Are Online Yoga Classes Worth It – Best Reviewed Classes of 2024

What are the best online classes for yoga in 2024 then this is the most important list you will read today.

Online yoga classes are a fantastic source of info to better yourself in yoga, reaching new physical elements in stretching, handstands, breathing, spirituality and more.

Many online classes teach a combination of methods like Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, meditation techniques as well as weight loss, booty toning, flexibility, strength training and even spirituality.

There are many online yoga classes online and shop around to see which is the right one for you.

Thanks to online yoga classes you can now practice at home in front of your computer or smart tv effortlessly at any time of the day and on your schedule.

And while online classes offer great opportunities to progress in yoga at your own pace, it can be difficult for beginners who lack the experience needed to go solo.

A yoga trainer is useful to have for spotting your moves, even the easiest to intermediate elements and naturally.

prevents injury, making sure you are doing it the correct way.

See, if you are not experienced in doing yoga at home then it’s very likely you could even plateau your progress.

Who Are Online Yoga Classes For?

Its a good question.

before you start becoming a solo yogi its important to have the basics and the fundamentals learned before going out by yourself.

By doing yoga classes for 6 months to establish those basics can make a world of difference for a beginner yogi who would like to continue on their own pace with the help of online yoga courses.

So, If you are experienced in yoga with the fundamentals of yoga established then Yoga online classes are the perfect way to progress further.

Pro tip: Find a yoga buddy and guide each other through couples yoga.

It’s a great way to get a free spotter and enables a safe and quick solution to continue to progress without needing to spend the money on group yoga classes.

Best Online Yoga Class And Reviews

In this section, we are going to cover the best yoga classes on the internet that will help you take your progress to the next level.

We’ve made a list of all the best-known classes that give users the most value for the money.

Pro Tip: If you are looking for free yoga online classes then Youtube is your best friend.

There are many great resources on youtube explaining intricate tidbits on how to improve.

The downside with youtube yoga lessons is that you may be missing out on a few crucial points that are typically not covered in a 3-minute yoga lesson.

It’s important to understand that yoga is about natural progression through practice and time.

You can’t just go straight into doing perfect handstands, etc, as you could hurt yourself.

With that said premium online yoga lessons give you a comprehensive overview and the natural progression that leads you from beginner to intermediate and advanced moves and stretches.


Glo is the best overall value for the money and the mastering beginner to intermediate techniques.

You begin with mastering the various vinyasa techniques along with learning how to handstand.

You get full support from the online trainers and community behind it.

With a single subscription, you get unlimited access to hours of yoga, Pilates, to zen meditation classes which covers the broader understanding before you can dive deeper into new and more advanced areas of yoga.

Glo’s videos are like have video streaming services from your computer and phone device which means you can educate anywhere you go.

The best thing of all, Glo’s programs are aimed for anyone at any size who wants to get started with yoga.

Glo’s instructors come in all weights and sizes so you will be in for a well-rounded base of instructors to give you inspiration for what’s possible.

Kathryn Budig who is a megastar instructor of the yogi means you learn from the best-of-the-best.

You’ll also learn about yoga with weights, weight loss, and even detoxing your body.


Looking for a cheap online yoga class then Yogiapproved brings all the goods you need for toning, flexibility, meditation and its hard to get past all the value with such a small price tag.

They have a variety of yoga-based classes that teach you how to tone your booty, how to handstand and with every class you take it goes towards planting trees for a greener future.

Yogi approved app is constantly expanding in content and for the low price it’s a no brainer.


Gaia is one of the better-known apps and classes on the internet.

With over 9000 videos in the library with up to 90-minute sessions per video filled with actionable yoga classes that help beginner, and advanced students.

With over 9000 classes it may seem overwhelming to the average user, however, the Gaia app (Android, OSX, iOS) uses a smart algorithm that determines the best classes for you based on your style.

They have a diverse range of plans you can join depending on your experience level and will help you experience a wide range of techniques from vinyasa, ashtanga, Hatha, etc.

Alo Moves

Alo Moves features a stable of superstar instructors that take you by the hand and show you a vast range of moves and exercises from strength, muscle restoring, teaching fluid flow techniques from beginner to advanced levels and with over 500+ videos of vinyasa which are updated weekly with new and exciting lessons and exercises.

Alo Moves empowers you to advance in yoga at your own pace thanks to an extensive app that features over 1600 high production videos that show you all you need to know, it’s like having a yoga instructor by your side.

Trainers like Caley Alyssa, Andrea Taylor, and Briohny Smyth, you’re in good hands with a variety of styles that strengthen your body, improves your flow and will get you hitting inversions in no time.


With over 1200 yoga classes packed into the MyYogaworks.com online course, you cannot go wrong with all of the in-depth and easy to understand video material that is on offer.

Their easy to pace challenges are where MyYogaWorks shines the most to keep users motivated.

Their notable 28-Day Yoga Challenge with Alexandra Crow immerses you in the benefits of daily yoga practice where the results against stress, muscle pain, stretching and restorative techniques and telling.


If you a fresh beginner then you Yogadownload hits all the major points if you have never done yoga in your life.

Their freemium program features a variety of 20-minute free yoga classes with absolutely no cost or no risk.

Once you complete the free classes you have the choice to upgrade to their premium programs which are reasonably priced.

Their programs are beginner-focused and over a wide range of beginner techniques for people of all body types and sizes to help with strength and flexibility.


If you love to work out and you are looking for Yoga exercises to include in your daily workout routine then Grokker.com has high-quality on-demand streaming yoga videos for your phone, tablet, and computer viewing.

You’ll learn about Yin Yoga, weight loss Yoga for cardio, barre and weight training toning yoga methods that can help you sculpt your body for lean perfection, along with many more techniques.

What I do like about Grokker is their focus on nutrition and good dieting health which is designed to help you adapt better eating habits that are not as scary as the ones you may have experienced from other programs.

The community behind the Grokker platform is the hidden gem of the entire program because you get in-depth help and advice from professionals, and allows you to engage and buddy with people just like you to chat and help each other out through your yoga journey.

Yoga International

Yoga international online classes are design in bite-sized 14to 24-day challenges that can help you move at your own pace and see the results quicker than you will see if you take one Yoga class once a week.

If you want to improve your endurance, strength and even develop a lean and body then Yogainternational.com can help you reach your goals through their various 40-60 minute long intensive online classes that cover everything you need to know.


Are There Aerial Yoga Classes?

There are a few Aerial Yoga classes online however general yoga classes tend to foreshadow Aerial yoga at this time.

However due to popular demand for aerial yoga, maybe we will see more on the market soon.

How Much Do Yoga Classes Cost Vs Online Classes

The average national cost for Yoga Classes ranges from.

$15 – $25 /hr and it can depend on the class skill level and, that’s when online classes can be financially less taxing and more beneficial thanks to their affordable subscription and one-time-cost lessons.

For yoga beginners, it’s important to first attend a few classes to get the basics and nothing is stopping you from transitioning to online classes to get the same amount of value out of your yoga practice and save hundreds of dollars on regular group classes per month.

Final thoughts

If you want to excel at yoga without fleshing out potential hundreds even thousands on expensive yoga classes then online courses like the ones reviewed above will satiate your need to progress to the next level through a variety of techniques and methods from expert and celebrity yogis that help you develop strength for toning your body, relaxation through meditation and much more.

Click on the links above to get discounts on your next online yoga course.


Are there any live-streamed yoga courses?

Unfortunately, there are no live streamed yoga courses I know of, I would recommend looking on Facebook, youtube and Instagram for live streaming yoga sessions.

I understand that online yoga courses may seem impersonal but you will be able to stop, pause and playback any of the videos in real-time.

Is online Yoga Courses worth the money

If you want to improve your yoga technique and be able to form your routines without being in front of your local yoga instructor then online yoga courses do have their place and are worth that small amount of money.