Are Pole Dancing Gloves The Answer – Is It Worth It in 2023

If you are looking for pole dancing gloves in 2023 then we answer all your questions and more in this extensive guide.

Pole dancing continues to gain popularity and manufacturers are going with the trend.

They’re dumping the market with items that are sometimes useful but oftentimes just simple marketing ploys.

As you progress with your pole dancing skills, you get to learn more complex moves and techniques.

Your skin and muscles also get more battered due to continuous training, but that’s really part of the game.

Pole burns and blisters are just some of the ailments almost all pole dancers go through and thats why we need Pole Dance Gloves, but are they really as helpful as we be led to think?

Pole burns especially, can be a little painful and are definitely ugly to look at.

These are frequently found on areas with delicate skin like the forearms and the inner thighs and calves.

Beginners are very prone to having this condition, Now it all boils down to the question if there are ways to avoid these problems.

Marketers address this issue by introducing pole dancing gloves to the market.

We’ve been giving you our recommendations and reviews on pole dancing equipment for quite some time now and this won’t be an exception.

We’re picky about the type of gloves we recommend and we’ll discuss it here why.

Differences between Tack and No-tack Gloves

pole dance tack gloves
Tack gloves

Manufacturers have been pouring the market with a lot of glove variations.

The most popular are the ‘tack‘ and ‘no-tack‘ variants.

Gloves belonging to the ‘tack’ group have some kind of plastic material on the palm area and in between the fingers to help it stick to the pole.

These gloves are promoted to increase grip on the pole for extra support.

more on the Best Pole Dancing Grip – A Guide on Grip Aids
The ‘no-tack’ variants feature a leathery material on the palm area which is also meant to improve your grip on the pole and save your hand from painful blisters.

no tack pole dancing gloves
No Tack Gloves

Maybe one or the other is useful to some but not to us.

We really don’t find these things useful even if you’re doing pole dancing every day.

Just to be sure we’re not that biased with our recommendations, we consulted the opinion of instructors and experienced pole dancers after we let them use these gloves during their sessions.

Unsurprisingly, none of them found these gears useful.


One instructor tried the ‘tack’ variant and said the gloves may be useful for those who have sweaty palms and beginners who want to practice climbing moves, but that’s all there is to it.

It may be good for climbing but it may hinder you from doing other moves.

She had a hard time even with the basic moves because she can’t fully control the stickiness provided by the glove’s grip.

She also said she felt her hands became unusually hot, possibly due to poor clothing ventilation, which was uncomfortable.


Sorry to tell you but the ‘no-tack’ models got even poorer reviews.

The gloves didn’t provide enough grip for climbing and made spinning just a tad harder.

The glove’s palm covering just crumpled and twisted as users do their spin moves.

Even the shiny crystals on the gloves weren’t able to save this gear from being hated by our users.

Overall, we don’t recommend using gloves that cover your palms.

Besides, being plain ugly and unsexy, they’ll just do more harm than good in your pole dancing routine.

Our recommendations

We’ve trialed pole dancing gloves in several articles and if you’ve read some of them, you’ll know that we only recommend a certain type of gauntlet or arm warmer over other gloves.

Even if these so-called professional-grade gloves are built for competition and have gone through several tests from manufacturers, we’re sticking with our choice of using only arm warmers that don’t obstruct your palms in any way.


Pole Dance Arm warmers

stripper pole arm protectorsThese gauntlets are built to reduce the risk of getting pole burns on your forearms, especially if you’re a beginner and your skin is still delicate and sensitive on this spot.

Arm warmers protect your skin from direct contact with the pole and also acts as a medium to allow smoother spins.

Look for one with a ring that slips into your middle finger.

The ring acts as a support to prevent the arm warmer from slipping off your forearm, exposing your skin to pole burns.

This style also leaves your palms free from any kind of obstruction, giving you full control of your grip check out Best Pole Dancing Grip; A Guide on Grip Aids
Arm warmers, especially the fishnet style, are very lightweight and designed to give your skin ample of space to breathe.

The stretchy fabric provides superb protection to your forearms against pole burns and other skin injuries you may get while on the pole.

Its elasticity also makes it comfortable to wear whatever your arm size may be.

pole dance arm warmer gauntletsThese arm warmers or gauntlets also come in different colors including white, red, pink, and black among others.

Some even have patterned designs that can enhance your pole dancing act’s visual value.

Arm warmers definitely have more aesthetic value over gloves that cover your whole hand.

If you’re proficient in using the sewing machine, you can just make one yourself.

They’re inexpensive, though, so you may opt to just buy one.

This gear is easily available online and many sportswear stores also have them.

Buy more than one pair so you have an extra that has a different color.

Be wary of those that have rings that loop around your thumb and partially covers your palm.

This will just limit your hand’s freedom to move.

Avoid these styles as much as possible.

So what are you waiting for?

Slip on that fishnet style arm warmer and simply add sexiness to your performance.


Pole Dance Grip aids

If you naturally have sweaty palms, it’s better to resort to a grip aid rather than using gloves.

This cream improves your grip without limiting the moves you can do on the pole since you’re still using your bare hands.

No products found.


Other Alternatives

Many experienced pole dancers suggest you just go through the natural process of progress.

Just let some callous build up on your palms.

This may take quite some time and you’ll definitely feel pain from some blisters because your hands are still soft.

Just think of it as a medal you earn for being patient and persevering on your craft.

If you often suffer from pole burns on your forearm and inner thighs, and you still haven’t bought a pair of arm warmers we’re strongly recommending, try loosening your grip just a little bit on the pole.

Gripping the pole too tight will increase the friction between your skin and the pole, causing pole burns as you spin or slide on it.


Many products are available in the market but you have to choose which one will help you in doing your routine and which one is just for ornamental purposes.

Some gears may even hinder you from properly performing a move.

We don’t recommend using either the ‘tack’ or the ‘non-tack’ glove variants.

For what it’s worth, the ‘tack’ gloves may be helpful in performing climbs but may limit you from doing other moves.

The tradeoff is not really worth it that you’re better off with just using your bare hands.

Look for arm warmers that completely leave your hands uncovered and free from any distractions.

These reliable stripper pole dancing products allow you to control your grip but protect your forearms from the risks of pole burns.

These products also come in a fun variety of colors and designs which may even contribute to the visual impact of your pole dancing act and even the style of dress you prefer to train in.

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