Best Place to Buy Lyra Hoops Online – The Ultimate Guide of 2022

Buying A Lyra hoop is an investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Looking for a Lyra hoop with an excellent build that will last for years is essential for 2022 and beyond, but there are cheap options that look enticing for the price and may come as a difficult decision, though. Experienced performers may already have their own trusted brand favourites, but for beginners, the number of manufacturers offering lyra hoops in the market may be confusing.

Check out the list of things you should be looking for when buying a lyra hoop

This is why we’ve listed down some of the most popular online sellers of lyra hoops you can find. We’ve summarized the lyra hoop variants they’re selling, together with a few details on their pricing.


Firetoys is a manufacturer known for selling circus equipment ranging from aerial hoops and trapeze to unicycles, circus balls, and diabolos. They have an office in Cincinnati, Ohio and a spacious warehouse someplace else where they conduct play-testing and house their manufacturing workshop.

Firetoys stress-test their products to ensure they only sell high-quality merchandise. They also deliver orders the same day, if possible, and also offer price-matching services.

They sell a wide variety of aerial hoops featuring different tab configurations, polyester and nylon straps, metallic cables, reinforced ropes, hand loops, cotton cloth tape for taping your hoop, carabiners, and aerial dance manuals. The prices of their lyra hoops range from $125 to $250.

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Aerial Essentials

They only sell a few lyra hoops but they come in complete sets which can be readily hung for use. Carabiners, swivels, and span sets are included in each package. You can choose between solid or hollow tubing too, depending on the purpose you’ll use them. Their aerial hoop packages are priced around $200 to $300.

Aerial Animals

A family-owned business with its headquarters in Colorado, Aerial Animals has been supporting the circus community since 2010 by promoting and practising its arts. The founders got interested in aerial arts during their Atlantic trip aboard a boat owned by renowned circus performers.

Their hoops are created by certified welders. Their hoops are special because they insert a plug at each weld point to reinforce the hoop’s strength and improve its aesthetics.

Their partnership with Ludwig’s Portable Aerial Free-Standing Rigs allows them to offer customized riggings.
They sell lyra hoops of various sizes suitable for both young and adult performers. They have hoops as small as 20in diameter and as wide as 40in for bigger users. Price falls between $175 and $325, depending on the number of tabs on the hoop.

Trapeze Rigging

The business started way back in 2003 when its founder Trevor Boswell turned his focus to mechanical engineering after years of being a circus performer. His business specializes in designing indoor riggings, lighting systems, and other circus paraphernalia.
Trapeze Rigging sells single and double-tab lyra hoops priced around $300. They also offer ropes, carabiners, swivels, riggings for outdoor and indoor use, and customization services for stage performances.

Circus Concepts

Noel Hugo, the founder of Circus Concepts, mixed his foundation in mechanical engineering and circus studies to develop props for circuses around the world. He started the company in 2008 and together with his team, they’ve been creating several proprietary circus equipments. He continues to tour and watch circus performances, looking for ways to improve the apparatuses they use which has been his goal ever since.
The company offers lyra hoops in various sizes, finishes, and tab configurations; they cost around CA$250 to CA$350. They also have aerial straps, freestanding aerial rigs, and product customization services.

Bobby’s Big Top

Probably one of the oldest companies in the circus industry, Bobby’s Big Top or BBT started way back in 1989 through the efforts of the veteran circus performer Bobby Bates. Bobby’s experience as a stuntman, professional aerialist, and trainer of world-renowned entertainment groups allowed him to apply his expertise in manufacturing high-quality circus apparatuses.

They offer 1-inch solid steel Lyra hoops with customizable size and tab configuration. BBT sources their materials only from the US to ensure safety and equipment durability.

Aerial Empowerment

Aerial Empowerment’s goal is to spread the art of aerial dance and show its benefits to the body, mind, and spirit. The company offers rigging hardware and customizations of aerial equipment. They also conduct private and group workshops to teach aerial arts and other fitness sports.

They have single, double, and tab-less aerial hoops with price starting at $180 without the shipping fees yet. They also have aerial straps available in various colors. Aerial Empowerment ships products worldwide for around $30 to $60, depending on the customer’s location.

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