terms of portability.

We actually like our platform dance pole since we use this unit for different occasions, especially when we are invited to perform at dance shows and trade shows.

Yes, the dance pole is more expensive compared to your traditional options because it comes with a weighted stage platform along with a spinning dance pole, but you can count on the platform pole to deliver the goods in most situations, and by using this type of dance pole, you no longer need to consider the ceiling as a limit of your home or the venue to rely on.

Common free-standing poles come with different diameter sized poles from 40mm, 45mm and 50mm and some brands allow different pole colors and designs, some brands even allow customized designs.

Things We Like (and Don’t Like) About the Stage Pole Setup

This dancing pole features some positive and negative points.

One of the issues thrown at this pole type is the price, this is relatively more expensive when compared with other popular friction fit and fixed options in the market, so you need to think about this would fit in accordance with your budget and needs.

For business owners: If you are in the business of providing dance shows at parties and events then this dance pole will be great in investment that will deliver and will pay for itself as there are virtually no limitations unless is concerning the space or the height of the ceiling of a venue.


We love the platform dance pole.

This can be installed and used in many venues, especially when ceiling height normally counts as a problem.

This is perfect for auditoriums and theaters and can work for outdoor exhibitions.

And if you are planning to get into the business of pole dancing, then the platform type can serve as a great investment.


Transporting the dance pole is not an issue if you have a car that enables that transport.

If you select the X-Pole — you will love its design that allows you to quickly disassemble the base for easy transportation for a quick load in and load out.

But still, you need to have a vehicle that can accommodate its transportation.

A 4 door sedan may accommodate this option but I would personally recommend a pickup truck or something similar for the best way of transporting this type of pole.


If you are planning to get one, you will discover that price may be the biggest concern and it may break through your original budget.

Manufacturers charge a high price of around $500 – $800 for this type of stage pole because of the complexity involved in manufacturing the base.

But if this is a must-have investment for your business if thats the main focus of purchasing this kind of pole.

Once you decide to get this then please make sure to check the safety requirements when using and installing the pole.

So are you planning to get one?

We highly recommend the X-stage pole unit, and we have a complete review to guide you through the process.